Folding bar stools - practical furniture in the apartment

Folding furniture is gaining increasing popularity. This is due, primarily, with the advent of a huge number of small-sized housing. This number includes studio apartments, which often need space zoning. Bar counters as well as possible perform this function. In conditions of lack of space, they are usually the place where guests gather. This is where the need for folding bar stools arises.

Special features

Folding furniture can not only perfectly cope with its functions, but also have a rather interesting design. Folding chairs - a real magic wand in conditions of shortage of space. They can be expanded, when necessary, and removed when such a need is no longer necessary. Some options are folded in such a way that their width when folded is only a few centimeters.

Thanks to this feature, they do not require much storage space.


Bar stools are classified according to different characteristics.

By design, bar and semi-bar stools can be distinguished:

  • Bar Stores - look like stools. Usually they do not have a back. But there are models in which a small support for the back is provided. Most often, this furniture has one or three legs. Their advantage lies in their compactness. They do not create a feeling of clutter.
  • Semi-bar option like an ordinary chair. As a rule, it has a back. There are models with or without armrests. Sitting on them is more convenient than on bar stools, but outwardly they look more bulky. Their height is usually about 60 cm.

Both of these species are found in a folding version.

According to the material of manufacture folding chairs are divided into metal, wooden, plastic. The most common combinations of these materials.

  • Metal, as you know, it has worthy characteristics and is perfect for the manufacture of such furniture as a folding bar stool. It differs in high wear resistance, resistance to ultraviolet rays. To damage such furniture is quite difficult.Special processing of the material makes it also resistant to moisture. However, it is better to combine it with other materials, since a seat made of metal can become cold at low room temperature. Therefore, it is usually combined with a soft leatherette or fabric.
  • Wood models create a feeling of comfort and coziness. This material is resistant to temperature changes in the room. But at high humidity, swelling of the material is possible. Typically, these chairs are equipped with cloth cushions for comfort while sitting.
  • Plastic the models are very light. Their strength depends on the quality of plastic. The ease of such chairs is a plus and a minus. On the one hand, it is easy to move it from place to place, but in case of an accidental fall, damage to both the chair itself and surrounding objects is possible. The material is sufficiently resistant to changes in temperature in the room. The undoubted advantage of such furniture - low price.

The stylistic orientation of the furniture should be one. The most common styles in which folding chairs are made are minimalism, hi-tech, retro.Sometimes you can also find classic models, but this is rare for folding chairs.

  • Minimalistic style characterizes moderation in detail, restraint in colors. The color scale is usually sustained in one or two shades, each of which can be performed in different tones.
  • Hi-tech style inherent in metallic luster. Autumn is often found here the combination of metal - glass.
  • Retro style - this is the spirit of the past. Furniture made "antique" adds to the room coziness and mystery. These chairs are usually wooden, specially treated.

Selection rules

To choose folding bar stools, it is necessary to consider the place of their further location. If you want to equip an apartment, and there are small children in your family, the emphasis, first of all, should be on safety. The chair must be stable. Otherwise, its accidental fall is possible. Also pay attention to the seat with backrest and armrests for greater ease of placement of the baby.

The height of the chair is an important parameter that must be considered when choosing this item. First of all, it should be harmonious with respect to the height of the bar.To calculate the optimal value, it is necessary to subtract the value of the seat height from the floor from the height of the bar counter. It should be about 35 cm. Thus, with a table height of 120 cm, the height of the chair should be approximately 85-90 cm. This value allows you to conveniently place the legs under the table. You do not have to bend down to the table. However, it also depends on the height of the person. Therefore, this parameter is approximate.

If the humidity in the room is high, you should give preference to plastic models or metal, specially treated to protect from moisture.

When choosing furniture in a public institution, for example, in a cafe, pay attention to the quality of the material from which it is made and the reliability of its compounds. Such chairs should be able to withstand heavy loads. The most durable material is metal.

In the conditions of a shortage of space, it is better to choose chairs that resemble a stool, since they look quite compact.


The Franklin model from the Ikea company perfectly will be suitable for acquisition of the room in style minimalism. The legs are equipped with special nozzles made of plastic to avoid damage to the flooring.For additional security, the manufacturer has provided a special lock that avoids accidentally folding the chair. Furniture can withstand quite large loads - up to 100 kg. Extra bonus - footrest to provide extra comfort to the person sitting. You can buy such a seat with a height of 63 or 74 cm.

An excellent example of a compact bar stool model SHT-S61 from the company Sheffilton. The combination of metal and specially treated MDF makes the chair resistant to mechanical damage. Despite its miniature appearance, the maximum load it can withstand is 100 kg. MDF is considered an environmentally friendly material that is resistant to temperature fluctuations. The price of furniture is quite attractive - about 1,300 rubles.

The Sheffilton SHT-S46 model has a stylish design and compact look. Its height is 75 cm. The chair is equipped with a soft seat, so sitting on it is pleasant and comfortable. The legs are made of metal, which is the most durable material.


The vast majority of consumers recommend the Franklin chair from Ikea to purchase. Based on the reviews, the chair is made fairly high quality.Strong connections have a long service life. And, not least, despite its low weight, customers note good stool stability.

Buyers consider the Sheffilton SHT-S61 model to be quite reliable, but they note the absence of nozzles for the legs to protect the floor covering from possible damage. The stability of the stool is noted by buyers in the reviews. Among the disadvantages of the most common complaint of users on a hard seat and the need for pillows.

The Sheffilton SHT-S46 model has won many accolades. Consumers find the stool sustainable. Due to its compact appearance, it is perfect for small-sized kitchens. Also, consumers note the reliability of the furniture connections.

See the following video for an overview of an interesting folding bar stool.

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