White chairs for the kitchen

The white color in the interior of the kitchen looks especially attractive and stylish, and the white chairs look especially succinctly in the classic, Scandinavian style and romantic "Provence" direction. Noble color is highly appreciated by designers due to the elegance of color and the ability to create a fundamentally new concept in design, while the light shade of furniture allows you to combine objects with other colors and textures, materials and shapes. It is only important to choose the right shade of white - the achromatic color tone has hundreds of varieties.

Color Benefits

The white color for the designer is like a blank canvas for the artist, which allows you to create real masterpieces in the same apartment due to the combination of colors and shapes, the material and the texture of the furniture.

  • White color creates lightness and lightness in the interior, which will be appropriate for the kitchen with its massive suite and an abundance of household appliances.
  • The light shade does not exert pressure on the guests and gives a feeling of comfort and homely warmth, reliability and regularity.
  • On white furniture, dust and stains are invisible in contrast to dark surfaces; care for light objects is minimized.
  • The predominance of bright colors in the interior of the kitchen makes the room neat.
  • White color is ideal for a complete set of small space and would be appropriate in spacious kitchens.

Chairs of a light shade as a part of a dinner set, look stylishly and laconically, can be used complete with a table or be selected separately.


Any chairs differ from each other in their design, or type of product.

  • Completely solid models are often made of wood or plastic and painted white. Hard seats and backs do not cause a feeling of comfort among the guests, therefore they are often supplemented with textile seat mats made of soft fabric and filler. The advantage of rigid structures is ease of maintenance and simplicity in execution, however, there are original products with thread.
  • Modified by soft elements chairs have textile upholstery of a seat or a back, there are models with both soft parts.They differ in the type of filling and the presence of spring mechanisms (they are rarely used in the design of kitchen chairs); Inside the upholstery you can often find foam rubber, horsehair, synthetic winterizer, down, batting, coconut material.
  • Leather models, or chairs upholstered in natural or artificial material. They are useful for arranging modern kitchens - hi-tech, minimalism, modern. Eco-leather seats often have bar stools and traditional models with a metal frame.
  • Armchairs as an alternative to the usual light chair has a place to be in spacious rooms; the half-chairs have a smaller size and a completely soft design with a spring mechanism inside.

The form

Curved lines or the strict geometry of kitchen chairs is determined by the design direction in the room and which table is chosen as the dining room. Chairs with a curved back and semi-oval seats will be appropriate for a round table top, and rounded chairs and strict rectangular models will be appropriate for an oval table.

The laconic glass table of a rectangular shape with graceful metal legs requires the selection of appropriate seats - restrained, slim, tall, made of rigid material in the main tone to the tabletop.The backs of rectangular strict models must be high and, preferably, solid, so that the furniture ensemble looks organic.

A rectangular tabletop with a glossy surface requires the selection of chairs to match: if the shade of furniture is cold, then it should be supplemented with “cool” objects - chairs, and vice versa. Connoisseurs of comfort choose chairs with a straight or slightly curved high back and a soft seat mainly from leatherette. By the way, all the elements of the seat, touching the person, can have a soft upholstery, and will look amazing with a glossy table.

Folding table models are complemented by folding chairs of the same shade or simple white seats. It is important to choose white chairs in accordance with the design of furniture and it is better if both objects are made of the same material.

Types of materials

The most sophisticated and elegant material in the manufacture of chairs is to designate a tree - natural, captivating, heavy and environmentally friendly. Modern technologies and methods of processing the material allow you to create white chairs of various shapes and shades, using the natural array of oak, beech, pine, ash and valuable species.An excellent alternative to an expensive and sometimes capricious tree will be MDF - a practical, durable and resistant to temperature, humidity material, consumer properties of which are ideal for the modern man.

Furniture made of MDF is famous for the lightness and natural texture of wood, which is pleasing to the eye and touching it. Create a stylish interior will help chairs with elements of natural or artificial stone in the decoration of the seat, backrest or legs.

Completely plastic models differ from each other; the most typical plastic products are suitable for use in the country or loggia, and durable modern furniture will decorate the kitchen or a full dining room. By improving the structure of the material, plastic becomes one of the most popular materials and is distinguished by high quality, stylish appearance and ease along with stability and affordability.

Supporting materials in a white chair may differ from the main one: the most common are metallic elements with a glossy or matte finish, which are stable and reliable, giving the product a complete and original look.Metal components - the legs of the white chair are well combined with the interior of "modern", "high-tech", "minimalism". Aluminum or steel of various shades and gloss levels is taken as a basis; in addition, metal elements often have an additional powder or chrome-plated coating that protects the structure from corrosion and other destructive defects.

Wooden models with similar supports will be appropriate in any interior direction "classic", "fusion", "ethnic", "country" and its derivatives.

Recommendations in the selection

Any chairs are selected to the tabletop - the main element of the dining area: its shape, material, texture and shade.

  • White chairs are ideally combined with a tree of a light shade that allows to create modern and practical design. At the same time, modern plastic is often used as the main material of the chair.
  • For white items in the dining area, light textiles are selected: thin air curtains, tulle, cotton napkins.
  • White wooden chairs with high back and straight shape in harmony with the "Provence", "country" and other rural areas in interior design.The simple and strict, moderately shaped chairs are combined with round table tops of the same color and material, while the seat of the chair can be upholstered in soft fabric and have a floral print.
  • The rounded backs of the white elements of the dining area and the strict black table top will help to emphasize the geometry of the space.
  • The combination of a dark and even black table top with white furnishings will be appropriate for the modern trend; walls and textiles of this space should be light - mostly white.
  • When choosing objects of light color, it is important to pay attention to their functionality: soft seats or backrests, width and depth of the seat (40-45 cm is considered to be classical), configuration (with or without handles).
  • Production Italy is most appreciated among fans of practical, durable and stylish furniture for the dining room. Dining chairs of Italian design and production will cost more, but they will bring chic and luxury into the interior.
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Design solutions

Modern kitchen in white will not do without bright chairs with metal support and strict snow-white seats.Traditionally, modern furniture is equipped with stiff furniture, which in everyday life may seem inconvenient.

Plastic models of furniture, even in rigid versions, are more convenient than wooden ones, since they have a flexible texture and a not too rigid base. Safe and practical models are well combined with a light rectangular table, while the format of the chairs is noticeably different - concise straight forms and light curved.

Recently, designers have chosen various elements as a material for chairs - wood, plastic, rattan. All this will easily fit in the interior of one room with a spacious dining table made of light solid wood, which is easily complemented by seats with a tone and fundamentally different pieces of furniture 0 round white plastic chairs.

Designers recommend to pick up white chairs to a wooden countertop of a light shade and combine them with other pieces of white furniture - bar counter, kitchen facades. White bar stools are traditionally sheathed in eco-leather and blend harmoniously with the bright table top within the kitchen.

Seats for a classic table made of artificial leather will be a practical element of the dining room and will complement the rectangular strict wooden table.

An unexpected decision is the choice of a black thin table top and plastic L-shaped plastic chairs made from durable and thick material.

Simple plastic elements look harmoniously in combination with a light wooden tabletop and in an open veranda.

White wooden models with textile upholstery are suitable for creating a classic interior and are perfectly combined with heavy furniture from solid birch, oak or beech.

It's amazing how diverse the Eames model looks in the interior of a kitchen-dining room. The light element in combination with a large wooden tabletop in a spacious room creates a relaxed and simple atmosphere, and in addition to a compact dining table - a cozy and bright home space.

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