Corner Kitchen Table

 Corner Kitchen Table

To equip a kitchen in conditions of a shortage of space is not an easy task, but it can be solved. Currently, there is an abundance of design solutions that allow you to modernize even a small kitchen. One of these options is a corner kitchen table.


  1. Dining corner table is set in the corner. Such an installation really saves space. The disadvantage is the small capacity - 1-2 people.
  2. The corner dining area is an excellent option for roominess - up to 8 persons, since the table is not close against the wall. Consists of a sofa, table and chairs. To enhance the functionality of the sofa can be done with a bed.
  3. Corner chopping table is a floor cabinet with table top. This table is used for cutting products, but you can choose a combined version with a sliding tabletop, which greatly increases its functionality.
  4. Another modification of this option is a solid corner worktop, combined with a kitchen set.

The table can be floor, where the support of the table goes to the floor, or suspended without support. It is worth noting that the suspended version is not able to withstand heavy loads.


The most common materials for the manufacture of furniture are chipboard, or MDF. Chipboard - the material is lightweight, convenient in production, can have a beautiful finish. Its disadvantage is toxicity. MDF has the same properties as particleboard, but is not toxic compared to it. The disadvantage of MDF is its easy flammability, even from quickly heated objects.

Wood - eco-friendly and more durable option. The lack of it in a fairly heavy weight and expensive cost.

Original look models of tempered glass. It is also an environmentally friendly material.

The form

The most popular form of the table is rectangular, due to its good roominess and convenience when serving. But due to sharp angles, it is considered dangerous. This is true for families with small children.

Square - holds fewer people than the first option.

Round, and in the corner version 1/4 of the circle - takes up more usable area than the first two options. It is considered safe due to the lack of angles.

The oval side includes the advantages of a rectangular and round shape.


To determine the size of the kitchen table, you must first measure the space that you can take for it.

  1. If this is an isosceles triangle with sides up to 80 cm against the wall, then a construction with a rounded outer side, or with a wave-like, repeating triangle contours, would be the best option. It is also possible, in this case, to give preference to a square structure.
  2. If one side of the triangle is up to 80 cm, and the other is up to 130 cm against the walls, you can choose a rectangular shape or a shape with an oval outer side.
  3. It happens that the kitchen space does not allow you to set a separate table, for example, the kitchen is narrow. The best option, in this case, would be to build a dining table in the corner cooking table, which will move out using a sliding mechanism.

The original way to save space and increase the useful area of ​​the table is to install the structure,where the table is a continuation of the window sill or vice versa.


The style in which the table is made should be in harmony with the overall interior of the kitchen.

Classical. This style is characterized by naturalness. The materials used are natural wood, solid wood, glass. The colors are mainly dominated by natural light colors - bleached oak, sandalwood, natural oak. It is cumbersome, so for very small kitchens it is not the best option. To avoid the effect of weighting, you can combine wood with glass inserts.

Modern In another way, this style can be described as “nothing extra”. Here strict strict lines prevail. In the interiors of this style is dominated by many metal parts. The table in this style most often has metal supports.

Provence. Roughness and romanticism are combined in this style. The tones are mainly used light muted. A table in this style can have carved details and a semi-antique surface.

Art Deco. The style has a variety of tones, both light and inconspicuous, and very bright.


Choosing such furniture you need to pay attention:

  1. On the edge.It must be completely glued and without white spots. Otherwise, it speaks of artisanal production. The tape must be glued around the perimeter, otherwise it will lead to swelling of the material.
  2. On the hat hardware. If the cap is drowned strongly, it speaks of the unprofessional master. Decorative caps in this hat will not hold.
  3. On the bend line. If the structure has a bend, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of chips in these places.
  4. On the lacquer coating. High-quality coating has no rough edges and drips.
  5. Upholstery. When choosing a corner table with a sofa, you need to pay attention to its quality. The tension should be the same and not wrinkled. The mounting brackets for quality products are packed with the same pitch. The edges of the upholstery material are evenly trimmed and tucked.
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