Corner shelf in the kitchen

The interior of the kitchen is often used corner shelves mostly open format, which allows you to make the space in the corner of the functional or replace a bulky closet for an elegant design. Open shelves are available from an economic point of view and allow you to diversify the kitchen interior of any style: be it classic or minimalism, "Provence" or high-tech. Corner shelves in the interior of the kitchen are practical and versatile, caring for them is minimized, yet such an item will be an excellent decoration for the main and most filled room of your home.

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Benefits and features

Like any other kitchen furniture, a corner shelf has its advantages and obvious disadvantages, which we will discuss in this section of the article. Undoubtedly, each of the features of a kitchen shelf for someone may seem like a huge drawback and the reason why you say a solid “no” to an open shelf of an angular format, for another one seems to be a real drawback or a completely permissible fact.

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The primary reasons why you need a corner shelf in the kitchen are:

  • Compact design: this shelf can be placed even in the most modest kitchen, and it does not interfere with normal life (it is impossible to stumble or bump your hand in an awkward movement).
  • An open corner shelf looks appropriate in any kitchen format: in a classic kitchen genre, such a shelf will serve as a functional place - you can place dishes or decorations on it, in Provence style, this piece of kitchen furniture will complement the interior and give the room even more comfort. The corner shelf has a place to be even in a modern minimalist style, when, it would seem, there is no need to add anything, but the shelf of the correct format will become a place for shelter elements of the decor of your interior.
  • Corner shelf will be an ideal ally in the storage of dishes, it is also suitable for the installation of kitchen appliances or decorative items. Often, the angular design is installed in small kitchens, in which it is necessary to use one angle or several. In addition, there are kitchen layouts,in which it is impossible to place boxes with doors due to the impossibility of opening because of the same corners or shafts, then open corner multi-level shelves come to the rescue.
  • Take or put the object from the open shelf and it is much easier. In addition, the necessary thing can be found without difficulty, the search is reduced only to the "work" with his eyes.
  • The versatility of the corner shelf allows you to install it in any part of the kitchen, in the corner, of course.

However, among the features of the corner structures, there are those that completely “discourage” the desire to acquire an open corner shelf:

  • Dust accumulation on the open shelf is a frequent complaint from housewives and especially busy women, who sometimes cannot find the time to do a wet cleaning of the house. If the shelf is located near the plate, then it is additionally covered with fat drops.
  • Some housewives do not want to show off kitchen utensils.
  • Open shelves sometimes do not allow to place large kitchen items, for example, large dishes or appliances.
  • An open shelf forces you to maintain a constant order on it.


The location of the corner shelf is reduced to the only option - to mount it in one or more corners in the kitchen.It is good if several corner shelves in different parts of the kitchen are made in the same style, but have different functional loads.

Corner shelf above the sink. A great option for such a kitchen, where there is a “non-working” corner and the placement of a simple closed cabinet becomes a serious problem. At the exit will come an open corner shelf, well, if it will have several levels to make the space more functional. One of these wall-mounted shelves can be converted into a place for washed dishes - this will allow you to fold clean dishes immediately "in place."

Corner shelf to the ceiling. Unusual and bold idea for a small kitchen, when every centimeter of its space is important. These shelves are the decoration of the kitchen space and significantly "unload" the rest of the place in the kitchen. On an open shelf will look harmoniously banks with spices and cereals, you can build a whole home grocery.


There are various variations of the corner shelves for the kitchen, which will help not only to complement the interior, but can "play" into the hands of the storage of certain items.

Simple smooth structures made of wood or chipboard, which are attached directly to the wall without any accessories or with special fasteners. By the way, fasteners for open shelves will be an excellent way to "play" with the interior of the room: carved or twisted parts will complement the style of "Provence" or "classic", the strict geometric shape of the parts can favorably emphasize the shape of the kitchen.

Fasteners allow you to increase the maximum load on the shelf, which is their main and significant advantage. They will add to the interior of your kitchen a special charm and originality.

Metal shelf is a good choice for high-tech or minimalist kitchen. Corner shelf in the kitchen of stainless metal is sturdy in design and practical in terms of use. Especially harmoniously, this model looks with steel household appliances and other "shiny" elements of kitchen decor (cooking utensils, kettle).

Illuminated corner shelf includes the added benefit of improving visibility and cooking conditions.This shelf will serve as a faithful assistant to the kitchen and will help in creating a special atmosphere or act as the next decorative element.

Retractable shelves are not uncommon today; Only such structures are the internal component of your kitchen - its bottom. Retractable designs allow you to use the kitchen space even more profitable, and traditionally seasonings and small cans, bottles that would simply be placed in a narrow and sometimes low space, are stored on them.

In the style of "Provence" and "Country"

Perhaps, to create a "rustic" interior in the kitchen, corner open shelves will be the ideal choice, because they give the kitchen space even more comfort and "home" heat. In addition, open shelves are a very functional wall construction and inexpensive in cost. As the material for the shelf is to choose natural wood, and for the mounting system will fit high-quality metal.

Choose a tree of light shade and with the effect of "antiquity", which will give your kitchen even more charm. By the way, the color of the shelves may coincide with the main color of furniture in the kitchen or drasticallybe different from it: white, ivory, blue, powdery, any other shade of furniture, it is important that the color is dusty and as if it burned out in the bright sun.

Decorating the open corner shelves is a pleasure. Use flowers, dishes, paintings, other elements of Provence style, including curtains, which will protect some of the shelves and protect the dishes stored on them from dust and cooking oil.

In the style of "hi-tech"

The best choice for the high-tech kitchen will be angular glass or stainless steel constructions - they are not only durable and practical, but also underline the unsurpassed image of this style. In the kitchen of such a strict format there should not be anything superfluous: make sure that on the open shelves of your kitchen there reigns order and some semantic load from their filling.


Wood is the traditional and most attractive material for use as kitchen furniture. To hang a wooden structure in the kitchen means to give it vital energy and to make the main room in the house cozy and warm. Wood is practical in everyday life: high-quality treated wood serves for years and does not deform under the onslaught of dishes or decorative elements, but not a single tree will tolerate moisture.

DSP, MDF - an alternative to natural wood, the shelves of which are much cheaper than natural counterparts and less “capricious” in everyday life.

A good option would be to use metal (stainless steel) or glass in modern design directions, but the latter material is often used to place only decorative elements, alas, in the care glass is whimsical.

Interesting ideas

Make one of the corners in your kitchen a real piece of design art by installing a massive and bright corner shelf. Fig 1. Shelf can resemble a ladder - be wide at the bottom and taper slightly to the top, making the structure more stable and original.

The corner shelf in the kitchen of stainless steel or wood will well “unload” the kitchen space and give the interior completeness. Choose multi-level structures and combine their content: let there be a place for dishes, for flowers, and for the necessary equipment. Figure 2.

An interesting solution for the kitchen will be the use of open decorative shelves from MDF. Figure 3.

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