Chairs for the kitchen in the interior

Chairs for the kitchen - products that are subjected to heavy load during use, so the choice of such furniture should be approached as seriously as possible. It should also be guided by the fact that the chairs should fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

Special features

Furniture for the kitchen is very important, as well as household appliances, and kitchen utensils. It is impossible to save on the quality of dining chairs, and then these products will delight with their aesthetic appearance and will last as long as possible. If the functionality of the kitchen is important only for family members, then households and their guests will appreciate the convenience and comfort. However, not everyone knows how to properly select the chairs for this room. It is necessary to understand this in detail.


There are various types of chairs. For kitchen rooms most often get:

  • ordinary chairs;
  • models with armrests;
  • stools;
  • bar chairs;
  • puffs.

Usually choose the classic options. Stools are used not so often, such products are not very comfortable, because they have no back. They are suitable if the kitchen is small. Stools do not clutter the space. To facilitate movement, such furniture can be removed under the table. If the kitchen has a bar counter, the best choice is bar stools.

You can buy products created by individual sizes, or select ready-made options. Chairs are also doing their own hands. Such products do not always look simple: using various decorations, you can create very interesting models.

Designer models look very original. Combinations of styles and different forms are amazing. Some models are the real works of art, they attract attention. However, design products have a drawback: They are much more expensive than standard furniture.


Chairs for the kitchen create from different materials. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages.


Today, plastic products are used in kitchens more often than before. The advantages of this material:

  1. hygiene, ease of care;
  2. a large number of colors and shades;
  3. small weight;
  4. resistance to various external influences.

Such chairs can be stacked without problems, which allows you to compactly store products that you do not use, and save space in the kitchen. However, plastic is not durable; it can easily crack.

Plastic chairs can not withstand considerable weight. Especially often from such material create bar models.

Furniture made from transparent and colored plastic. The advantage of a transparent material - the ability to visually make the kitchen bigger. To make a transparent chair more interesting, you can use a beautiful cover.


Furniture from this material is great for Oriental style or country. Rattan products are original, beautiful, they are light in weight, they are easy to maintain. Such options are best suited for country houses.


Wooden chairs can be called classic. You can purchase the finished version, order the original product or create your own furniture.The tree is suitable for almost any style of interior, it is combined with a variety of materials: with stone, glass, metal. Wooden products are well combined even with decorations from the tile.

Wood advantages:

  1. resistance to stress;
  2. increased strength;
  3. long service life;
  4. safety for human health, environmental friendliness.

Wooden furniture is not resistant to high and low temperatures, humidity drops. High-quality wooden products are quite expensive, they are often purchased for respectable interiors.


Furniture made from such material is durable and resistant to various damages. Metal products can be combined with ceramics, glass, wood. Models that are forged by hand are quite expensive, they are often bought for large kitchens in country houses. Such furniture is upholstered:

  1. skin;
  2. kozhzam;
  3. textiles.

The most practical is leatherette. It is resistant to dirt, fluid, easy to care for, it is quite inexpensive. Such material is combined with metal, wood, tiles.

Design features

There are stackable, folding, stationary chairs. Classic products, stools - it is stationary furniture. Folding models are most often made of wood or metal. They allow you to save space in the room. Folding chairs do their own hands, create under the order. Stackable products are suitable for small spaces. At the present time, many purchase chairs, the height of the backs of which is adjustable.

Furniture is soft and hard. Soft chairs upholstered with textiles and other materials, they are more comfortable. But hard furniture is easy to care for: dirt is washed off using ordinary water.


Using bright chairs, you can bring positive energy to the kitchen. Accent furniture is ideal if you want to add color to the room, but do not dare to purchase colored kitchen sets or paint the walls. Furniture with leather or fabric upholstery, usually has a softer shade. As a rule, it turns out slightly muffled, dull. These chairs are suitable for elegant classics.

