Viennese chairs: types and design features

Viennese chairs belong to the furniture that has not lost its relevance over the years. Such furnishings as Viennese chairs, their types and design features deserve special attention. They are quite versatile, convenient and practical, which makes them widely demanded in the process of arranging this or that room. These products are able to harmoniously complement almost any type of interior, filling it with elegance and elegance.

Features and benefits

The creator of the first Viennese chair is an Austrian joiner named Michael Thonet. This curved piece of furniture looked like a real work of art, thanks to which it was actively used to decorate palaces of noble people, restaurants, cafes, as well as ordinary houses and other public spaces.Currently, the demand for these products is increasing annually, as they are actively used in the design of various kinds of interiors.

The main advantages of the Vienna chairs are as follows:

  • A light weight. Only the most modern materials are used for production, which give the design lightness and functionality. Among the range there are models of wood and metal.
  • Strength. The advanced material processing technology allows the production of stylish Viennese chairs with a high level of strength. Carefully thought-out production process contributes to the manufacture of unique pieces of furniture that are able to withstand heavy loads without deforming and losing their original qualities.
  • Beautiful design. Each copy is characterized by a chic appearance. The presence of such a product in the interior gives an atmosphere of luxury and nobility.
  • Practicality. Viennese chairs do not require special care, as they are made of the most practical materials.
  • A large assortment. On the modern market there is a wide variety of Viennese chairs, each of which is in its own original and attractive.
  • Affordable cost. Such pieces of furniture are distinguished by an acceptable cost, so that anyone can easily acquire them.

Original Viennese chairs are able to fill the atmosphere with coziness, harmony and comfort. With them, the overall interior takes on a unique look, radiating warmth and incomparable beauty.

These pieces of furniture have their own history, individual style and are widely demanded in all corners of the world.


Beautiful chairs are considered an integral part of almost every interior, which is why their range surprises with its wide variety. Elegant wood and metal Viennese chairs occupy high positions in the popularity rating. For the manufacture of such products are often used natural wood species of oak, beech, walnut, ash, maple or alder. In some cases, plywood can be used in the process of creating Viennese chairs. The seats among them are both hard and soft, covered with a fabric with a dense structure or skin. Paint or varnish in different colors is used as a finish.

Models of Vienna chairs on metal frame harmoniously complement the stylishkitchen set and are actively used not only in the home interior, but also in public places such as bars, cafes and restaurants. Properly selected copies create a comfortable atmosphere of luxury and nobility in the room.

Such versions of the Viennese chairs perfectly complement the living rooms in the modern style, giving them a certain zest.


The range of Viennese chairs is quite diverse. Among them are models with a variety of designs, sizes and design solutions. Products with a soft back and a seat which are presented in the world market in the most extraordinary performance are in great demand. Not less popular are the chairs with armrests, resembling chairs and are characterized by particular convenience in the process of operation. To create them, manufacturers use various decorative inserts and materials, giving them individuality and uniqueness.

The basis of the design is subject to careful processing and painting in different colors. In general, each model of a Viennese chair endowed with incomparable strength, functionality and durability.The use of the most modern technologies during their production ensures the preservation of the original qualities of these pieces of furniture for many years.

Wooden and metal structures of Vienna chairs are particularly durable, resistant, and also serve as a beautiful interior decoration. They can have both classic and more unusual and fancy form of manufacture. The original Viennese chair in the form of a drop is considered a true work of art.

The presence of such a piece of furniture in the house is a sign of the impeccable taste of the owners and a symbol of wealth.

Hardware more compact and ergonomic compared to wooden structures. They have an increased level of resistance to corrosion and deformation, due to which they are actively used both indoors and outdoors. The framework of these models is mainly made of steel tubes, which are covered with paint of a certain color. These pieces of furniture can be not only with a soft seat, but also with a solid, fabric or leather. The back can be low or high, with or without armrests.

Viennese are quite interesting in their design bar stools and chair. Their legs are relatively thin in the form of bent rods, while the design is able to rotate around its axis. Some models are equipped with special mechanisms for height adjustment. Most often, such instances are used in public places, and for home use it is best to give preference to designs on four legs, since they fit perfectly into the interior due to their sophistication and elegance.

