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Each hostess wants to create a cozy atmosphere in her kitchen for all family members, as well as for guests. After all, this room is a place for eating, as well as sincere conversations with friends. To give the atmosphere of ease, to feel calm and comfort, you need to choose the right kitchen corner. About how to do this and about the features of this furniture, we will tell in our article.

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Features and benefits

The kitchen corner is a comfortable mini-sofa, which is usually located in the dining area, near the table. To choose the right model for you, you should focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Undoubtedly, this furniture will give you extra comfort during the meal. Consider the main positive aspects:

  • Practicality. This product you can put in any place you like in the kitchen. This option will save you space.The room will be able to accommodate all the necessary things and objects. A kitchen corner is a great option for a small kitchen. With it you can ergonomically spend space, as well as create a trendy look to the room.
  • Spaciousness. Such models can accommodate a lot more guests than regular chairs. On the couch can fit several people at once. This will contribute to sincere communication, sincere conversations and friendly gatherings.
  • Versatility. In this room it will be possible not only to cook or dine, but also, for example, to watch TV. Also here it will be possible to retire from the hustle and bustle and do an important working project. Comfortable soft seats deliver you only joy and ease. Accordingly, you will spend time productively and without harm to health.
  • Most of these sofas have special places where you can conveniently place kitchen utensils, bulk materials and other items. It is quite convenient and practical. You will always know what and where is located and if necessary you will be able to quickly get it and use the item.
  • Diverse stylish design.This is another advantage that all fashionistas and women of fashion will appreciate. Every person wants to keep up with the times, to be in trend. Modern manufacturers produce a wide variety of kitchen corners in design, style and color. You will definitely be able to choose the model that you will like. Well, if it will complement the overall style concept of the room or the whole house. Also, furniture can be a bright accent in your design idea.
  • You can buy a corner sofa separately or buy a complete set at once. So you can even better choose a fashionable option for your room.
  • Democratic pricing. As for the price, you can choose the most suitable option for you. There are products of famous brands that are made of high quality materials. Such models will cost accordingly more expensive. If you want to save money, you can purchase more affordable models. Of course, their quality may be somewhat worse.
  • Great mood. Such a kitchen corner will help to create a great mood, a warm family atmosphere.After all, you will be comfortable and cozy, which means that a charge of cheerfulness will accompany the whole day
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At the same time, it is worth noting some disadvantages that may be encountered when purchasing this model:

  • If the whole family or a lot of guests gathered around the table, it would be problematic to get out of the table. You will definitely need to disturb the nearby neighbor.
  • Furniture corner configuration and a little difficult for your cleaning. You can not as easily as a chair move the kitchen corner. Indeed, inside the sofa is a variety of kitchen utensils, and in any case, such models are heavier than stand-alone chairs.

Thus, it is worth noting for yourself the desired option and purchase exactly the model that will bring you convenience.

The size

In order to choose the right furniture, you should pay attention not only to your needs, but also to the possibility of its placement. When you go to buy a kitchen corner, measure your intended location. You should also accurately calculate:

  • The optimal length of the seat. Let them not be very small and at the same time they should not be too big, otherwise you just will not sit comfortably.
  • Be sure to determine the length of each side of the corner.
  • Measure the optimum height.This parameter is of particular importance if your furniture will be under the window.

When you know exactly all the sizes, you can already safely go to the store and select the desired product. It should be remembered that you can save a lot and make your ideas come true if you make and assemble furniture yourself. To collect the original options that you come up with, you will need detailed instructions. Stick to the plan, be patient, have the skills and the right tools. Show off your friends and acquaintances with a hand-made product.

You can also trust the qualified specialists and order a kitchen corner according to individual sizes. After all, many apartments have a diverse layout. Professionals in their field will do the work on time and efficiently, and you can save your nerves and time. You will only need to say the exact parameters, determine the material from which the product will be made, the color scheme, etc.

When buying a kitchenette, it is worthwhile to think in advance what kind of view it should be. This may be a large round version or a semicircular small headset.In any case, you need to proceed from your own needs. The mini corner can always be conveniently placed in the kitchen of any size. Compact models will be able to decorate your home in an original way, to emphasize the style of the room.

You can create or select a small (1200x1200), narrow version if you want to save space. In this case, the room can accommodate a variety of necessary equipment and other interior items. Thus, everything will depend on your desires and capabilities.