If you like the "burning" brightness, pay attention to metal or plastic products.Colors can be as saturated as possible - shining like neon. If the most popular shades (for example, green, orange, red) do not suit you, stop choosing difficult intermediate colors. These are, for example, peach, not orange, not green or blue, but light green or purple, lilac, turquoise, burgundy or pink, not red - and so on.

Bright furniture blends perfectly with white interiors. Bright rooms very well reveal accent shades. However, this does not mean that if the “background” is different, colored products will cease to be catchy elements. They will stand out anyway. At the same time, the kitchen set and walls can be any, a variety of options are possible: beige, blue, black, wenge, yellow, cream, orange and so on.

In dark rooms light furniture will stand out. Bright rooms are versatile - they look good as transparent and bright, as well as dark chairs. If you want to buy a lot of such products for the kitchen to avoid satiety, you can stop the choice on the shades of two types: neutral and bright.

With a taste of alternating colors, you can get very interesting visual effects.

There are different uses for colored furniture. Some prefer to single out bright spots in the kitchen. This scheme is very popular.

Others distribute accent shades throughout the room evenly. To do this, pick up other elements that repeat the color of the chairs. Popular tricks - use the same shade for lamps, kitchen apron.

How to choose?

Of course, the materials and design of chairs and armchairs are very important. However, the main qualities that are worth paying attention to when choosing such furniture - it is weight, functionality and convenience:

  • Using suitable products in this regard, you will feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Feet should be completely on the floor. There should be a ninety-degree angle between the hips and knees. For tall and short people suitable adjustable furniture. Such chairs can also be for children: babies are constantly growing, and products with an adjustable seat are an ideal option for them.
  • Width and depth of the seat - the parameters that are worth paying special attention.If you want the seat not to rest on the legs, the depth should be at least 40 and not more than 45 cm. You should choose the appropriate width, focusing on the individual parameters of the person. Standard size is not suitable for people who are overweight.
  • The backs are angled or vertically. The angle should not be more than two to five degrees. It is recommended to choose furniture by weight. People who want to get mobile options should choose lightweight models. If you are interested in sustainable furniture, pay attention to heavier products (for example, made of solid wood).
  • Buying a chair in the store, check whether it is convenient. To do this, sit on it and evaluate the comfort. Choosing the right furniture, also consider whether it is combined with the overall interior of the kitchen. If you want chairs to become an accent in the room, get models with an interesting decor. A good option for placing in a classic style - products with patina.
  • You can buy suitable options in a furniture store, via the Internet. The first option is more convenient in the sense that you can immediately check whether the chair is comfortable, sit on it.However, through the Internet you can order very original models that are difficult to find in regular stores, designer chairs. As you can see, each option has certain advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours.


Many prefer exclusive furniture, but such products are usually quite expensive. It is quite possible to create unusual products by yourself. Use different chair covers, change them periodically. They can be created from leatherette, colored or plain fabric.

To decorate the interior, you can purchase several different products, differing from each other in material, color, design. The table will become the unifying dominant. Different design chairs will give it brightness, originality.

Chairs can be decorated under curtains, inlaid with mother of pearl, decorative stones, ceramic tiles. Such furniture looks respectable, expensive and very interesting. For cottages or country houses fit old products, updated with paint.

Options in the interior

A great option for classic rooms is wooden chairs with carved backs.The soft blue kitchen chair is a wonderful accent against the background of snow-white products. Printed textiles will bring rustic simplicity into the interior, home comfort and provide comfort for those sitting.

If you decide to stop the choice on minimalism, you should go to the end in this decision. Do not confuse dry conciseness and minimalism. A fairly simple design, but at the same time elegance, modern materials - exactly what you need.

Transparent polycarbonate or glass surfaces in the kitchen are used in cases when it is necessary to create a relief of perception, to get the effect of unreality, airiness. The combination of frame and transparency can transform the space.

Not a single room with a bar counter can do without small seats on high legs. Such furniture is ideal for such styles as minimalism, hi-tech, modern.

See the following video for an overview of Ikea kitchen chairs.

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