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In the last century, a rather interesting and creative style of the loft interior was born. Then and now he is the choice of creative and extraordinary personalities. Originality of the direction is manifested in everything: furniture, wall and floor covering, accessories.

To create a unique space corresponding to the current trends of this style, you need to choose the right furniture. The chairs, made with taste and in accordance with all the rules, will add special notes to the interior and add originality.

Special features

The main idea of ​​the loft style is the combination of various design solutions. For example, the harmonious combination of elements of the old: unlined walls of brick, wooden floor, stairs, bare pipes, floors, and modern: equipment, metal and mirrors, in a single interior.

Loft - a word of foreign origin, the literal translation of which - "attic", “Room upstairs,” the idea of ​​creating such a style is of American origin. The basis of this direction includes such details as the maximum simplicity and functionality of furniture, the advantage of cold colors in the color palette, the presence of large windows, the absolute absence of decorative elements.

Loft-style furniture is currently valued highly enough; in this design decision, in addition to its functional role, it performs an important additional task, zoned room.

Furniture items can be diverse, but combinations of modern elements with antiques look more impressive.


In the manufacture of chairs in the loft style, different raw materials are used, both of natural origin and of artificial:

  • solid wood or chipboard;
  • plastic - polycarbonate or acrylic, now quite popular material, characterized by high strength, low weight, having a rich color palette, transparency;
  • a rock;
  • various metal alloys;
  • natural or artificial leather, upholstery fabric.

These materials are perfectly combined with each other, harmoniously complement everything around, are used as a frame or decoration of chairs.

Color palette

Loft-style chairs combine different scales of colors depending on the color palette of the room. For the interior in low-key colors, it is preferable to choose the color of the chairs, which will not highlight them against the general background of other pieces of furniture.

If there is a desire to make memorable accents, then the expressive bright colors of the chairs or stools will help to play a leading role in furnishing the room and refresh its design.

For classic chairs, made "antique", preferably using shades white, gray, brown, cream color. When decorating walls with brickwork in white colors, white wood chairs will help to complement the overall design of the room. Plastic chairs of various colors will become an original solution for a loft room setting, such an accent will add attractiveness, brightness and originality.

Modern loft-style interiors sometimes require bright furnishings for both residential and non-residential premises. Orange, pink, bright green chairs perfectly diversify the appearance of the room, the main thing is to harmoniously combine with the color of the walls.A contrast of gray textured surfaces with leather chairs of bright colors (electrics or magenta) will look stylish enough.

Use in the interior

The main difference in the arrangement of furniture in this style is a small number of objects that are free standing in the room, preferably not facing the walls. The most relevant such accommodation will look in studio apartments, because with the help of furniture, and in this case, chairs, it will be possible to profitably zone large spaces. For example, chairs, standing around the table in the middle of the room, will help separate the dining room from the kitchen.

Furniture in the style of loft, created by yourself, will help bring diversity to everyday life. This design direction has no boring everyday objects, and chairs in this style is no exception.

This is an example of challenging masculinity, combined with elegance and functionality, while they are distinguished by simple designs, give a wonderful mood in a cozy atmosphere of life.

A distinctive feature of the interior in the loft style is the original combination of old pieces of furniture made of metal or wood, successfully stylized to fit the plants or factories, with elements of modern finishes or interior components.Therefore, chairs that have an ancient look, the so-called "vintage", perfectly emphasize the modern table of unusual shapes.

Furniture for custom design loft can be made to order in the conditions of specialized enterprises, or make yourself. It is necessary to pick up chairs for a specific table size, taking into account the functional features (written, dining, working and other).

Kitchen tables, on average, have a height of 72 to 78 cm, for these options suitable chairs with a seat height of about 40 cm. The area of ​​the seats depends on the personal preferences of the owners. The originality of these products will give such characteristics as an interesting trim, the original shape of the handles and backrest.

The presence of the bar counter, one of the features of the loft style, requires the provision of appropriate bar stools having seat heights from the floor of about 90 cm. They are made of various materials, have many fancy designs, original backrests and interesting footrests can be attributed to additional elements. Quite interesting will look chairs with triangular seats.

Currently, you can purchase models with special mechanisms that regulate the height of the seats, allowing you to rotate in different directions.

For rooms such as a hall or office, it is advisable to buy chairs with a slightly tilted back and upholstered in textile or leather. The framework for these products can be either wooden or metal.

For children in the loft-style, it is desirable to use wooden products with fabric or leather upholstery, with a wide seat and stable legs. Such chairs are quite safe and practical, their optimum height should be 35-40 cm, not more.

Recommendations for selection

Chairs are often used pieces of furniture that are subject to considerable loads. Therefore, the choice must be approached responsibly, taking into account such important characteristics as strength, reliability and durability, while taking into account the stylistic features of the interior. When choosing chairs, first of all you should decide on its purpose, the material of the frame and upholstery, dimensions, design features and color of products will depend on it. On the modern market are such options for seat trim as fabric, leather and wood.Wood perfectly complements the surface of glass, metal and stone.

The color of the furniture can complement the basic palette of the room in a loft style, or create a bright contrast.

When purchasing bar stools, you should consider the direct purpose of this furniture: light snacks or a full meal. High metal products with small seats without a back will not be convenient for long meals.

Giving the atmosphere a stylish look in this design direction, it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive furniture. For the living room in the style of a loft fit and old wooden chairs. The kitchen will look originally plastic products in addition to modern technology.

Master class on creating a chair from a water pipe, see below.

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