Chair height matters

Chairs are important components of any modern housing. These functional objects decorate the environment, making it more harmonious and cozy. Modern manufacturers are many different options that differ not only in design features and design, but also in height. If you intend to purchase furniture for your home, these moments should be understood in more detail.

Features of models

Chairs play the role of functional additions to the central element of the interior - the table. But in order for items to be combined favorably and correctly, it is necessary to approach their choice seriously.

Basically, to create modern models are used high-quality and sustainable materials. This is especially true of chairs, which are used for the arrangement of the kitchen. Models are not afraid of temperature effects, perfectly resist the harmful effects of moisture.

In addition, you should pay attention to product design. Manufacturers of furniture items never cease to amaze buyers with original forms and unique style solutions. Due to the wide variety of models, each buyer has the opportunity to choose the options according to their own preferences, and, of course, the features of the interior.

Main types

Today there are several types of kitchen chairs. As noted above, the models may differ in appearance and design features. Another distinctive criterion is height.

Also, special attention should be paid to the materials used to create furniture:

  • To classic species can be attributed models of wood. The material is environmentally friendly, distinguished by durability and beauty.

Manufacturers offer models of both cheap and valuable wood. In this case, the choice depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

  • Good options for decorating the kitchen are models from metal. Mainly from this material make the frame of the furniture.To create a seat using soft options, for example, artificial or genuine leather. The main advantages of these models are that they have different shapes and colors.

Particular attention should be paid to metal models with a forged base. These options are perfect for beautiful classic interiors.

  • No less popular among buyers are the chairs. from plastic. This material has excellent performance properties. Manufacturers represent a variety of plastic models, and special attention should be paid to objects whose base imitates glass. They fit perfectly in interiors that need lightness.
  • Decorate the kitchen in country style will help models made from rattan. Such chairs can be used for arranging a summer house.

Height is an important criterion

When choosing chairs for the kitchen or dining room, special attention should be paid to the height of the models. From this directly depends on how comfortable and comfortable products will be when used. There are certain established standards that you should focus on in the acquisition process:

  • The first important point is the height of the table. The standard figure is 75 cm. Basically this number was derived in relation to the average height of an ordinary person - 165 cm. Based on these indicators, it is possible to choose the optimal height of the table.
  • First you need to determine your height. After, you need to measure the height of the table. The obtained figures must be multiplied and divided by 165. For example, if a person is 174 cm tall and the table is 75, the best furniture variant will be 79.1 cm. You can also calculate indicators for the whole family. For this you need to determine the average growth of households.
  • As for the chair, then you should focus on the established standards of GOST. The average figure from the top of the table to the seat is 30 cm.
  • You can also use the finished formula. If a person’s height is 168 cm, the optimum height is 45 cm. With rates ranging from 162 to 168, you will need a chair of about 42-43 cm. If a person is less than 162 cm, you need to choose furniture 40 cm high.
  • Calculate the required indicators is quite simple. For example, a person with a height of 172 is suitable for a chair with a height of 34.1 cm. For this, it is necessary to take 45 cm from 79.1 cm.
  • A good choice for a family of several people of different heights is adjustable furniture. Height can both be increased and reduced if desired. You can adjust the indicators using a simple mechanism.
  • It is worth noting that experts have identified the so-called gold standard. In this case, the height of the furniture from the floor level should be at least 80-90 cm. Optimal indicators for the backrest are 40-50 cm. The height from the floor to the seat should be at least 40-45 cm. You should choose a chair with a depth of 50-55 cm .

How to choose?

In addition to all of the above, during the selection of chairs in the kitchen should take into account a few important points:

  • The first criterion is a comfortable back. This item is especially important if the family spends a lot of time together, gathering at the table. The back should be comfortable, not too tight, as this creates a certain discomfort during use.
  • The next important factor - compliance with the overall style of the interior. Chairs should be in harmony with the table, furniture and even decorative elements of the design. A good choice would be to purchase a kit. But, buying such an option, pay attention to the fact that the height of the chairs and the table may not be suitable for all family members.

Interesting solutions in the interior

There are many options for how to use different types of chairs in the interior of the kitchen. For light design in high-tech style it is worth choosing simple and concise wooden models. It is best to choose options in a bright color palette. For example, a white kitchen interior can be advantageously supplemented with blue chairs. A good option would be to design a bar counter with the help of such furniture.

For a classic-style kitchen, the wooden chairs decorated with carved backs will be the perfect complement. It is best to choose products with fabric seats, decorated with a print. Such chairs will not only advantageously complement the interior, but also provide maximum comfort and convenience during use.

Decorate the interior of the kitchen in the style of country, you can use the dining group, made from the same wood species. It is worth noting that such kits are often used even if the room itself has a finish of the same material.

The universal choice for many modern interiors will be wooden chairs, made in white. Products can be advantageously supplemented with soft removable seats.

It is worth noting that many modern designers with the help of such techniques create certain accents in the interior. For example, you can use seats that differ from the general color range of the room.

Chairs to help ensure maximum comfort. They can be both high and have a standard height. It is necessary to choose a material upholstery, which will coincide with the textiles on the windows.

In the next video you will learn a lot of useful tips on choosing a chair for a student.

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