Chairs in the style of "Provence"

Today in fashion simplicity in everything, lightness and charm. These moments also apply to the interior, all that surrounds people. The style "Provence" like no other best reflects all the fashion trends of today.

This direction is successfully used for decoration of elite cottages, cozy country houses and ordinary city apartments. Unlike the rustic charm of the country style, a variation of which is “Provence”, the latter is endowed grace and refinementinherent in the French outback, the originality of which gives, of course, furniture filling. Comfortable chairs in Provence style - the best detail that reflects all the charm of Provence!

Special features

In the style of French country is impossible not to fall in love. It is suitable for subtle, romantic people, creative people who want to make life brighter. Every detail in the house, decorated in this style - decoration of walls, ceilings,home textiles, accessories - all this reflects the inner world of its owner, indicates the softness of his character, the ability to penetrate the problems of others.

The main feature of Provence - unity with nature, a lot of light, the use of natural materials, the predominance of natural colors, plant motifs in the decor.

An important role in creating a harmonious design of the room is played by furniture. Chairs made in the style of Provence are different:

  • The material of manufacture. The most commonly used array of wood.
  • Unique design. Provence is characterized by complex shapes, smooth lines, ornate patterns, and carving.
  • Color design. Surfaces, as a rule, have a wood structure or are painted in light colors (milky, white, beige, peach, olive, lime).
  • The presence of the effect of "old", the so-called vintage. This moment is reflected in artificially cracked wormholes, scuffs, faded elements.
  • Upholstery. Mostly used monochrome fabric cover. Allowed floral drawings or strip.

Chairs in the style of "Provence" deserve special attention.They have a unique design, so they will effectively decorate any room, especially if they are created by designers.

Usually it is comfortable and convenient to use models on curved legs (there are both wooden versions and forged metal) with a soft seat and back. The upholstery is cotton in light muted tones, as if faded under the scorching rays of the sun: lavender, beige, gray, navy blue. On the surface of the fabric can be viewed floral prints or simple landscapes.

Chairs with a hard seat are made of timber. They can be decorated with elegant painted patterns, elements of figured carving.

Provence chairs are made exclusively from natural materials. This detail makes the products as recognizable as possible. There is no cheap plastic, leatherette on the seat and back. Most often you can find wooden chairs, decorated with carvings and backs of intricate shapes. The legs are almost always curved, complex shape.

To decorate the furniture, it is allowed to use original forged elements, thanks to which the structures become even more beautiful.But not always coarse metal fits the overall picture of the decoration of the room, so you need to be careful with such models. In French style, flax is used as a basis for the upholstery of chairs. Covers are usually not very bright, mostly calm colors with floral patterns.

Ideal for any room is white, universal in nature.

In addition, artificial aging is characteristic of Provence, when the furniture is a bit worn, sometimes dull. Such nuances are not considered a defect, but on the contrary, will be the best manifestation of style.

If in the style of "Provence" are not made residential premises, but for example, public institutions, the furniture must meet all the same criteria. Bar stool should be elegant, as comfortable as possible. Do not need excesses and flashy fashion news. In today's market there is chrome furniture, which is sold under the guise of Provence, but visually it looks more like modern or hi-tech.

Present French style prefers muted paintand let it look simple, it will still remain the most elegant of all.

Provence-style furniture can be made from:

  • forged items;
  • rattan.

As mentioned earlier, in the "Provence" the use of plastic and any other artificial raw materials is unacceptable. Even chairs placed on the street should be made entirely of natural material. Upholstery - cotton, linen and their mixed options.

Place in the interior

It is hard to imagine a room without chairs. Probably, in each room there is this accessory in different quantities. They can be quickly rearranged, interchanged, removed or added, adding the interior in an original way.

Such products have different sizes, they are selected individually for the characteristics of the room, the only thing that unites the chairs in this direction, regardless of the parameters, is comfort, comfortable seats, curved legs.

Chairs without soft seats should be only wooden. They are chosen as a dining table - a central place in the room, taking into account the external parameters of all the elements inherent in the room.

Kitchen in the style of "Provence" requires practical furniture. For example, fit hard chairs, made on carved legs without soft pads on the seats. They perfectly convey the atmosphere of sophisticated "Provence", do not clutter the room.

If someone seems that these chairs are not comfortable, you can solve this problem with decorative pillows decorated with floral ornaments. Such an addition will give not only comfort, but also create a pleasant atmosphere inherent in the southern towns of France.

Living room chairs combine sophistication without undue pomposity. Beautiful but modest products should be in harmony with the simplicity of the Provence style home. It is better not to saturate the room with small details - a few chairs placed at the table will make the living room especially cozy.

A master class on decorating the chair in the style of "Provence" with your own hands, see below.

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