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The task of any furniture is to create a special atmosphere in the room, harmoniously blend into the interior, complement it. Designer chairs for the kitchen, like no other, are capable of fulfilling this function, turning an ordinary interior into a real work of art. Beautiful, stylish furniture, regardless of the style of the room will easily make the room original and fashionable.

Due to the variety of colors, materials and functionality, the chairs will put an end to the overall concept of the interior, with their help, family members, as well as guests of the house will be able to comfortably sit at the festive table. Non-standard forms, unusual color combinations, bright accents - all this draws attention to the designer chairs, makes them stand out from the general mass of this kind of furniture.

Features and benefits

Buying designer chairs, their new owners receive not only high-quality and beautiful furniture, but at the same time they receive a guarantee that these products will ideally fit the already established interior and will be a real exclusive.Unique pieces of furniture will indicate the sophisticated taste of its owner, a sense of style and the fact that a person lives with the times.

The advantages of designer chairs:

  • The original design solution - modern designer chairs for the kitchen have a different design. There are products with a round and square seat, with ordinary legs and crossed, high and low, with armrests, and also without them. The choice is huge, it all depends on the taste preferences and wishes of the buyer.
  • A wide color palette - more than 1000 different color options are offered by manufacturers: plain and multi-colored, created in soothing colors and in bright colors. To buy a model that fits the interior is not at all difficult, there are plenty of options.
  • A variety of styles - you can buy or order chairs, made in different styles - "hi-tech", "pop art", etc.


Modern design, like the design of past years, involves the use of different chairs. For kitchens, manufacturers create hard, soft and semi-soft chairs. The difference between the last two categories lies in the different thickness of the soft layer,which can be made from natural filler (coconut thread, horsehair or even algae) or synthetic material (polypropylene).

As the outer upholstery can act leatherette, genuine leather or thick fabric, impregnated with a special agent. It is comfortable to sit on such chairs, but they need constant care, and the filler becomes thinner as time passes.

It is impossible to sit on hard chairs for a long time, but their advantage is practicality: any contamination can be quickly and easily removed.

Chairs without backs or as they are called stools - the perfect solution for kitchens of small sizes. After lunch, the owners of such products simply push the chairs under the table, thereby freeing up an invaluable place.

The most extensive group of various designs are classic chairs with backrest.

Bar stools are designed for bar counters, which are often installed in modern kitchens of large areas. These items are equipped with a height-adjustable foot-stand. Release them with back and without, with a hard and soft seat on the aluminum frame.

Chairs are indispensable in the spacious kitchens, where they will have long sittings. They are considered the most comfortable because they have armrests, although it is not always convenient to eat food in such structures.

Whatever chairs are chosen, in the first place, they must be strong and stable, the legs should not disperse when the weight of a person will put pressure on them.

If the apartment has a storage room or a niche for storage, and the house is always crowded, you can buy stackable chairs that are suitable for the design of the room. Also do not forget about the folding models, they also save a lot of space: they are made of metal or wood, folded do not take up much space, are quite compact.

To understand whether the correct design is chosen or not, you can only sit on the product. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to test the model you like and only then buy it.

How to pick up?

When buying an unusual kitchen chair, you need to give preference to practical materials that are not afraid of high humidity and temperature fluctuations. It is desirable that these pieces of furniture are easily cleaned of all kinds of pollution, because they will stand in conditions of constant work of the stove and sink.

It will be comfortable and convenient to sit only on furniture of the correct (suitable for the height of a person) height. Feet should fully touch the floor, your knees are in the position at an angle of 90. For tall people, stylish chairs with a seat height adjustment lever are the best option.

The dimensions of the standard seat depth vary between 40-45 cm: the gap between the edge of the furniture and the legs of the person sitting should be about 5 centimeters. If the owners are full of people, they need to pay attention to unusual chairs with greater depth and size of the seat.

In good models, the back is in the vertical position - the maximum allowable angle is 5 degrees. The most comfortable and original chair is the depreciated model: when pressed, the back of the chair is deflected and returns to its original position after the person has risen.

Performance material

Masters who invent projects and create unique pieces of furniture, constantly experimenting with a variety of textures, colors and materials in order to get perfect forms and perfect lines.

Modern manufacturers offer to buy designer chairs with leather upholstery, upholstery fabric or other mixed materials.

The range of raw materials is huge, you can find products from natural wood, metal, plastic and other unusual materials. The combination of several basics in one subject allows you to get a unique piece of interior, creating a special charm, and with which you can make the space more advantageous in terms of aesthetics.

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Thanks to high-quality fittings, you can arrange bright accents and make the chair a masterpiece of furniture art.

In the interior of the kitchen

No one will argue with the fact that a chair, in the first place, is just a piece of furniture created for the comfort of a person. That is why it should be durable and comfortable, but at the same time its design, color and material should be combined with the fronts of the kitchen unit and a table for meals. Plastic chairs will not suit wood furniture at all, and wooden chairs will make disharmony in the atmosphere of modern high-tech style.

  • Plastic chairs are suitable for the kitchen with facades of glass or plastic.
  • Wooden - for any kitchen, furnished with wooden furniture of strict geometric shapes and restrained colors.
  • Metal devices for the seat are appropriate for rooms with furniture with glass or plastic facades decorated in the style of "metallic".If, however, correctly combine different pieces of furniture among themselves, the metal chairs will be able to complement the room with wooden objects of everyday life.
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