Chairs from the massif of a tree

Furniture made of natural wood will always be at the peak of popularity. Such products are of unsurpassed quality, excellent performance and, of course, a beautiful appearance. Today we will talk about high-quality solid wood chairs.

Features and benefits

Modern furniture market is replete with a variety of interior items that can be selected for any room. Fashion is constantly changing, and the fact that recently enjoyed terrible popularity, today may lose its relevance. However, this description does not fit products made from natural wood.

High-quality and reliable chairs, made of solid wood, have a beautiful appearance that can transform the interior and make its image more comfortable and hospitable. It should be noted that such interior items look organically in many stylistic directions, whether it is elegant classics, French Provence, non-trivial Shabby chic or kitsch.

In itself, a tree is an environmentally-friendly natural material that creates a peaceful atmosphere in the room. One of the significant advantages of chairs made from such beautiful raw materials is the simplicity in forming beautiful combinations.

Simply put, natural wood can be packaged with a wide variety of materials, whether natural or artificial leather, various types of fabric, or even metal.

Wood products are different durability and wear resistanceespecially if you provide them with proper and regular care. Do not neglect this issue, because without proper treatment, natural wood can crack, fade and even become a haven for parasites, which are very difficult to get rid of. Can't be ignored environmental friendliness this stuff. .

Even in conditions of high temperatures, natural wood does not emit harmful and dangerous substances, so this furniture can be safely located in the children's room, without fear for the health of a small user.


There are two main types of wooden chairs.They are soft and hard:

  • Soft models have a rigid and reliable design on which this or that filler keeps within. After this product is finished with a cloth or leather. The main advantages of soft chairs are their comfortable characteristics. However, such products will require more complex and thorough care than simple hard options.
  • Tough models of wooden chairs are covered with special decorative or paintwork materials. Such products do not have upholstery. As a rule, chairs with rigid frames are durable and wear-resistant. They cost a little less, are easier to operate and maintain, and are in no way inferior to soft models in terms of comfort.

Also, high-quality wooden chairs differ in their basic purpose. Today, in the furniture market there are not only traditional dining designs, but also bar, office models attached to musical instruments and other options.

It is believed that high-quality wooden chair is a construction made of pine, birch, beech, hevea, alder or walnut.The most unpretentious in the care are products from conifers. In addition, these instances create a unique and cozy atmosphere in the room, as they have a special energy.

Regular models with a soft or hard seat can be covered with a beautiful and inexpensive eco-leather, luxurious velvet or velor. It should be noted that in this way you can decorate the back and legs at once. For filling of many soft products cheap foam rubber or polyurethane foam is used.

If we are talking about an elegant bar stool, then it will look best on leather upholstery. As a rule, such types of furniture consist of a round seat and an additional footboard. Today, these designs can be found in many kitchens.

Particularly elegant in the interior look designs with armrests and semi-bar specimens.

Comfortable wood is also made from natural wood. folding chairs with backrest. With the help of such a thing you can significantly save free space in the room. Folding chairs are often chosen by owners of small-sized housing. It is worth noting the mobility of such structures.The folding chair can be moved to another place at any time, without any extra effort.

Some folding models have additional details. For example, it can be metal hooks, hangers on which you can hang various necessary things.

New trend in furniture production are wooden chairs transformers. These specimens are also made from cheaper materials such as laminated chipboard or MDF. Transforming structures are also ideal for compact spaces.


Consider in detail some of the characteristics that have wooden chairs of a particular style:

  • high tech. You should not think that the furniture from a natural tree will not look harmoniously in modern ensemble. In fact, in such a restrained stylistic direction, monophonic structures of dense black color look best. Especially attractive such products will look on the background of snow-white finish, creating a beautiful contrast;
  • chebbi chic. An interesting and non-trivial interior in the style of shebby-chic should be decorated with wooden and slightly casual chairs, stylized as antique.There should be no gloss or gloss in these products;
  • country music For an uncomplicated country style, the ideal solution would be wooden chairs with a weakly treated natural surface. There should be no even and perfectly correct lines in such copies;
  • minimalism. In a minimalist interior harmoniously simple chairs of simple and correct forms will harmoniously look. There is no need to overload similar interiors with non-trivial furniture with non-standard forms and bright decorative elements;
  • Scandinavian. The Scandinavian style provides for the presence in the interior of furniture from natural and eco-friendly materials. That is why chairs made of solid wood look so ergonomically in such ensembles. For the Scandinavian interior, it is desirable to choose models of calm, light and neutral tones;
  • classical. Furniture made from natural and well-processed materials, fits perfectly into the classic interiors.

For such discreet but elegant ensembles, you can pick up luxurious carved models or expensive antiqued specimens.

How to care?

Besides the fact that natural wood requires regular treatment with antiseptic impregnation, it should also be cleaned of the resulting dirt and dust. in several simple ways:

  • Chairs made of solid wood should be wiped with a dry cloth to remove loose dust from the surface. Even better - use special wipes for cleaning, which can be found in furniture stores.
  • It is desirable to move the rag along the trajectory of the natural pattern. Thus, the cleaning of the material will be more thorough, deep and careful.
  • For cleaning natural wood, a special vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment is also suitable for removing serious stains in a gentle way.
  • The formed dirt stains are recommended to be removed from the surface of the chairs as early as possible. This is necessary so that the pollution does not have time to saturate the structure of the tree.
  • Never use aggressive chemicals in the process of cleaning wooden furniture. Also, do not apply to soap solutions or solvents. Such substances can seriously harm the natural material and spoil its appearance.
  • If you want to give a wooden chair a spectacular gloss and the effect of perfect purity, then you should stock up on wax.

Design solutions

Natural wood chairs look amazing in many interiors. For example, in a beautiful snow-white kitchen near the “island” high bar stools with curved backs and a soft brown surface with a natural natural print will be arranged harmoniously.

In the laconic and neutral interior of the dining area with gray walls and white floor you can put a wooden table and chairs of brown color, having simple and regular shapes.

Stunning milky wooden chairs with soft seats and back will complement the luxurious long table in the room with chocolate walls and dark brown parquet floor.

In the Scandinavian interior, made in white colors, you can put a wooden computer desk of a light shade and place a white Viennese chair with a rounded back next to it. Revive such an ensemble with fresh flowers in vases, a beige carpet with contrasting lines on the floor and the same pictures on the desktop.

Wooden chair can be placed in the living room.For example, in a spacious beige room with high ceilings, in front of a cream couch, a round chocolate table and four black Viennese natural wood chairs will find their place.

Luxurious oak carved chairs with high backs and a solid wooden table made of dark rock will look very noble and expensive. They can be placed in a room with white walls and a floor decorated with a parquet board with a diamond pattern.

You can learn how to make solid wood chairs from the video below.

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