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The bar group, consisting of stools in combination with the bar, is increasingly appearing in kitchen design today. The popularity of such furniture is quite understandable, because the bar counter is not only a functional piece of furniture used for quick snacks, full-fledged dinners and drinks, but also a noticeable element of a modern kitchen interior. Bar and semi-bar stools of various sizes and shapes are an integral completing part of a stylish ensemble.

The defining parameter when choosing a chair in a rack kit will be its height from floor to seat. First you need to decide on the height of the rack, and then pick up the chairs, because to save space, classic models of chairs and stools are usually pushed under the tabletop.

There are freestanding high racks from 100 to 160 cm, designed for the visual division of space into zones in projects that combine a kitchen and a living room.The low height of 85-90 cm, determined by the height of the tops, is typical of the bar counter, which is part of the kitchen unit.

The standard height of bar stools is 75-85 cm. When selecting chairs, for reasons of convenience, you should also be guided by a distance of about 30 cm from the seat to the edge of the tabletop and 45 cm between the seat and the leg support.

If there are children in the house, it is recommended to purchase low chairs, on which the child can stay without the help of adults. The table below shows the recommended chair height depending on the height of the rack:

Type of bar counter

Stand alone

Height from floor to table top, cm 130 120 110
Chair height from floor to seat, cm 85 75-85 75

Complete with kitchen set

Height from floor to table top, cm 91 88 - 86
Chair height from floor to seat, cm 75 62 - 75

High Leg Dining Table

Height from floor to table top, cm 75
Chair height from floor to seat, cm 45

Universal models with sliding backs and legs and seat height, variable by a gas-lift mechanism, freely adapt to the needs of people of different ages and builds living in the house.

Choosing a suitable model, you need to understand that the size of the seat bar chair in comparison with the usual chair is often smaller.When planning to use the bar as a dining table, you should choose bar stools with large seats.

We are determined with the design


When buying a bar stool, it is important not only to choose the right size, but also the number of legs or the presence of a support and the location of the step, which gives extra strength to the whole structure, allowing you to sit comfortably no matter what height the chair is adjusted to. The most durable experts believe the model, standing on four legs.

A model of a chair with three or four legs should be additionally equipped with a fastening transverse rail that carries the function of a footrest. A design that has an adjustable seat height must also have a step-adjustable footrest so that when the seat is raised to the maximum height, emphasis is maintained under the feet.

The rotating bar stool or stool, which has one stable leg with a solid base and a ring-shaped footrest, will allow you to easily reach the table with snacks and drinks without distracting from the conversation.

The design of a soft chair or stool with a base in the form of a five-beam metal support on wheels,allows you to effortlessly move it within the room or slide the soft seat under the bar counter.


The frames of fashionable bar stools can be made of durable, durable and unpretentious natural materials: wrought iron, steel with a matte surface or a chrome-plated, aluminum.

Chairs made of metal are durable, have good stability, can withstand a lot of weight. When choosing, pay attention to the quality of the metal and the strength of the mountings. So that the metal legs do not push through linoleum and do not scratch the parquet floor, you need to take care of the presence of special rubber linings.

The most unpretentious material in leaving - color or transparent plastic. Spectacular polycarbonate chairs will be a good choice for a small kitchen room, will give lightness and freedom to the interior, made in a modern style. Plastic chairs are easy to rearrange from place to place. The disadvantage of plastic is that it is unstable to direct sunlight, is easily exposed to mechanical damage, and is not suitable for people with heavy weight.

The most popular option is a chair made of solid wood. Chairs made of oak wood are especially durable. Wooden models, in harmony with the classic style or style, can be painted in different colors, or have a lacquered texture of natural material. As a rule, wooden chairs do not have an adjustable seat height, and therefore require careful selection of height. Wooden structures can loosen and require periodic tightening of fasteners.

Chairs with natural materials woven from wicker, cane, natural or artificial rattan can be an interesting addition to the kitchen in the style of Provence or ethnic style. Wicker bar stools are distinguished by comfort, environmental friendliness and durability. They fit perfectly into the interior of a country house.