We look at the materials

Of course, not the last place in the choice of furniture will be taken and the materials from which it will be made. First of all, it should be remembered that wooden models react badly to high humidity. Accordingly, it is better to choose such furniture, which is perfectly washed. The most popular materials used in the manufacture of products:

  • Furniture made of chipboard. Many kitchen sets consist of this material. At the same time, these models will not be very expensive, since they are made of chipboard, covered with laminate or other resistant material. Be sure to see if all the details of the model are protected by the edge from moisture.
  • MDF.This material is very similar in appearance to wood. It is environmentally friendly, safe, hygienic, well tolerated by the effects of steam. You can pick up different colors and textures.
  • Tree. Wood is one of the most expensive materials for the production of quality furniture. Often use oak, walnut, cherry, there are products from solid pine, etc. If the product is created from whole wooden bars, then they are glued together and processed with a special composition.

Upholstery products can also be very diverse. Choose beautiful fabric models that will fit perfectly into the style of your room. It is worthwhile to foresee whether you need soft padding or not. Respectively pick the colors that impress you. The leather version will also look great.

For the manufacture of furniture, you can use a homemade forged metal frame. It will be easy to cover, sheathe the desired material. Personally dragging the fabric on the metal frame is not difficult. You just need to be patient, the right tools, time.

There are other types of kitchenette. For example, aluminum or consisting of plywood.In any case, before acquiring your favorite model, you should consider in detail or find out its composition. From this will depend on the service life of the product, durability and practicality.

Color solution

As for color, here you need to be guided only by your own preferences. Do not blindly imitate fashion trends, if your soul does not lie in a certain color. You can always find a compromise option. Thus, the kitchen corner of your favorite shade will help you not only to have a pleasant rest, enjoying a cup of fragrant tea, but also lift your spirits and set up a positive mood.

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Modern manufacturers produce models in different colors. So, you can choose shades: walnut, white carved, green, beige, orchid and many others. Do not forget about the organic combination of the corner with the color of the walls and various kitchen accessories. If you do not know exactly which color to choose, a calm, warm tone will be a win-win option. Light shades will help not only to improve mood and health, but also to visually expand the room. This is especially true for people who have a small area.

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You can choose monochrome models or original versions with a trendy print. If you want this furniture to become a bright accent of the room, then you can play on contrasts. At the same time in the interior of the room it is desirable that some shades of the kitchen corner be repeated. In any case, the main thing is that the product itself is liked, first of all, for you. Then the guests will feel the comfort and friendly atmosphere.


Undoubtedly, a kitchen corner will help not only to embody your style idea, but also make your life and life quite comfortable and comfortable. You can gather with the whole family or with a group of friends, discuss news, share impressions of various events, taste the culinary masterpieces of the hostess.

The dining table will be quite comfortable and convenient for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Various styles, variations and colors will help you choose the appropriate product for the style of the room. Be sure to look before buying, from what material the furniture was created, as well as its cost. Quality goods will not be sold at a suspiciously low price (unless, of course, this is not a sales period).

Before you buy a kitchen corner you like, you should check its convenience right in the store. Sit down and see how you feel? If you are comfortable and convenient, then this model deserves attention. If staying in place gives you discomfort, it is better to consider another model. To make it convenient to use the product, you need to properly select it in accordance with the desired size, and also proceed from the size of the area of ​​the room where the model will be.

Do not rush to purchase. It is better to evaluate the various options in different stores before you come to some final decision. So you can save your savings, pick exactly the model that really fits into the kitchen, will be comfortable for all family members.

Additional equipment

Based on the size of your kitchen, as well as on its features and availability of furniture, it is worth choosing a suitable corner. In this case, the furniture should not interfere with the free movement of the kitchen, be very rough, uncomfortable. Typically, standard models have two seats that are connected using an angle connector.The dimensions of the seats differ in various lengths / widths. They can be reclined or simply raised. Some options have a spring mechanism.

Many models have under the seats spacious compartments for storing dishes, products, kitchen utensils. Thus, the furniture set can be quite functional. This is another advantage of such kitchen corners. It is the additional equipment that helps to use the space more efficiently.

