Leather chairs for the kitchen

Would you like to receive in the home walls long-awaited comfort, as well as solidity, respectability of the interior? Then pay attention to furniture ensembles with elements of leather or eco-leather. It can be not only sofas, armchairs, poufs, but also leather chairs for the kitchen. They will become a real, solemn accent that will create a balanced atmosphere. Such furniture is bought by successful, confident people.


Among the wide range of models can be distinguished two main types: soft and hard chairs. Each of them has several advantages. They attract attention with long service life, ease of maintenance, durability of upholstery, elasticity. For your kitchen, you can pick up both stationary products and folding, stackable. The latter makes it possible to store chairs not only under the dining table, but also on the loggia, in the pantry, in one of the cabinets.

Manufacturers also produce leather models of various shapes: round, oval, square.Among them you can find products with a solid back, armrests, footboard, etc. Eco-leather often acts as a material for the basic design. It is practical, wear-resistant, has high aesthetic properties. In an instant, you’ll give your kitchen a look of luxurious, rich apartments. Know how to cook? Why not call your family from the next room to the prestigious "restaurant" with elaborate decor, impressive furniture?

Leather is perfectly combined with wooden, metal, frame made of MDF, chipboard, as well as chrome or steel legs. But with glass and plastic solid upholstery will not look very harmonious. Skin looks elegant on rattan models, creating an atmosphere of well-being, comfort and warmth in kitchens. Include elastic wicker chairs with eco-leather seats in the dining group.and. Fashionable today looks like a kind of “integration” of avant-garde metal and classic details with a touch of aristocracy.

The advantages of leather upholstery

In today's world, much attention is paid to detail. This applies not only to the fashion industry, landscape design, but also the decor of the premises.Furs, antiques, rough or soft leather - everything is back to square one straight from the Baroque, art nouveau, art deco, retro classics. As soon as a chair with leather upholstery appears in the kitchen, you will immediately feel all the “magic” of this material. The advantages of the skin on the right consider:

  • its excellent moisture resistance;
  • inability to absorb foreign odors, odors;

  • do not get clogged with dust, dirt, as in the case of tissue solutions;
  • simple and quick care of models from environmentally friendly skin;
  • inability to electrify, to leave corrosive dirt;
  • excellent fire properties.

The only "weak point" of the material is susceptibility to mechanical damage with sharp objects. So, the claws of your favorite cat or cutting kitchen utensils out of carelessness can significantly harm the material.

As an alternative to leather products, you can use leatherette upholstery. Often, it turns out more attractive incredible design projects. You can create an amazing stylization for the texture of any material (wood, stone, etc.).Here you can also use any prints and technologies for applying paint (gradient, ombr, photo printing).

Kozham is the same durable, elastic material, as well as genuine leather, but it is much cheaper. Unlike jacquard, nubuck, tapestry, chenille, flock, leather upholstery does not lose color, "does not crack" perfectly tolerates temperature drops and humidity. Not a single smell of Japanese, Caucasian or Italian cuisine will be absorbed into the solid structure of the material.

Stylistic features

Numerous soft chairs with leather upholstery look elegantly solemn, even in a single-color design. They cast a note of retro, aristocratic. Dense, with excellent uniform dressing, they are incredibly comfortable in daily use. Italy is the leader in the production of such respectable, stylish products. Brands like Stella del Mobile, Midj, Former, Bonaldo, Porada, can offer sophisticated options, high-quality, luxurious, fashionable.

Products exclusively look in the styles of high-tech, classic, baroque, modern. Decorate the interior of the kitchen will be thanks to the models on the forged legs, with a thread on the back.

Try to choose chairs with simple geometric shapes, especially if you prefer leather trim. Marsala, burgundi, olive, dark brown, cream, beige, bright red, yellow, etc., will be the ideal color palette.

Make sure that the back of the chair has a comfortable bend. If we are talking about a bar stool, pay special attention not only to the quality of the skin, but also the strength of the legs, legs, and the height of the chair itself.

Such products perfectly fit into loft, industrial, urban-chic interiors. The design approach of the Italian masters will make of your kitchen a real hall for receiving guests.

Combine leather furniture with stone, metal or materials that mimic expensive wood, brick, rattan, etc. Bring real luxury to your apartment with a leather chair.

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