Dimensions of kitchenette

Kitchen corner - great furniture for small kitchens. It takes up little space in the corner of the room and carries various additional functions.

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This piece of furniture consists of an island, which is installed in the corner of the room itself, and seating areas with backs.

The design of the corner is:

  1. left sided;
  2. right;
  3. universal.

Party determination is easy. It is necessary to face the long side of the sofa, and the design of the corner is determined by the side from which the short shop is located.

Manufacturers of furniture try not to single out the side of kitchen furniture, and most often they make universal designs that allow you to assemble a corner in the way your kitchen layout suggests. And here the choice depends on the size of the furniture.


Most corners for the kitchen have the following dimensions.

  1. A larger sofa is usually 150-200 cm in length.It is worth noting that if you choose a folding corner sofa in the kitchen, then its length should not be less than 180 cm, and this is on condition that your height is not more than 175 cm. Otherwise, your legs will hang strongly and sleep on such a sofa will be uncomfortable .
  2. The smaller sofa has a standard 110-140 cm.
  3. The seat height should be 40-50 cm, depth - 50-70 cm, so that you can sit comfortably at the table, your legs do not rest on the table, and you can lean back.
  4. The height of the whole corner, including the back, is usually 80-95 cm, but this is not the limit. If the back is decorated with additional design elements or shelves, then this design can be above 100cm.

Standard kitchen corners to accommodate three people are considered to be about 110 by 160 cm. On such a sofa, people will feel quite comfortable with eating without pushing each other with their elbows.

Of course, these are only indicative sizes that furniture factories usually use. To order, using your drawing with individual sizes, you will be able to make a corner for the kitchen of any length, height and width.

Making a kitchen corner to order has several advantages.

  1. Making it according to your size will allow to enter furniture even in the smallest dimensions of the kitchen.
  2. You can choose upholstery according to your preferences, not only in relation to colors, but also texture.
  3. Add a corner with the functionality that is necessary for you. Whether it is storage space, a pull-out sofa for sleeping, or both.


The most common material for the manufacture of corner furniture for the kitchen is chipboard. At the same time, this is the most budget option. It has a huge number of colors and texture.

  1. Seat material is usually used leatherette or flock. If the properties of the first are widely known, then the second is to say a few words.
  2. Flock - non-woven material, with a pile glued on top. The material is durable, poorly absorbs water and dirt, but eventually wipes off.
  3. Corners that are upholstered with two kinds of matter look interesting. With the help of various combinations you can create a designer interior item.
  4. Also, kitchen corners can be made of wood. It will certainly be expensive. But the naturalness and environmental friendliness of this material is worth it.
  5. Rarely, but still used for the manufacture of this furniture metal profiles.


Standard kitchen corners have a number of modifications.

  1. Full dining area complete with table chairs or stools (poufs).
  2. They turn into a standard bed, which can accommodate two people. Sometimes, when the sofa has an insufficient length, it is compensated for with the help of the stools that come with it.
  3. Spacious drawers in the corner island or under the sofa seats.

Model overview

Here are a few models made by different manufacturers with standard sizes.

Furniture company "Leader"

  1. Marseille is a corner sofa with dimensions of 204x146 cm. When unfolded it has a standard sleeping place. Made of solid beech, laminated chipboard and plywood, upholstered in flock. Has a drawer for storing kitchen utensils or bedding.
  2. City - has a concise form, perfect for the kitchen in modern style. The frame of the furniture is made of solid beech, upholstery can be chosen. Here is presented as a genuine leather, and leatherette or fabric. Light pink upholstery in combination with a dark frame, gives this corner lightness and tenderness. Its size is 170 by 120 cm.
  3. Murano - the corner has the unique coloring imitating a skin of a cheetah. The model is similar to the previous one.It measures 169 by 123 cm.
  4. Modern-M has equal sides of 116 cm each. This sofa can be entered even in very small dimensions of the kitchen. It belongs to the classic series. The frame is made of solid beech wood and covered with natural leather, its substitute or fabric.
  5. Mini - this piece of furniture is made of laminated chipboard, the seats are made of leatherette. This corner is a whole set of furniture, and includes a sofa, a table and two stools. Overall dimensions of this corner of 123 cm in both directions.
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Kitchen corner Tulip mini St. Petersburg company Soft Line - another great option for small-sized kitchen. It has a size of 100x100cm. It has a folding table and two stools. Made of budget materials chipboard and leather. Equipped with additional drawers where you can store vegetables or dishes that you do not use, which is very important in a small kitchen.

