Soft corner for the kitchen

Very often the whole family gathers at the kitchen table, relatives often come and visit friends. How to accommodate all the most comfortable? The answer is simple - on the right corner for the kitchen.


What are the positive characteristics of this type of kitchen furniture?

The soft corner is a complete functional and convenient place to accommodate a large number of people at the same table. Even the smallest sofa mini model is designed for at least 5 seats.

Models with storage boxes allow you to have additional space for storing household utensils and various trifles.

Care of the product is very simple and does not cause any difficulties.

Beautiful design and variety of colors and shapes allow you to buy a corner for any kitchen, decorated in any style.

Not deprived of this option of the organization of seats and deficiencies. These include:

  • The inconvenience of a person sitting in the center when leaving the table. He will have to disturb the sides of the seated people in order to leave the meal unhindered;
  • The kitchen corner complicates the cleaning process, since it cannot be moved to another place due to the unified design;
  • Corner sofa, located along the corner and one wall, leaves space on the other side of the table, which is not very functional. To solve this problem, you can suggest the use of chairs and stools, made in the same style with the design of the corner. This option is ideal for the space of a small kitchen - stools can be hidden under the table, and on arrival of guests with a flick of the wrist, you get additional seating.

Thus, the substantial predominance of merit over minor flaws makes a soft kitchen corner the most-bought piece of furniture.


The traditional design option is the angle, but for small rooms there is a linear model along the wall. Manufacturing companies make small models for a small kitchen with a size of 100x110 cm along the back. And for a kitchen with a large square, you can choose furniture 241x250 cm along the back wall. The optimal size is 180x195 cm. Also, in any furniture manufacturing company you can make a sofa according to your own drawings of the size and design you need.

When choosing it is worth paying attention to the location of the angle: right or left. This will help avoid annoying disappointment from the purchase. A good option would be to purchase modular furniture with adjustable cornering - such a model can be placed after moving in the kitchen or in a new apartment when moving.

"Turin" and "Elite"

Models with a folding bed will become an indispensable option for one-bedroom apartments. At that moment, when friends or relatives came to you with an overnight stay, you do not need to think about accommodating guests. The only retractable sleeping place requires free space for layouts - you have to move the dining table to another room or hallway for a while.

Among the sofas, providing a bed, emit kitchen furniture "Turin" and "Elite".

Model "Turin" involves the nomination of a type of French folding bed.The stylish design of a very durable gray mat will fit into any interior due to the universal shade. Moreover, due to the dense fabric, the seats are not deformed and will not lose appearance for a long time. This model is represented by a sofa without a corner and is designed for small kitchens.

Corner sofa for the kitchen "Elite" is designed for a large kitchen. Transformation into a bed is carried out with the help of the dolphin mechanism. Outwardly, this model looks very luxurious - rounded shapes, leather upholstery, metal decor. The variability of the location of the corner makes this sofa even more bought.


As the most inexpensive material for the production of a kitchen sofa, chipboard is used, the options are more expensively made of MDF. This material is a wooden crumb, bonded with special resins. The material is coated with a composition that prevents the penetration of moisture, laminated. Such material is durable, reliable, able to serve for many years. Facades are covered with a special film that does not have chipping and irregularities. The coating can be made in any bright color or natural shade of wood: wenge, golden walnut, oak, ash, pine. The purchase of a corner from MDF can be afforded by a family of any means.

The kitchen corner can be made of solid solid wood. Strength and durability of such a product does not hold. The sofa will endure more than one move and will remain as a keepsake for your grandchildren! Of course, the cost of products made of natural wood is very high, but an unlimited lifetime pays for the costs.

Recently, plastic furniture has become very popular, the kitchen corner is no exception. Modern eco-friendly, durable and reliable material unpretentious in the care. The design of plastic products impresses with its laconic form and beauty of performance. Ideally, such a sofa will fit into trendy high-tech and minimalism styles.

Wicker sofa made of bamboo or rattan - a great solution for a kitchen in a rustic style. Pleasant natural material meets all safety standards and looks very unusual in the interior.

Place under the sofa can be decorated with decorative chrome or wooden legs, which is very convenient for wet cleaning. Also at the bottom of the product you can place compact drawers for small items and close them with a sliding panel to match the main material of the sofa.

The material from which the kitchen corner will be made directly depends on the style of the decorated room, your preferences and budget possibilities.

Upholstery material

The most important thing to pay attention to when buying a soft kitchen corner for the kitchen, upholstery. The material must be durable, wear-resistant and well cleaned from contamination.

Popular options for sofa upholstery are plush, velor, jacquard. This fabric coating is hypoallergenic, allows the use of chemicals and wet cleaning without compromising the color of the product.