Popular models and modern manufacturers

Stylish and comfortable Viennese chairs are an excellent option for creating an original and attractive interior. They are manufactured according to old traditions using the latest technologies, thanks to which these products fully meet all standards and quality standards. Famous manufacturers of these pieces of furniture are Poland and Belarus. The best manufactures for the production of Viennese chairs, which have managed to gain worldwide recognition, have become the benchmark of impeccable quality, located on the territory of these camps.

Known Polish manufacturers include the following factories:

  • Paged. Specializes in the creation of traditional Viennese chairs using natural wood. They can be considered the best option with the optimal combination of affordable prices and excellent quality. The range is presented in a wide range of colors under oak, beech, walnut, cherry or brandy.
  • Fameg. It produces high-quality Viennese chairs designed for use in both home and public places. Children's models and lunch items deserve special attention. Each of them is unique and unique in its own way, which is favorably displayed on the general atmosphere of a room.
  • Meblomech. Elegant Polish chairs from this company, presented in the form of Viennese works of art, surprise with its diversity. Among them are refined models with a back, solid specimens with armrests, as well as classic versions in the form of stools. All of them are the most stable and very beautiful.

The most popular models of Polish production are:

  • "A-1814". Viennese chair made of beech, made in the classical style.Black lacquer gives it a special attractiveness, thanks to which it perfectly complements any interior.
  • "A-1860". An elegant and very stylish piece of furniture, characterized by convenience, functionality and practicality.
  • "A-1870". The original model with the presence of a beautiful decor in the form of inserts, presented in different colors.

Polish companies use in the production process many years of experience of craftsmen who, with the help of modern equipment and advanced technologies, create truly high-quality and reliable Viennese chairs.

Productive Belarusian manufacturers are the following:

  • "Gomeldrev". It makes modern Viennese chairs, which harmoniously combine affordable cost and excellent quality. Products are very practical and functional, which makes them popular in the global market. The model range is represented by a large abundance of products for almost any type of interior.
  • Pinskdrev. It is engaged in the production of stylish Viennese chairs using a unique technology, which makes the products original and unique.The design of the products looks quite presentable and reliable, and the cost is quite acceptable for everyone.
  • Mozyrles. Produces beautiful and comfortable Viennese chairs of the highest quality materials. All products are durable and practical. Each model is thought over to trifles thanks to what this or that copy perfectly is in harmony with other home decoration.

The most famous models of Belarusian production include the following:

  • "Venice". This Viennese chair is characterized by a very solid construction, a hard seat and an increased level of practicality. This option is both in light and in dark colors.
  • "The Rose". The design resembles a chair due to the presence of wooden outgrowths in the form of armrests. High quality natural wood is used for manufacturing.
  • Solo. The classic model of solid pine or birch harmoniously complements almost any interior.

Belarusian manufacturers pay special attention not only to the quality of their products, but to the external characteristics, which is why their Viennese chairs are of excellent quality and original design.

Application in the interior

Elegant Viennese chairs give the room a certain individuality and uniqueness. The interior in which the given pieces of furniture take place, looks in a special way stylish and attractive. Due to its versatility, these products harmoniously complement any room design, making it more concise and extraordinary.

Beautiful Viennese chairs have a smoothed and streamlined shape, which allows them to be used in dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms not only in residential buildings and apartments, but also in many public institutions. They are a real decoration for bars, restaurants, cafes, as well as hotels, universities and even offices.

For a retro-style interior, models resembling antique or antique pieces of furniture are considered the best option. Outwardly, they look like old copies with a classic wooden seat with or without a backrest. Special chic and nobility will give them the color of cherry color or golden walnut.

The interior in modern style provides for the use of black and white colors, so black and white Viennese chairs will always be relevant here.In such a setting, models with a semi-soft or captive seat look quite elegant.

The Provencal style is best suited wood products in bright colors. Such pieces of furniture will successfully emphasize all the beauty of the room design, as well as bring coziness and comfort to it.

When decorating the interior in eclectic style, you can safely use colored Viennese chairs with a leather seat. These products will perform the function of bright details, making the situation more interesting and rich.

Professional designers claim that There are no restrictions for using Viennese chairs.therefore, they are actively combined with tables, bar counters and other components of a particular type of interior. Their light and sophisticated design can facilitate the visual perception of any interior, making it truly unique.

Master class on the transformation of the Viennese chair, see below.

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