Do it yourself

But if the existing models on the market do not suit you, you can try to make it yourself, of course, if you have at least some experience with carpentry tools.

Initially, you need to draw a detailed diagram with all the sizes of your future furniture. It will consist of three main elements: a corner and two side sofas.

To work will require:

  1. Plywood;
  2. Bars 5x5 cm;
  3. Upholstery fabric or leatherette;
  4. Foam rubber;
  5. Paint or stain, varnish;
  6. Drill;
  7. Hacksaw;
  8. Construction stapler;
  9. Jigsaw;
  10. Hammer;
  11. Tape measure; pencil;
  12. Hinges for reclining seats;
  13. Screws, nails;
  14. Double-sided tape.

Saw the bars according to the calculated sizes. For the corner of the bars cut at a 45 degree angle.

We make a skeleton from bars. We paint and varnish. We are waiting until dry. We cut foam rubber and fabric for upholstery. We cover the seats with cloth, putting in foam rubber for softness, fasten the fabric to the plywood with the help of a construction stapler. It is convenient to fix the foam rubber to the base of the seat and back with a double-sided tape, then it will not slip during operation. The seat is ready and attached to the frame with screws. But you need to be extremely careful and choose the length of the screws so that they do not come out from the other side, and do not dig into you when sitting on the sofa.


If you have a kitchen corner, but its appearance is quite battered, you can try to restore it. Here you need to disconnect the seat from the frame.

If the frame of the corner is made of wood, it can be sanded, primed, re-painted and varnished. If it is made of laminated chipboard, then it can be pasted over with self-adhesive film.

Next, proceed to the waist. Foam rubber that was in the seats, most likely, will have to be thrown away, because during operation it quickly crumbles and becomes unusable. We cut a new slab of foam rubber a couple of centimeters more than the base on which they are mounted. We glue them onto the PVA glue or double-sided adhesive tape and wrap with upholstery fabric. Here you can use any synthetic dense fabric or tapestry, as well as the skin. It is necessary to attach matter from the middle, moving to the edges.

Very beautiful on the corners, especially for kitchens, decorated in the Art Deco style, looks like velvet, leather or its substitute, made in the form of a carriage screed. It is not so difficult to do. To do this, diamonds should be lined with foam rubber, holes should be made, and small solutions should be drilled out on the plywood base as shown in the figure. Using needles, thread the kapron thread through the fabric and attach it to the plywood with a construction stapler. Here it is necessary to monitor the uniform stretch of the fabric.To decorate the outer part of the decorative buttons.

You can hide all the flaws of the old corner by stitching a cover on it. The cape is convenient because you can wash it at any time.

Choosing a kitchen corner, there is always a dilemma in front of you: buy one ready, make it to order or make it yourself. It all depends on the size of your kitchen and the corner that you need to fit into it. If you are satisfied with the factory sizes, then you can buy already finished, but if you have an individual project, it is better to make it to order, and not to look for additional centimeters to install furniture.

Interesting ideas in design

  1. Corner sofa, decorated with a carriage fastener for placing in country style.
  2. White sofa for the kitchen in the Scandinavian style.
  3. Laconic sofa in the white kitchen of modern style. Looks stylish and fashionable.
  4. The kitchen corner can be selected even for a kitchen designed in the high-tech style.
  5. And in minimalism, it can also be. A sofa of simple shapes, made of metal and leather, will help to perfectly equip the dining area.
  6. Corner from massive wooden bars in style of a chalet. From it blows the brutality of the times when the Vikings lived.
  7. Kitchen furniture made of natural wood will be a decoration for a room decorated in a rustic or eco-style.
  8. The corner from eco-leather is suitable for modern kitchen design.
  9. The round kitchen corner can be placed not only in the corner, but also in the middle of the room.
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