Bay windows are installed in various niches and indentations. Such a kitchen corner can have any shape. Such products are quite popular in the kitchen. The dining area will be compactly placed in a certain place, the rest of the space will be free for other equipment.

A modular corner will help you to relax. Such upholstered furniture consists of two parts - modules. They are organically combined into a single structure, and sometimes they simply move closely together. The main advantages of the product include the ability to quickly assemble / disassemble it, as well as separately use each module if necessary.You can transform your kitchen corner at any time.

You can make yourself and folding furniture corner. To do this, it is important to make accurate drawings and clearly follow the plan. Functional and comfortable will be the model with a shelf. There you can put all the necessary interior items, decorating the room. There is also an interesting folding option, with which you can gain extra bed. This kind of bed will be an excellent option for the unexpected appearance of numerous relatives or friends. There is a special smart sliding kitchen corner. It will help you save space efficiently.

Be sure to purchase should determine the exact location of your furniture: whether it is the right side or the left, at the window or against the wall. These nuances can make a significant contribution to the choice of the best option for your kitchen. Focus primarily on the free area. Let the kitchen corner be practical, functional and comfortable for the whole family.

Pay special attention to the equipment. A practical option would be a corner with chairs and a table.At the same time look, comfortable and stable table. It should fit harmoniously into the interior. From materials it is preferable to choose wood. However, for creative people, there are glass tables. Their shape can be very diverse. Now popular transforming tables. They can be decomposed twice, thereby saving space.

Design examples in the interior

Choosing the best kitchen corner, you need to correctly fit it into the style of your room. It is better if you take care of this in advance and will select furniture based on your design concept and preferences. So you can provide comfort even the smallest room.

Consider the basic design options:


Long wanted to update the furniture in the kitchen? Then you can safely buy the corner option. In this case, the design can be chosen independently. For conservative persons perfect classic style. Such stylish kitchen corners can be made of wood, wenge or other materials. This furniture will fit perfectly into any interior. Accordingly, in the classic style will be made chairs and a table that can be included.You can choose the appropriate color and size of the product and successfully fit it into your style concept.


A country-style kitchen is quite an interesting and creative option for those who want something fresh and new. Here the main theme is nature and country life. In this case, the materials can also be used any. For example, a tree can be combined with artificial components. Choose your favorite color scheme and successfully place all the accents. You will receive a cozy area for lunch.

"High tech"

Hi-tech or techno - a style that is closer to everything artificial. Original parts such as stone, glass, metal prevail here. You can often find in the interior of the dial, the scale of different devices, knobs, switches. Such kitchens are mainly made of artificial materials. The main feature is the emphasis on different colors and materials used. So, you can apply a trendy red color.

In such a kitchen would be appropriate to use and a variety of lights. These can be light curtains or directional lamps. In any case, even a few of these details will allow you to create a fashionable and stylish modern kitchen option.


This style is something between a classic and a high-tech. In this kitchen, you can use a combination of rectangular shapes and round lines of the facade. Perfectly suited to the style concept and such elements and materials: glass, wood, plastic. This combination will create a magical and attractive image of your kitchen and apartment in general.


Style for those who are in love with France, and also prefers calm, comfort, warmth. At the core - the use of natural natural colors, muted shades. Do not forget about bright color accents. It is successfully possible to use a white, beige, sand, terracotta palette. It is worth remembering that light shades will give your kitchen more light, which will visually expand the space. A cozy interior will give you comfort and ease. You can arrange themed images, as well as a variety of design elements to complement the style concept.


Design ideas are full of creative and fashionable ideas. So, an excellent option would be to make a kitchen and antique corner design. Now this is quite a popular direction.In this case, you can choose a kitchen corner and without a table to create a place of rest. Such a place with fashionable pillows, where there is a cape or a warm blanket, a bedspread, will help to plunge into pleasant memories on rainy autumn evenings over a cup of aromatic coffee.

In "Khrushchev"

The basis of this idea will be based on functionality and practicality. The optimum kitchen corner in this case is designed to save your space. You can install the U-shaped version, if it will fit your concept. In Khrushchev it will be possible to buy products of the company Omega, Ikea. These manufacturers have established themselves as high-quality and reliable companies.

Thus, we considered the main options for kitchen corners. Now you can choose the option that will be optimal for your kitchen. In this case, do not forget to make the necessary measurements in advance, before going to the store.

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