Plastic chairs

 Plastic chairs

At the time, pieces of furniture were made only from wood. But with the emergence of the newly formed chemical materials they began to be made from different types of plastic. Such furniture is very comfortable and affordable. If you still thought that plastic products, and especially chairs, are used only in the country house, then it is time to overestimate your own beliefs.

Similar items can also be used in apartments, as they correspond to the needs of people of different categories. Also, these models will find their place in a modern interior, because plastic chairs are very elegant and unique.

Special features

Plastic is a fairly comfortable material. He does not lag behind any other analogues from which the furniture is made. On this basis, plastic interior items are gaining the greatest fame and are in demand.Next, we consider the main pros and cons of plastic furniture.


This furniture has a lot of advantages:

  • Cost Such products are inexpensive and practical. It perfectly combines affordable cost and comfort.
  • Durability and convenience. Plastic is easy to process and takes different forms. It can also imitate wood, marble and granite, for which designers appreciate it.
  • Wear resistance. Furniture made of plastic is indestructible and, due to its moisture resistance, does not swell or deform.
  • Easy to care. From time to time, wipe the product with a damp cloth and detergent.
  • Mobility. Plastic furniture is easily transportable. It is not heavy and can be safely transferred. Fold chairs one by one, or disassembled into pieces, which will take less space.


The disadvantages of plastic chairs include the following characteristics:

  • The most important disadvantage is that this furniture is often made from doubtful materials that emit toxic substances when heated. That is why, buying chairs made of plastic, ask for a certificate of toxicity of the material presented.
  • This furniture must be located far from the heat sources.
  • Mechanical damage remains on plastic objects. They can be easily scratched or even broken when hit hard.
  • Subject to adverse effects at different temperatures. So, at high temperatures and sun exposure, the furniture fades, melts and deforms, and at low temperatures it becomes brittle, therefore, in order to avoid damage to the chairs, you need to put them in shade in the heat and take them into the room in the cold.

Comparing the cost and quality level, people began to prefer plastic furniture more often. With it, you can organize great conditions for entertainment.because it is practical, functional and unpretentious.


As mentioned earlier, plastic chairs are quite lightweight, which allows you to comfortably move them from one place to another, so this piece of furniture is very much in demand in homes outside the city and in summer cottages, because you can put it in the gazebo and on the porch. When storing do not take up much space.

For those who love fishing or outing picnics in all the variety of plastic chairs will be found folding designs that are easy to drag and can be easily modified into a comfortable seat.

Also, furniture made of plastic is also found in cafes on the streets, in the form of comfortable armchairs and stools. They are not difficult to care for, and they are quite wear-resistant.

The use of plastic furniture in modern apartments has become frequent, as it is replete with a variety of designs for dining rooms. You can buy a set of chairs with legs on a metal frame, with or without wheels, or purchase models made from 100% plastic. In the first case, you will pay a little more, but note that such instances are more convenient, since the metal legs can be adjusted in height, which is suitable for any member of your family.

Do not forget, if you use the chairs in the dining area, they certainly must fit the table. It is possible that they will be made of various materials, for example, a glass table, and plastic chairs. The main thing is that their tones match.

If we consider the design of chairs, then we can say that the progressive furniture industry pleases buyers with a variety of choices. They are created in various shades, with fascinating colorful drawings and without them, there are also models with armrests and a soft seat.

Transparent plastic chairs can be a convenient option for a small room. Such a copy will not take up space and visually increase the room. The transparent basis is perfectly combined with the basis from metal. Such chairs are used by designers when decorating a room in a high-tech style, and when changing the interior to such chairs, you can simply sew comfortable covers made of fabric of any kind and color.

Plastic chairs for children may be required for the design of the nursery. Due to the fact that they are quite lightweight, the baby can move them from one place to another during games. Also, this model can be perfectly cleaned of dirt, such as paint and markers.

It is important that the children's chair was comfortable, stable and proportionate to the growth of the baby.

It is worth adding that modern plastic is not dangerous, and this is subject to the purchase of high-quality products.


A variety of shades is a big advantage of the chairs made of plastic. Colored - green, red, black, including neon models, will make your interior bright and impressive.

A very well-known technique - a mix of chairs of the same type, but of a different color., because with plastic models it is very easy to realize this venture, since it is the only furniture made in such a variety of shades. Palettes are also different types - from neon and juicy to pastel and smoky.

However, the most popular color remains classic white, because it is neutral and all-rounder.

How to choose?

The range of use of plastic furniture is increasing constantly. Rarely there are cases when at least one piece of plastic furniture is not used in the interior. How to choose and what to look for next:

  • Buy only high-quality furniture from a popular manufacturer and in a quality store.
  • If suddenly you feel a pungent smell emanating from the furniture, do not think that after a while he will leave. Better give up the purchase.
  • When choosing a chair, decide its purpose. Decide where and how you will apply it: in the garden or nursery, in the kitchen or in the living room. Considering the given moments, choose a design suitable for you, according to its features.
  • Ask the consultant whether the furniture is stable for placement on the street, and how much weight it will sustain.It is likely that the chair you like may not be suitable for you.
  • Choosing chairs for the street, select models purely from plastic. Glass inserts can break, and metal - to collapse. And if the product is intended for placement, then models on a metal frame will fit perfectly, since they are more durable and safe, especially if it is a woven design with openwork inserts.
  • Chairs made of transparent polymer will be indispensable in small rooms, because they will give a feeling of lightness.
  • Large chairs with a back of colored plastic look very bright and unusual, but they require a wide space. If you have purchased such furniture for the summer period, think about where you will store it in the winter.
  • Buy prefab chairs for easy storage.
  • If plastic furniture will be used daily in open space, then choose expensive models coated with polyurethane varnish. So, the plastic will not lose its color and luster, and will also be more durable.
  • For families, de have small children, models with matte surfaces are perfect, because they are not so visible scratches and do not leave marks from the hands.
  • Do not forget about the style of the interior. Choose such plastic chairs that will harmoniously fit into the situation, without "breaking" the overall style of the room.

Options in the interior

Next, we consider the plastic chairs in the interior and disperse all the stereotypes that such designs cannot be luxurious and fashionable:

  • The first model without legs is a plastic chair created by Dane Verner Panton. The design has perfect, perfect shapes. Looks great, as well as one, and in a set. Suitable for people with good taste.
  • Chairs Sinks - a beautiful antique collection of bent wood. Also these chairs are called Viennese. They fit perfectly into the interior, created in the historical style.
  • Stark's plastic transparent chair is a classic, elegant model. Very good in small apartments, because it is almost not visible, which saves space. In addition, these chairs can be stored by placing them one on another.
  • A single-legged chair that looks like a tulip was invented by Finnish designer Eero Saarinen. These structures are made of fiberglass and aluminum and have a smooth streamlined shape.

When choosing these models in the design of the dining area you can choose to them, as well as a round table with one leg, made in the same color, and the classic wooden version with any support.

  • Chairs Poshar - one of the most famous and recognizable. Often they are called “bistro chairs”, because they can be found in bars, summer cafes and restaurants. They are also suitable for a rustic interior, and for a modern apartment.

About how to make plastic chairs, see the following video.

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