You can use microfiber treated with a special solution from the pollution of dust and cooking oil. Microfiber is also very resistant to light and retains a rich color even in bright sun.

When choosing models from the flock, give preference to a fabric with diagonal weaving of threads - it will be less harrowed and rubbed off. Buy quality material with a short nap.

Leather-covered sofas are durable, perfectly washable. The only drawback is personal comfort when sitting on a leather sofa due to the specificity of the material. It is worth noting the high cost of leather furniture.

Ecoskin, or an imitation leather - excellent budgetary analog to natural material. This material is environmentally friendly, good breathing properties and excellent skin imitation properties.

Furniture made of wood or rattan can be supplemented with removable seats and cushions made of natural fabrics in the "ecostyle", flax with a floral ornament is well suited.

In general, a great solution for a soft kitchen corner is the use of removable covers. You can sew the covers yourself or to order to match the curtains, thereby creating a single color design for the kitchen and changing them, depending on the season.

The main thing is that the fabric you choose for upholstering a sofa is durable, easy to use and maintain.


Foam rubber is used as a filler for a sofa. Its quality can be judged by the speed of recovery form after pressing on the seat with your hand. Quality foam quickly returns the original form. Foam rubber has good hygienic properties, is not covered with mold and dust.

For the kitchen sofa bed, it is better to choose models with a spring block. Such sofas are marked by durability, elasticity, the greatest comfort for sleeping. Foam rubber is certainly cheaper, but the spring unit will retain its original properties for a long time.

When choosing a soft corner, pay special attention to the components, the performance characteristics and strength of the product depend on the quality of the connecting elements.

How to choose a color?

The most important rule is the harmonious design of the kitchen. If the design of the room involves warm colors, furniture is also better to choose in the appropriate range. In that case, if the wallpaper or curtains have a small pattern to avoid variegation, choose a plain kitchen corner.

A good solution would be to use bright furniture in the kitchen, decorated in bright soothing colors. On the contrary, it is better to dilute a colored kitchen set with a sofa of neutral shades.

Choosing a kitchen corner, consider the size of the room. Dark furniture will “eat up” the space, and light furniture will visually increase the volume of the kitchen.

Interesting will look like a combination of two colors in the design of the sofa. For example, the seat and back in different colors.

Design examples in the interior

The soft corner assumes both separate placement, and complete with a table, chairs and stools. Thus, you can create a unique look of your kitchen.

A plastic sofa made in natural pastel shades of beige, creamy, white, peach color or a bright saturated color - red, lime, orange, fuchsia will suit the design in the high-tech style. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve: organically fit the furniture into the interior or use the sofa as a kind of bright art object.

For the style of "loft" fit wooden furniture, and you can use a simple board decor. The perfect complement will be cushions for sitting out of cloth, flax gray melange.

A laconic small sofa made of leather or eco-leather without bright, attention-getting details will suit the kitchen in the modern “minimalism” style. Smooth lines and the observance of the correct geometric proportions - the main feature of the style of "minimalism".

For a kitchen in a classic style, the kitchen corner, both from natural wood and MDF, is the best fit. You can pick up and a sofa in the skin. A massive round table will complete the design.

The popular rustic style “Provence” will be well emphasized by furniture of all shades of white: light gray, beige, golden. The sofa can be artificially aged and supplemented with metal trim parts - this decor will add a rustic flavor. The vintage table, maybe inherited from your grandmother, will be the perfect complement to the Provence style kitchen. Restoration can be entrusted to special companies engaged in the restoration of antique furniture.

Organic eco-style can be beautifully emphasized with rattan furniture. Wicker comfortable sofa will add comfort and warmth. A good solution would be a rattan table with a glass top.

Rustic style lovers can make their own kitchen corner from wooden boxes.

Unusual design solutions

Modern models of kitchen corners amaze with their magnificence. Unusual fabrics and forms of sofas look truly luxurious.

Using suede as upholstery for the back of the sofa may not be very practical in terms of care and maintenance, but it looks very stylish.

The lines of the back of the sofa do not have to be straight, curved backs give expressiveness to the interior.

Using a niche under the window as a placement for the back of the sofa looks very unusual, besides it solves the problem of small rooms where any square centimeter is effectively used.

It is not necessary to make a corner with legs - light and weightless looks design, fixed lateral mounts to the wall at a short distance from the floor.

The use of unusual fabrics for sofa upholstery can transform any interior. So, fabric with metallic sheen will bring the necessary gloss to the room.

A soft kitchen corner is an indispensable attribute of the kitchen, and the functionality of the design and stylish design will make it an indispensable option in the design of a modern room.

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