Folding chairs with backrest for the kitchen

The space in the house is a strategic resource that affects both the quality of life and family relationships. To save it, you can use folding chairs with a back for the kitchen, the use of which is possible not on a permanent basis.

Convenient and practical piece of furniture

After completing the installation of the kitchen unit and having decided on the dining area, it is time for the chairs. If, in addition to the table, they are often bought by inconsistent massive ones, by the number of family members, then for the organization of additional seating places, folding tables are purchased, the use of which is not excluded only by the kitchen.

This is an additional place at the desk, and a sitting place for a child in front of a coffee table or a table for games, and an alternative to step-ladders to replace the lighting lamp, a mobile seating place for a balcony or terrace.

Special features

The ridge of folding chairs with a back is the ability to store them with minimal space. They are very comfortable when guests come and urgently need to organize seats.Different in style and color, they diversify the interior, leaving the opportunity at any time to remove them.

Bar stools are a new trend for private kitchens. Until recently, they were used in bars and restaurants, and therefore are called bar - they are used directly near the high bar. If in your apartment there is a bar, or a height difference between the kitchen and the living room, then in, then the place where the bar height is more simply a high bar stool asks. At least one of them needs a stationary, and a couple of folding can be purchased for guests. When you cook in the kitchen, and you will be entertained by talking - put the speakers on them. It is also convenient for parents who have small children - by placing the child on him, immediately raise him to the level where he can comfortably feed him when you are sitting. The main thing is to choose such a chair so that its back would smoothly pass into the armrests.


This is a very important element. He is definitely needed in the house where there is a child. The child should have its place both at the common table and at the table for the game.

Many games and activities that are necessary for a child under the age of three years require a high chair, but the child grows up and such an item becomes unnecessary.Alternatively, you can use a children's folding, painted in bright colors and containing pictures in the form of characters of your favorite cartoons.

A variety of forms and uses

With bar options sorted out. However, the bar is not in all apartments, and not everyone likes it. A more mundane solution, though not less practical, is the tables for dining groups that are made in all basic styles:

  • classical;
  • vintage;
  • rustic;
  • Provence;
  • high tech;
  • loft;
  • minimalism.

There are collections of folding chairs from well-known manufacturers, which are bought separately for the dining group, but made in the same style.

For difficult cases, when it is difficult to find similar seats - manufacturers produce unpainted products, and you can use them as you want, without overpaying for decoration and decoration. This is often used by designers when they make out the premises.

Manufacturing features

A chair, especially a folding one, is a product that needs quality materials and proper assembly. If it is improperly made, it will not last long. The following materials are distinguished from which it is made:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • bamboo and rattan.

However, there are also combined, from wood and metal, plastic and metal, plastic and wood. The list contains bamboo as a material, although it is a special case of wood, but bamboo and rattan products are a completely different story and we will definitely return to them.

Wood is rightfully the most convenient material for the manufacture of products, however, it is limited for folding products, due to the fact that the mechanism must withstand bending and tension, and with a tree it is possible only when the parts are massive enough.

Metal and plastic - new generation materials

Metal and plastic are materials that possess the necessary mechanical features incorporated by their developers. The metal is durable, but heavy, not afraid of changes in temperature and sunlight. Plastic is a material with specified characteristics, it is ideal for the production of folding chairs with back and stools, but it is short-lived, it is afraid of ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes.

Bamboo and rattan - exotic hot countries

Bamboo seats are lightweight, durable, comfortable, and braided rattan is also beautiful, they are eco-friendly, and look presentable.However, the purchase of such a product is possible only if you are sure that the bamboo is properly processed - otherwise the purchase will disappoint you. Do not forget that this wood comes from areas located near the sea, and its use in a humid climate will be normal.

When choosing folding chairs, you must take into account the characteristics of the material from which they are made, only in this case the purchase will serve you for a long time and will not make you angry at yourself or the manufacturer in the future.

Cunning from designers

As already mentioned, the chairs are different in style and color. Economical option - when they are not painted, which makes it easy to apply them in non-standard interior. However, there is a way to include incompatible elements in the interior - designers simply put covers on them, which are sold in a store or sewn to order.

Features of the mechanism

Folding chairs with backrest are furniture with moving parts. If the buyer doesn’t always check the quality of material processing, then it’s simply obliged to pay attention to the design features of the product.When buying, you need to pay attention to the following design features:

  • lack of backlash in the hinges;
  • high-quality surface treatment of the base material;
  • the presence of rubberized linings on the legs;
  • the presence of locking elements in the folded and unfolded state;
  • Sit down on him - you should be comfortable, and he should not swing.


Behind a chair, as well as for other furniture, care is necessary:

  • lubricate regularly moving parts;
  • clean hard surfaces from mechanical impurities;
  • remove stains on fabric upholstery using stain remover, washing the elements of artificial leather;
  • regular coating of wooden elements of the chair with furniture wax, polish, glycerin solution;
  • regularly wipe bamboo and rattan furniture with a damp cloth;
  • clean metal and plastic parts with a damp cloth; remove strong dirt with synthetic detergents.

Folding chair - the next stage of development of the chair

Folding chairs are more comfortable than stools. In turn, a chair is a more comfortable chair. Armchairs and chairs are made from the same materials, but the chairs are more complicated in design and somewhat more expensive.Especially stylish look chairs made of bamboo and rattan, complete with coffee or a chess table. Such chairs will organically fit into the terraces, and the combination of metal, wood and leather will stand by the fireplace.

Products such as folding chairs with a back for the kitchen are not new, but the popularity of this product does not decrease. They are well used not only in the kitchen, and the materials from which they are made, can make them durable and practical.

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