Stools for the kitchen

To make the interior of the kitchen as comfortable and pleasing to the eye as possible, the furniture should be bright, stylish and modern. An excellent choice of furniture for the dining area will be stools for the kitchen. They do not reduce the usable area and have a number of their advantages.

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Special features

Stools always fit perfectly into an existing interior. However, they are compact and do not take up much space. This is their advantage over bulky chairs with backrest. They are suitable for rooms with different dimensions, for a small dining area and as an addition to bar counters, common in many modern apartments. If necessary, they can be pushed under the tabletop.

Stools come in various designs and designs. This is an advantage and makes it easy to choose products for existing furniture in the same tone and style. Stools are practical, durable and comfortable to use.

They are characterized by relatively low weight and mobile.They can be moved to any place or folded when not needed, put into a closet, closet or balcony.

The designs are durable and reliable. They have a long service life, while they are suitable for different body builds. Depending on the model, you can choose any option with a different shape of the seat.


Stools differ in shape and design. The shape of the seat can be round, square, rectangular, octagonal or non-standard. It is straight, convex or concave, with or without edges.

In fact, the stools have a simple construction with a seat and legs. For greater strength, manufacturers are used in the assembly of ryg and prokhozhki. The legs of the stool are the usual straight, carved, twisted, solid, crossed.

  1. The design may be an archaic stump. Such a product in the form of a usual block of wood looks good in a kitchen interior in a rustic style.
  2. Some options are made of solid wood and resemble an hourglass. This model resembles a stump with a sharpened middle for easy movement.
  3. Classic. These stools are more familiar. They have four supports and a seat.Usually it has two options: round or square.
  4. Designer stools are more creative. They can have different types of supports: on one, two, three legs, options in the form of ladder-shelves or bar models.

Designs differ in different materials of manufacture. They are made of MDF, laminated chipboard, plastic, metal and wood. Today, often make combined designs. For example, steel-frame stools and canvas cushions.

Egyptian chairs and stools with adjustable height are a separate group.


These designs are sturdy and usually performed in a minimalist style. They have a minimum of decor (color pillow) and are strictly functional. Such products are not susceptible to corrosion, mechanical damage or breakage. Thanks to the steel frame, they are able to withstand a lot of weight. Their seats can be soft or hard (wooden).

These stools are great for the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or minimalism. They are a budget option for dining room furniture and a good alternative to wooden stools.

Color patterns can be very different.You can choose the option of a soft pillow in the same tone as the kitchen interior.


These options are easy, portable and low cost. They have disadvantages. Sometimes products can cause discomfort during prolonged sitting, they have a fragile design and a rustic appearance.

These stools require extra bedding on the seat. They are exposed to ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes.


These stools today are found in stores more often than others. They are in demand because of the relatively low cost. Chipboard versions are resistant to moisture, have a pleasant appearance. They are resistant to dirt and can withstand heavy loads.

Designs can be ordinary or folding, they are easy to maintain and are a budget option for furniture under a tree. At the same time they are inferior to wooden counterparts in appearance.


These attributes of the dining group are considered to be the most elite products. They are most popular with wealthy people. Usually they are selected to the existing furniture in the same tone and design.Wooden stools look more luxurious and can be purchased not only for the kitchen, but also for the decoration of the premises.

Wood is considered ideal for any type of furniture. It is environmentally friendly, does not have an allergic effect on the body. Stools made of such material are resistant to mold and look stylish and expensive in the interior of the room.

Due to the large selection of wood material (more than 40 types of wood), you can purchase products from noble varieties (oak, alder, beech) or simpler options (pine, linden, etc.).


Bar (semi-bar) chairs get for the kitchen island or bar. They harmoniously look in an interior with the sufficient area of ​​the room.

Such models of designs are suitable for short meals or a dinner group in a large kitchen. High stools can be with or without specks. The shape of the seat can be straight, concave or with a soft pillow. They are bought as an accent of the style of the finished interior. Such products are good for normal weight loads and are not suitable for people with high weight.

Provence style with ventilated mesh seats is great for the kitchen in the spirit of country music. No less stylish look stools with rattan weave seats.


Folding styles are made of any materials and have a number of their features. They quickly gather and are suitable for a sudden influx of guests. When not needed, they are easy to fold. They are compact and folded up occupy a minimum of space.

Such designs are functional. They can serve as a seat, bedside table or elegant flower stand. These models are prone to breakage more often than usual options. They are less wear-resistant and require timely lubrication.

