Plastic chairs for the kitchen

Kitchen furniture in many ways is different from the furnishings of the other rooms of the house. It should be more practical, functional and reliable. These qualities have plastic chairs for the kitchen, which are now popular type of furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages

The increased popularity of plastic chairs has recently become possible, thanks to modern production technologies. They allow you to produce non-toxic and completely safe plastic for furniture. Plastic chairs have several advantages, among which are particularly relevant:

  • reasonable price - plastic is a low-cost material, while it has good quality and practical characteristics;
  • a wide range - on the market, this product is replete with a variety of types and models of different shapes and colors, anyone can choose the furniture to your taste;
  • low weight: even the most large and large models weigh a little, which allows them to mix without problems
  • compactness - plastic structures do not take up much space (especially folding), so they are an excellent option for small kitchen furniture;
  • strength: this material is resistant to high humidity, therefore, retains its original appearance for many years;
  • easy operation and maintenance (if the surface is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth);
  • combined with other materials, making the appearance and characteristics of chairs only improved.

Kitchen furniture made of plastic will always find its home, it is represented by an extensive model range. Like any furniture, plastic kitchen chairs have drawbacks, they are:

  • sensitive to mechanical damage (they are easy to scratch, they can appear cracks from a strong blow);
  • they are afraid of temperature changes, deforming, exposed to sunlight (lose the brightness of the shade);
  • not suitable for all the stylistic decisions of the kitchen (relevant in modern styles of loft, minimalism, inappropriate in the classic kitchen).


A variety of patterns, shapes and colors make buyers lose. The main types of chairs are colored and made of transparent plastic. Color designs are not limited in the palette; you can find chairs of classic colors and original colors. Such products will become bright focus on the kitchen, will give freshness to the space. You can easily choose the color of the furniture under the color of the wallpaper or headset. Often in the lines there are these chairs of the original forms, which allows you to arrange the kitchen in a modern hi-tech style or pop art.

Transparent chairs look unusual. They decorate the kitchen, allow you to visually increase the space, well reflect artificial or daylight. Because of this, the kitchen looks cleaner, lighter, more comfortable. Such designs look good in a small kitchen and a large dining room.

The basis of transparent models is thermoplastic, which makes them stronger and more functional. They are more resistant to mechanical stress and sunlight.

Transparent chairs can be made entirely of plastic and in combination with other materials, differing in a variety of forms.For example, the back and legs of a chair can be made of wood or metal. Standard forms and clear lines give austerity to the kitchen. The roundness of the design will help create a soft, cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Rounded models are saferthat is important if there is a small child in the house.

To emphasize the originality of the kitchen space, you can purchase chairs of unusual shape or models with a filler and upholstery. As an upholstery material brands use leather and thick textiles. You can come up with removable covers for plastic designs, ordering on the website of the manufacturer or its official suppliers, or by making yourself at home.

With them, the furniture will last longer, and care will be easier.

Choice and care

One of the main reasons for acquiring such furniture is simple maintenance. To maintain the original appearance and increase the service life it is necessary:

  • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth as it gets dirty, if the chair is made entirely of plastic. If the design has textiles, a vacuum cleaner can cope with dust and dirt.In the presence of wooden inserts need to wipe with a special solution or treatment with varnish to gloss the surface. You should not resort to chemical or abrasive agents to remove dirt and remove stains on the plastic surface.
  • Do not install and keep structures near heating devices: they can melt from high temperatures. Chairs should not be used in low temperature conditions: this can lead to cracks and chips.
  • Colored and transparent models should be kept away from direct sunlight. In some cases, decoupage technique can be used to make the furniture look presentable.

To feel cozy and comfortable, sitting on this furniture, you need to choose it correctly. To do this, before buying you should pay attention to several factors, it is important:

  • make sure of the reliability of the material (for this you should ask for a certificate of quality);
  • to pay attention to the fittings and appearance: the unevenness of the shade is excluded, it is better to choose models with rounded lines (for the safety of the occupants of the house);
  • pay attention to the assembly: it must be of high quality, without badly twisted nuts;
  • select models for your weight and height, calculating the width of the seat and the height of the back of the structure (if you wish, you can purchase chairs with armrests and a footrest);
  • focus on the interior style and the predominant color in the kitchen;
  • select models depending on the size of the room: folding chairs or transparent chairs will be an excellent option for a small kitchen.

Plastic chairs are a modern way of functional kitchen transformation. The variety of types allows you to choose them for any interior, and easy care makes these accessories indispensable furniture in the kitchen.

You will learn about the qualities of a modern plastic chair from the following video.

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