Bar stools designs provide options with backs and in the form of stools without backs. High stools without backs will be an excellent solution for small kitchens, as they take up little space and compactly slide under the desk or stand.Since it’s not very inconvenient to sit on them for a long time, it is good to buy such models of chairs in case the bar counter is used for quick meals.

To organize full lunches and dinners, when using the bar as a dining table, you should use comfortable chairs with backs. The most successful option, ensuring the correct position of the back, will be a high model with a back.

An indispensable option, designed for long family dinners or relaxing get-togethers with friends, will certainly be the model of the bar chair with armrests.


Important factors that ensure the comfort and practicality of the use of kitchen chairs, is the quality of upholstery and interior filling. Sitting on chairs covered with upholstery with a classic weave of fibers or a velvet surface is very convenient. If you wish to make a stylistic accent, using unusual colors and textures of fabrics, you can make chairs to order.

The models decorated with decorative furniture carnations and figured stitch will add a touch of antiquity to the classic interior.It should be borne in mind that fabric upholstery easily absorbs odors and moisture, so it’s better to put the chairs away from the sink and the cooking place.

Seats with gel filler are convenient because they easily adapt to the shape of the body sitting. However, not everyone likes unusual sensations, the seat seems too slippery. More familiar sensations gives filling of foam rubber.

Practical semi-bar chairs and armchairs, upholstered in natural leather or high-quality leatherette, are soft to the touch due to a layer of foam rubber or batting, it is very comfortable to sit on them. You can choose a color that matches the finish color of the entire room or other piece of furniture, such as a sofa. The combination of colors and textures would be appropriate for a modern studio apartment or if there is a bar in the interior of a classic living room.

For many apartment owners, practicality of use is a priority when selecting chairs. In the kitchen area, the kitchen is always likely to stain the upholstery during cooking, family meals and friendly parties. An excellent option for demanding customers will be stylish comfortable bar stools without upholstery.

Color solution

The color of the bar-chair is determined by the color of its upholstery and frame. Frameworks do not have such a wide color variety as the color of the upholstery material, which can be a defining element of the decor of the kitchen room, giving the opportunity to show imagination. Upholstery models can overlap with the color of the rest of textiles: pillows on the couch or lampshade lamp hanging over the dining area.

To create a harmonious look for the whole room, experts advise choosing a bar stool with the color of the design, combined with other decorative elements in the house. In the frame can be used the colors of chrome or satin coating, wood of various breeds, textured surface in bronze, gold or platinized metal.

Furniture is gaining popularity by its artistic solution and high-quality execution, which is fundamentally different from sets of garden plastic furniture. Designers today offer as a fashionable kitchen accessory beautiful transparent plastic stools, chairs, armchairs and half-chairs on chrome or plastic legs of various shapes and colors.To keep the original look of the chairs for a long time, do not put them in the sun and wash them with abrasive detergents.

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Design Findings

The original bar set from the rack with chairs should not only efficiently organize the kitchen space, but also being in the kitchen interior should be able to highlight the unique modern design. In the catalogs of modern furniture stores you can see a review of the author’s collections of elite chairs, implemented in fancy shapes, which are very different from the classics of a simple high stool with a back.

Designer models of bar stools made of metal, bright plastic, vinyl leather and polypropylene of flashy colors: lemon, orange, red, plum, turquoise, using non-standard snail-shaped seats, hearts, are appropriate in youth-style kitchen interiors.

As a good alternative to high-grade, sometimes bulky, chairs, Ikea furniture designers offer models of folding bar stools. These chairs are perfect for a small kitchen. A group of high narrow table or a compact bar with several folding chairswill be a convenient solution to the dining area in the studio apartment of a young family without children. If necessary, extra chairs can always be folded and hidden in the pantry.

Modern artists with rich imagination come up with models that use the most unusual images and objects in furniture design. Bar stools for the kitchen, repeating the shape of the lower part of the human body, or with a toilet seat, can certainly become a very bold and at the same time cheerful, hooligan element of the interior of people living in creative professions.

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