With storage boxes

Such products are often made of wood and fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen of a country house. In this case, the dimensions of the design are relatively compact.

This design is convenient because it allows you to fold certain objects in a niche stool, thereby saving space. Such stools are bought for their practicality. They come in different shapes and are often made from combined materials. The design can be rigid or upholstered, in one or two drawers.

Some designs become decoration of the apartment. Such models come with a small retractable drawer under the seat and two shelves.They are suitable not only for the kitchen, but also as an attribute of a school corner or a study.

Color solutions

Today there are no clear rules and the dominance of a single shade. The color of the furniture depends on the style and preferences of the buyer. Usually when buying take into account indicators of practicality.

Coloring should like households. Even a mood can depend on it. Stools can be white, sandy, in tone of a tree, red, blue. Many craftsmen, updating existing stools, paint them in different colors and all sorts of patterns. The most harmonious look shades that are already available in the interior.

How to choose?

Usually, when buying a kitchen attribute, they are guided by cost and external indicators. In fact, choosing stools for the kitchen, it is important to consider a number of indicators.

  1. Material. Before you choose one or another model, you need to pay attention to the coincidence of the style of the main furniture with the planned purchase. Metal structures are not suitable for a kitchen group of wood.
  2. Colour. Often the base of the stool and its upholstery (seat) can be of different shades. It is important that the tones coincide with the existing furniture.
  3. Upholstery.Soft pillow can be of different materials. It is leather, rubberized, textile. Choosing products with soft seats, you need to take into account their practicality, durability and simple maintenance. It is preferable to choose pillows with foam, upholstered in natural or artificial leather.

Too soft options can adversely affect the posture, and on the rough uncomfortable to sit. It is better to choose the shape of the seat with rounded corners and a slightly concave surface.

  1. Seat size. This factor depends on the preferences of the household. The smaller the size of the seat stool, the less comfortable it will be to sit on it. The optimal size depends on the footage of the kitchen and should not be less than 50 cm in diameter, and 45 cm in height. It is necessary to take into account the height of the table.
  2. Height. When purchasing stools for a small kitchen, you need to select options so that they can be moved under the countertop, freeing up a useful area.

Choosing bar models, it is better to buy products with special supports for the legs. In such constructions, the legs do not touch the floor while sitting and may become tired. Options with coasters provide for this and relieve feet from fatigue and uncomfortable position.

The number of products must match the number of people in the family.

Do it yourself

Hand-made furniture is much more valued than any purchase. The product can be made according to your own design according to your preferences. In this case, often working together with the material is much cheaper than finished furniture. It does not take much time.

First you need to complete the drawings, prepare the necessary inventory and purchase material for the seat and the base.

Chipboard - the easiest version of the stool. Need to buy it at the hardware store. For work you will need:

  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • construction square;
  • furniture stapler;
  • pencil.
  1. First you need to center on the side racks and make holes for the stiffener.
  2. The legs are combined with stiffness with the help of confirmats.
  3. Then choose the top and bottom of the seat, lower it on a flat surface and fix the supports in such a way that the indentation is the same on both sides. For this you can use metal corners.
  4. Plastic sockets are attached to the bottom of the frame using self-tapping screws.
  5. The stool is turned on legs.
  6. If you want to make a soft seat, a foam base is put on the cover, leather or textile is pulled from above and secured with staples.
  7. With this technology, you can make a complete set of stools for all family members.

Care instructions

  1. In order for the life of stools to be as long as possible, you need to follow a few simple rules:
  2. Buying is better to carry out in a trusted store.
  3. Worn surface can be updated by making a removable cover or varnish.
  4. From time to time you need to lubricate the hinge mechanisms in folding models. Otherwise, they may "jam" in the assembly or break.
  5. The surface of the seat must be promptly cleaned from stains and dirt.


This company is quite popular. It offers quality products, reliable and durable in operation. Products of the brand can be decorated with any pillows, different materials. They look stylish and modern.

The classic series is made of wood. Sometimes structures may have steel supports. These stools are able to withstand weight up to 100 kg. They are stable and have a low cost. Thanks to the creative design, the folding group fits into any interior. These models are easy and convenient to transport, they are compact and have a small weight.

Step-stools came into vogue relatively recently.Products of this group are quite popular. They are mobile, differ in the small size and weight, are carried out in different shades. They can be decorated with fabric, varnish, paints or make them a removable cover.

The disadvantages of the design include increased danger. These designs are not suitable for children.

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