The height of the bar in the kitchen

Some time ago, many kitchens with a bar counter were perceived by many as a sign of wealth, an element of luxury and chic, borrowed from European citizens. Some considered them obscene objects of the interior, because, as a rule, such furniture could be seen in places of entertainment: bars, night clubs and strip clubs. But over the years, what was a luxury has become an integral part of the interior of modern apartments and houses, becoming an indicator of looseness and the ideal taste of homeowners.

What it is?

Modern bar counter can hardly be called just a prestigious decoration, it is also quite a practical part of the furniture:

  1. additional surface where you can comfortably eat food;
  2. working area, where it is convenient to cook different goodies;
  3. ample storage space for kitchen utensils.

And if the kitchen is combined with the living room, then the bar counter will visually separate these zones.

Bar counters can be of various shapes: rectangular, angular, semicircular, oval, etc. Which of them will flaunt in the room, depends only on the size of the kitchen, its design and taste preferences of the owner.

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There are many different bar counters for the kitchen. Their optimum height is the distance between the table top and the floor of 120 cm. This solution allows you to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the apartment, besides, it is very convenient to use the furniture in the room in this design.

You can raise the tabletop even more, but only if you need to visually separate the area of ​​the kitchen and living room, but this is not at all necessary. If the kitchen has a low ceiling, then a high bar counter will aggravate the situation even more. The furniture will contrast ugly against the general background of the room.

The standard height of the bar is 115 cm from the floor. In the combined models, most often the working surface has a height of 90 cm - this is the optimal height for eating.

How to calculate an acceptable height

Most often, the bar counters are made in standard sizes 110 - 115 cm tall.However, sometimes these parameters are not suitable, so you need to consider each case individually.

For example, bar counters are made to order with a height of 70 to 125 cm. And if you need to combine an existing worktop with a new interior detail, you just need to adjust its height with the parameters of ready-made pieces of furniture.

The seat of the chair should be located at a level of 30 cm from the table top, this fact must be taken into account when buying or ordering a bar counter.


Before buying a bar counter, you should learn about the varieties of this type of furniture, because it is the only way to understand which option is most appropriate in a particular case. Modern manufacturers have made sure that their potential buyers have a large selection of bar counters. Therefore, they are all divided into the following types:

  • classical;
  • insular;
  • combined or combined;
  • two-level;
  • bar counter-partition.

Classic model (standard) is a tabletop with legs. Its height starts from 110 cm. Such a convenient stand is more often used by ordinary people to prepare food, cocktails, serves as a table for a small family meal.It is installed in kitchens with a small area.

Feature island model lies in its size. It can be installed only in large spaces, in a small kitchen can make movement difficult. This type of rack is suitable for a whole dynasty or a person who likes to invite many friends to his house.

Combined model is a continuation of the table and at the same time the surface for cooking. After installing such a rack, the kitchen will become P or L-shaped. This model is relevant for a large family.

Title two-tier model speaks for itself. Such a bar counter is a combination of two tiers: the top bar area and the bottom one are cooking surfaces. This model performs two functions simultaneously, making it suitable for the interior of a small kitchen.

Stand-partition is used in the case when the kitchen is not a separate room, but smoothly into the living room. To separate the premises put just such a partition.

Manufacturing materials

Materials for the manufacture of the bar are used very different. Their appearance depends on the overall style of the room and personal taste,preferences of the owners of the premises. Countertops can be made of wood, glass, metal, plastic, ceramics. There are no restrictions.

An important element in the design of the bar is also lighting. Twilight, it can make it brighter, illuminate the room and create a romantic atmosphere, thus making staying around you a pleasure.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such a piece of furniture as a bar counter has many advantages. It is rather difficult to list them all, but it is realistic to select the main ones.

  • Classic racks or mini racks do not take up much space, so you can use them instead of the dining table. According to many housewives, this option is much better than a separate area for eating.
  • If the kitchen will be a large bar, its internal space can be a great place to store kitchen utensils. In addition, it fit a small refrigerator.
  • Having a bar in the kitchen, you can not worry about your figure. Studies have shown that an ordinary table attracts a person to sit down and have a good meal, but at the counter a long meal will not work.In Western countries, bar counters are called “breakfast racks”, that is, a place where you don’t see too much, but you can get a snack and a little rest.
  • In studio apartments, where there is no border between the kitchen and the hall, the bar counter can successfully divide these zones. This solution designers began to actively apply seven years ago. The main thing in this situation is to choose the same color for the bar and the living room or one that will suit both parts of the room, for example, the lilac corner kitchen with a beige color bar will be an excellent duet.
  • The classic rack options and mini models are supplemented with various roof rails, fruit dishes, sliding shelves and other useful items that should always be at hand.
  • Another advantage of the bar counter is that it is mounted quite high from the floor level, which means that at the time when it is not used, you can put chairs under the counter, as a result, space is saved significantly and the chairs do not interfere with anyone.

Disadvantages at the bar counter at least.

  • First, some racks are installed at a height of 20 cm from the floor, which means that in order to sit at such a table, you need to purchase high chairs with footrests in advance.
  • Also behind some racks, a company of three or more people cannot be at the same time. That is, it is impossible to use it instead of a table in a small-sized kitchen, or you will have to stretch lunch for several hours.

How to choose

Choosing a bar counter should be taken slowly, guided by certain rules. They relate, first of all, to the performance material of the stand and the method of its fastening.

The material must correspond to that used for the production of countertops. In the case when the stand is a continuation of the kitchen, it is better to use artificial stone.

The type of attachment depends on the taste of the potential owner of this decorative element. It can be a chrome holder or a massive wooden stand.

If various drawers and shelves are provided in the bar, then ideally they should be “smart shelves”, that is, to be useful, this is especially important for kitchens with a small area.

If finances allow, you can buy a rack with a small refrigerator, it will help to unload the main unit, saving additional space.

Interesting solutions in the interior

The bar counter is the perfect complement to the corner kitchen.This original piece of furniture will tell guests of the apartments that the owners have an excellent sense of taste, beauty, they follow the fashion trends. More often, bar counters that go straight from the tabletop are made of the same materials, this is done so that all parts of the interior complement each other, creating a single whole.

In an apartment without a clear gradation of the premises, the situation with the bar counter is slightly different from the previous one. The color of the rack should be combined with the color of the living room, but do not repeat the color of the kitchen, if everything is different, a beautiful separation of two separate zones will not work.

There are options when the rack is connected to the worktop a few centimeters below its level and mounted without additional supports. This is the so-called bar with an appendage. This model is most convenient for the kitchen, which can fit a large number of people, that is, in a large room.

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