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A beautiful kitchen corner, made of solid wood and with love and diligence chosen by caring owners, can be an optimal find for the kitchen area - even if it is spacious, even if it is compact. Its usually cold space will turn a wooden corner into an oasis of comfort and peace, which is so necessary for a good appetite and enjoying the dishes to be eaten. And also a good kitchen corner will accommodate homemade supplies and, on occasion, will serve your naked friends as a convenient shelter for the night. The main thing is to choose the exact set of natural wood that will perfectly fit into the design and parameters of the kitchen.

Features and benefits

Corner furniture group, made of solid wood, usually consists of several chairs or stools, a dining table and one or two sofas, set separately or interconnected by a triangular or semi-circular shelf.

In addition to the unconditional feeling of comfort, which carries with it natural wood, the corner made from it comfortably and efficiently zonies the kitchen space and is a single furniture ensemble that does not require almost any additions. Especially if its sofas with soft practical upholstery and equipped with spacious drawers for storage.

The most remarkable thing is that all these pieces of kitchen furniture help to save space in the kitchen area due to its compact configuration and at the same time it is very ergonomic, quite functional and simple in use. And a certain limitation of the seats is easily leveled by the possibility of installing a folding table and additional side stools.

Materials and equipment

Wooden furniture corners for the kitchen differ in their design and materials for upholstery and directly the type of wood from which they are made.

Best of all, for such furniture, though expensive but durable oak, pliable in work and affordable in price, pine and anti-bactericidal and quite affordable beech, are suitable.The quality of wood determines whether the set is made using the simplest technology or decorated with an openwork carved ornament, which, of course, greatly influences the final price tag. The most economical - pine kitchen corners.


An important part of an angular kitchen furniture set is a compact sofa: a standard straight, L-shaped or curved table with the letter P. Made in the form of an ordinary bench with hard seats and straight backs, it takes up little space and is inexpensive, but far from comfortable. His fellow upholstered are much more comfortable and presentable, although less practical in conditions of high humidity, temperature extremes and systematic pollution, typical of the kitchen area.

Small chairs with backrest and without armrests or stools on stable legs that fit under the central element of this dining group - the table - act as additional seats. Its table top is in the shape of a circle, an oval, a rectangle, and even any other asymmetric figure and is often made of metal, wood or glass - depending on which material is more suited to the stylistic design of the kitchen corner and the size of the room.

The design of the corner sofa section in both directions is considered universal and the possibility of changing the turn of its most part to the right or left during assembly is more convenient to vary the interior and arrange the appropriate rearrangement. In addition, the availability of a table with a sliding top and an extra pair of stools are appreciated.

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The form

The various layouts of modern kitchen premises also require various forms of corner dining groups:

  1. L-shaped - the most common options for kitchen corners (for example, the model Sophie). They consist of several parts, are easily modified and transferred from place to place, significantly save space and rationally use every square centimeter of area.
  2. U-shaped - ideal for spacious rooms or niche locations. They have a significant drawback - in the limited space of the sofa zone it is difficult to change from place to place and leave the table.
  3. Semicircular - are usually part of a set with round tables. They take a lot of space and are rarely suitable for small spaces. But the corner segment of the sofa zone of such kitchen sets is often equipped with a small semi-circular table top or shelf, on which it is convenient to put jars of spices and other accessories.
  4. Composite - are completed from two, three and even smaller sofas, and are filled with stools, chairs or poufs if necessary. The best option for arranging a classic kitchen interior or in the style of Provence.

In addition, there are many non-standard options for kitchen corners of solid wood, which can be made according to the author's drawings for the order - then the kitchen area will definitely be unique.

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Many people choose wooden furniture for the kitchen not only because of the ecological compatibility and durability of the array, but also due to the abundance of design options for corner dining groups, which makes it possible to decorate almost any interior with them.

