Chair for the kitchen

 Chair for the kitchen

Not every kitchen has enough space to seat in it. Nevertheless, the designers are working on solving this issue, and annually create new compact models that can decorate the interior of even the smallest around the kitchen perimeter.

Features and benefits

Folding chairs have an undoubted advantage, because they not only save free space, but also help out the owners when they need to accommodate a large number of guests. The advantages of this piece of furniture in its functionality, convenience and comfort. The market of upholstered furniture presents a variety of stylish and original models of chairs with a wide range of colors. The presented colors make it possible not only to embody the imagination in the design of the kitchen, but also to tell everyone around the impeccable taste of the owners. Neither temperature fluctuations, nor increased humidity are terrible for modern armchairs.


Chairs tend to complement the round dining table. They combine comfortable soft armrests and back. Not to mention the pleasant shock-absorbing seat.

The bar has adjustable feet, which allows you to adjust the design to the desired position. People with different height will be easy to find the most comfortable height of the seat and relax while sitting at the bar with a cup of aromatic coffee.

Models with armrests are recommended for lovers of long gatherings at the table and long conversations. They can be made of plastic as well as sheathed with anti-slip fabrics.

The chair-bed gained popularity even during the times of our grandmothers, who had to effectively use every free meter of an apartment in the “Khrushchev”. The layouts were modest, allow a lot of rooms with different functional purpose, could not all. And the chair-bed has become an indispensable assistant, especially for families with a large number of family members. The designs are easy to use and even children will not be difficult for a few minutes to expand the chair into a small bed.

Corner chair is selected to the size of the table. Crouching on such a chair people should not rest against the corners of the table. It should not be too close to put the table, which will impede the free accommodation of people.

Dining chair will tell everyone around about the refined taste of the owners. It is made in the classical style of various historical eras. The most common models are Art Deco, Renaissance and Baroque. Manufacturers also offer a minimalist design of modern high-tech dining chairs.

The easy kitchen chair is made from plastic or a tree. Metal structures are distinguished by their severity and the lack of additional options for changing the location of the armrests or the backrest.

Semicircular at the peak of fashion, because they create a special design and give the kitchen originality. The main feature of these seats in a sophisticated form, where the back and armrests are made of a single element.

Compact are considered models with dimensions in width not exceeding 1 meter.

Semi-armchairs are constructions that do not have armrests. They are no less interesting and also give warmth and comfort.

Folding is suitable for small apartments, where there is no possibility to organize a separate living room. It will actually come to the rescue when the unexpected relatives of distant relatives suddenly appear. Easy to fold, often, the design has a niche for a set of linen.

Small chairs diversify the most uncomplicated kitchen design, give mood. You can choose such colors that even the appetite will increase while in the kitchen.


All materials can be divided into natural and artificial origin. Cotton, flax, silk are natural. Synthetic materials are very diverse, but for people prone to allergies, they should be avoided. Well proved chairs and couches made of genuine leather. They add luxury and nobility to the interior of the kitchen, at the same time leather cloths are not afraid of any fat, dirt or moisture.

Caring for such a product is as simple as possible and comes down to timely wiping with special detergents. Service life is long and can be used by more than one generation.Lovers of soft fabrics can recommend chairs made of velvet. They are pleasant to the touch and bring comfort to the atmosphere of the kitchen. The most traditional material is the tapestry, which today has acquired a new composition with the addition of synthetic fibers to the canvas. Such innovations give increased strength properties and resistance to wear upholstery. The seats are often sheathed with a multi-layered tapestry for durability and protection against abrasion.

For country houses, rattan will be the perfect solution. The furniture from it gives a cosiness and special chic. Such material is environmentally friendly with high strength. The only drawback of rattan is its need for periodic reading from accumulated dirt, as well as small crumbs in the net structure of rattan linen.

Color solutions

Depending on the preferences of the hostess of the kitchen, the chair can be pastel shades or bright palettes. When choosing, it is not necessary to make a selection in the color of the kitchen set. Modern fashion states that even incompatible things can create an interesting holistic composition. For leather models, as a rule, a range of monochromatic solutions is presented.Manufacturers offer a combination of various materials chairs, which differ in a variety of patterns, ornaments and draperies. It is worth noting that dark colors are impractical, they are more noticeable any stains and dirt, which can not be avoided in terms of use in the kitchen.

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How to choose

The choice should be based on key features such as usability, quality and safety. Low-quality products will not only cause a lot of disappointment, but will not bring the expected savings. Therefore, it is better to overpay a little for quality, and for a long time enjoy a successful purchase. Carefully study the materials of which the chair is made, the reliability of the assembly and fasteners. For fabrics, make demands depending on your preferences. With frequent use, the material must be durable and wear-resistant, preferably dirt and water-repellent properties.

Manufacturers from Belarus surprise their customers with annual innovations of comfortable chairs that can decorate any kitchen.

How to place

Depending on the layout of the kitchen and free space is determined by the seating area of ​​the chair. It can be located near the dining table, as well as being free-standing. Chairs that can be expanded to provide extra bed should be placed in a space that does not limit the free extension. When determining the place, put the chair in the straightened form and see if it is not difficult to access common objects. Fully folded, the chair should not restrain other family members and interfere with movement.

Fabric chairs from delicate materials should be located away from windows. Direct sunlight will negatively affect the fabric, and it will quickly lose its original brightness. These chairs are not suitable for placement near the table, hob and sink. Staying near heating equipment, such as a radiator or electric battery, will also not be safe. Any easily flammable or heated objects should not come into contact with the furniture.

Interesting solutions in interior design

  • Stylish model with an incredible color palette.
  • Beautiful high-tech option.Give the interior a feeling of lightness, airiness and weightlessness.
  • Fashionable and roomy chair bed. The length of the bed allows you to comfortably settle down even to tall people.
  • Multifunctional model of leather in red with a raised seat. Niche under the seat allows you to store various items.
  • Wooden legs add sophistication to the composition. The shape of the back and the seat itself emphasizes the refinement and elegance of the interior.
  • Corner model with an interesting design in the style of minimalism.
  • Classical wooden model with armrests, and also a skin back and sitting. This chair fits almost any kitchen and is truly its decoration.
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