Dining groups for the kitchen

The kitchen is a symbol of the hearth and the most delicious place in any home, so it should be certainly cozy and attractive for all family members. The dining group plays just such a role, because everyone will agree that nothing could be better than to gather at a beautiful table during lunch.

How to choose

The dining group is the same-style table, chairs or stools. Modern dining groups can be made in a very different style. Therefore, before purchasing furniture, it is necessary to determine the style. Modern, classic, provence, hi-tech or country are relevant today. Let's see which styles are the most common today.


Recently, modern housewives are increasingly paying attention to the dining room groups in the Art Nouveau style. Elegant conciseness, spaciousness and practicality distinguish this style in comparison with others.Table and chairs in this style are suitable for energetic people who live with the times. Looks great in a calm and restrained color.


This style is always in fashion, so the kitchen table and chairs in the classics do not give up their positions. It is found in the form of a round or square table and the same shape of chairs. To design the kitchen in a classic style, choose a table group of cream, brown or beige. Most often dining groups of the classical direction are made of wood or materials imitating it. This style is characterized by rigor, sophistication and always looks majestic and spectacular; the Italians prefer this style.


Inimitable Provence will bring a special atmosphere to your kitchen. Modern rustic flavor in combination with French romanticism will give comfort and ease. Calm yellow, violet, lavender and other floral colors will be most welcome. A variety of materials are suitable for the dining room group Provence, the most popular are wood or calm solid-colored materials resembling plastic.Provence is a very spiritual and joyful style that the whole world borrows from France.

Color solutions

Color is an important criterion for the selection of the table and chairs, because the novelty should organically fit into the overall design of the kitchen and not overload with color and dimensions. It should take into account the lighting of the kitchen. If you have a shortage of natural color, then you should give preference to a green-beige, bluish-white or cream shade with a glossy surface. If you have natural light prevails, then the range of colors to choose from is much wider. Once you have decided on the style and color, you can proceed to the next step - the choice of the model of the dining room group.

Material and form for the kitchen table

Depending on the stylistic direction, the furniture industry offers a variety of solutions for the kitchen. Wood, glass, MDF, chipboard and even stone are very common options today. The choice of material depends on personal preferences and the amount you are willing to spend on the table.

Gradually, fashion moves away from traditional square or rectangular tables, so pay attention to oval, round, asymmetrical and polygonal tabletops.Modern tables and chairs amaze with a variety of models; you can choose elegant, new-fashioned variations that will delight you every day.

Important criteria in choosing

The dining table is a symbol of hospitality, so the dining group should be as relaxing as possible. In the choice of furniture every detail plays a very important role. Quality, which is automatically synonymous with convenience in this aspect, will determine the durability and level of comfort. The quality of the kitchen table is most often determined by the materials from which the worktop, chairs and other elements are made. It is very important to choose the ideal height of the table, which consists of the growth of households and the dimensions of the kitchen itself.

For a big kitchen

A large kitchen is a big space for imagination and a great place for delicious family lunches and dinners. Such a kitchen, if desired, can be turned into a masterpiece, where an important role will be played by the table and chairs. The spacious kitchen will ideally look table of any shape. Sliding structures that can be used in several configurations will be very useful.For a large family with children, a rectangular table with rounded corners is perfect, it can accommodate a large number of people and has no danger to children.

For a small kitchen

A small kitchen doesn’t mean that minimalism should reign in the interior. Simply, practically concisely in any kitchen the table looks like a semi-semi or semi-circle, which, as a rule, is attached to the wall. Such models allow you to save space and look great in the interior. Sometimes the kitchen corner replaces the so-called bar table. If you do not have children yet, you like to receive guests, then why not?

Transparent groups will look interesting in a small kitchen. "Invisible" table and chairs will visually expand the space and will look original. A stylish solution would be to choose kitchen curtains to match the color of the table and chairs. In creating an interior for a small kitchen, designers advise using light shades and colors. It is believed that light colors are able to expand the space, while bright and contrasting colors "steal" it.

Chairs or stools?

A decent table should have a match for companions.Most often they are included in the group, but in individual cases are selected separately. Of course, they should be in harmony in style with the table and be light. If the kitchen area is small or medium, then it is better to choose stools. When dimensions allow, elegant chairs, which in turn can be decorated or used independently, will be a stylish solution. Chairs can have soft, semi-soft and hard seats. It depends on the style and personal preference.

Sometimes dining groups are presented in different colors - a table of one color, and the chairs are designed in a different color. The main thing - the convenience and aesthetic appearance that will bring harmony to your home. Modern furniture industry offers a variety of variations, so sometimes when choosing, even the eyes diverge.

Perfectly selected dining room group can create a wonderful mood in the kitchen and bring the whole family together. Beautiful furniture in the kitchen can inspire the mistress to prepare delicious lunches, breakfasts and dinners. It is very important that the table and chairs like and be comfortable for all family members. Therefore, it is best to choose a new furniture with the whole family.As a rule, the table and chairs are chosen at the final stage of repair.

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