  • Kitchen corner with a berth. Universal option for arranging the kitchen in a small apartment. In the assembled state, the sofa does not differ from the standard one, but in a disassembled it turns into a comfortable bed for a comfortable sleep and rest. As the upholstery most often found leatherette or dense synthetic fabric. Before buying, you should check the reliability and quality of the folding mechanism, the warranty period of operation and drawings in the assembly instructions.
  • With drawers.Perfect for practical and thrifty hosts and kitchens with insufficient storage space. Kitchenware and homemade items are usually safely hiding in boxes designed under the sofa benches. It is much more convenient to place anything in the drawers built into the corner shelf than in the ones that are installed in the backs of the sofas. And in the linen box of the sofa area with a berth it is convenient to store both the bed and kitchen textiles.

Before buying in a store, it is worth checking the usability, including in a sitting position, as well as the reliability of retractable structures, fixings and fittings. And it is important to remember that in the cramped kitchen space, padded stools and stools made up around the table usually interfere with the free opening of drawers arranged under the bench.

  • Couch. The most popular option, despite the need for systematic cleaning upholstery from kitchen odors and stains. However, modern advanced ones allow special materials to be used for upholstery - moisture-proof, hypoallergenic and quite practical.


The kitchen corner is made of solid wood, decorated with filigree carvings or fancy details, but made in the form of a wooden bench without upholstery, of course, will decorate your kitchen in a rustic or country style.But it’s hard to eat with feeling, plainly and with an arrangement - it will be tough and uncomfortable.

Advice: if a strict adherence to the stylistic design of the room for you prevails over comfort, sew for a rigid bench of the kitchen corner removable soft pads with beautiful ethnic motifs and embroidered or lace prints that support the interior design idea.

It is much more convenient if the seats of sofas, chairs, stools and poufs of the corner dining group are covered with something soft, beautiful and practical.

  1. Genuine leather is used to design the most luxurious, presentable and, of course, expensive models of kitchen dining groups. Although it is complicated in design, it looks incredibly status-based, requires elementary care and will serve for more than a decade with careful consideration.
  2. Ecoskin is an artificial, but “breathing” material that looks very similar to the real one. Elastic and more practical dermantina, is not deformed when temperature and humidity drops.
  3. Microfiber. Synthetic fabric whose fibers are impregnated with special polymer compounds that give this material the properties to repel water and dirt and resist high humidity and a large temperature delta.Resistant to wear and fading in the sun, does not require special care.
  4. Flock. Inexpensive non-woven textiles made from waste cotton, wool and synthetic yarn. For kitchen sets, it is better to select with a short nap and diagonal weaving of fibers.
  5. Thick fabrics. The classic version of the upholstery of kitchen furniture. Usually chosen as a harmonious companion to the rest of the decor elements - wallpaper, curtains, flooring. Most often in the upholstery of kitchen sofas are used a pleasant plush, durable jacquard and soft velor.

Advice: it is easy to protect the branded upholstery of the sofa area of ​​the kitchen corner from greasy splashes and moisture with the help of special removable covers that are simply removed and erased, and also add variety to the kitchen interior.

When buying or self-fabricating an angular dining group with upholstery of synthetic fabrics, it is necessary to ensure their high quality. Otherwise, you may encounter cheap materials that will not only easily absorb kitchen odors, moisture, grease and dust, but also can easily ignite, and emit hazardous toxic substances when burning.

It is worth remembering that it is also important to use only durable and environmentally friendly materials as an internal filler for the upholstery of kitchen sofas of furniture corners. And for greater durability and elasticity of the design of kitchen sofas, their seats should be equipped with spring modules.


In order to serve a kitchen corner made of wood for many years, it is necessary to take care of it, using special mastics and pastes that protect the wood from excessive moisture and greasy dirt inherent in the rooms where food is cooked. In addition, the dining group of solid wood is better placed away from direct sunlight and heating batteries. This will avoid the deformation of wooden surfaces and preserve their original appearance for a longer time.

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