Kitchen corner with bed

A kitchenette with a bedroom set is a great addition for a small kitchenette. Such furniture will immediately make your room more functional and solve many of your problems.

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Features and benefits

In order for a person to feel as comfortable as possible on a sofa, the width of a seat for one person should not be less than 60 centimeters. So, a double sofa should consist of two separate parts with a width of about 130 cm. In this case, a family of four can sit at a standard table. Well, and if you make a little bit of a hug, then your guests will fit on such a sofa.

If we talk about a sleeping place, in order for an adult to be comfortable on it, its width should be at least 70 cm, and its length - 170.

The kitchen sofa with a berth is a non-standard decision. He has a number of advantages. One of the most important is the ability to place several people in a small apartment.If you do not have enough beds, then someone will be able to sleep in the kitchen. Having an extra bed will save you even if you like receiving guests. It is much cheaper to buy a sofa with a berth than to equip a balcony for these purposes.

Sofa sleeper compact size is different. So, it can be installed even in a small kitchen. The soft corner transformer perfectly complements the small room in the Khrushchev and the studio.

This design is very convenient. The sofa bed is made with a small back and rather large armrests. Often the sofa back is replaced by compact removable cushions. They are installed directly on the base of the sofa - that is, on a leather or fabric frame. Also in the sofa of this type may be missing and armrests. But the best option is when they are removable.

An additional plus is that the sofas for the kitchen are not installed directly on the floor, but on special legs. So, you can safely wash the floor under the sofa, and dust will not accumulate in this hard-to-reach area.


Corner sofas with a berth can be divided into several main types. The soft folding sofa can be displayed in the different ways.

Transformation mechanisms

First of all, you should pay attention to the folding sleeping corners in terms of their ability to transform. The most popular of them are the French cot and the dolphin.


Most often in the building stores there are folding sofas with the mechanism "dolphin". Such a bed consists of two main parts. The first one is the main seat, where both you and guests can sit at any time of the day. The second is a retractable seat, which, if necessary, either leaves or hides back. This sofa is designed to be as comfortable as possible to use.

In order to decompose such a sofa, simply pull over the bottom of it and slightly pull it up. This type of transformer is great for everyday use. In the corner sofas such a system is best implemented.

The advantages of such a folding system include the ease of folding the structure.Even when unfolded, such a sofa does not take up too much space. The corner sofa of this type is also complemented by a rather capacious drawer in which you can store the laundry and all your belongings. This is very good for a small apartment. An additional bonus of such furniture - such a sliding sofa is easily repaired.

French cot

This is another popular option for the kitchen with small options. But buying such furniture is recommended only for those who plan to use it for sleeping very rarely.

When such a mini-sofa is folded, it does not attract much attention. It consists of three separate soft sections, hidden in the frame. They overlap each other, so when viewed from the side, no one will guess that a full-fledged sleeping place is hidden in your sofa. To expand the sofa, just pull over its upper section. Thus, your sofa is easy to finish, forming a soft and comfortable bed.

The main advantage of such a sofa is its compactness. When folded, such a sofa almost does not take place. But he has more disadvantages than the previous version.Due to the fact that it consists of three separate blocks, the surface of your bed is unlikely to be even.

Laying out a transformer with a sleeping place in a cross, every time you will have to face the need to constantly remove the pillows or removable armrests.

Also, such a system is more often used not in corner sofas, but in classical rectangular structures.

Bay Windows

A narrow erker chair-bed is also perfect as a bed in the kitchen. Erker called special deepening. Most often, semicircular. This soft sofa is perfect for a small kitchen.


Different materials are used to create sofas with a good sleeping place. First of all, the skin and its substitute.

Most often, the corners that are installed in the kitchen are covered with high-quality eco-leather. This material consists of thick cotton fabric, covered with a special film on top. That leatherette is considered one of the best options for the design of the kitchen sofa.

Ecoskin perfectly stretches and covers the entire surface of the sofa. It does not absorb moisture, but on the contrary - passes it through itself.This means that you will not have problems with cleaning the surface from accidental contamination that arise in the process of cooking or eating.

The next most common option is flock.. It's soft enough. But it also serves longer than a cheap skin substitute. An additional advantage is the ability to apply to the flock exquisite patterns. Therefore, most often, these sofas are chosen by those who want to make a little variety in the design of their kitchen.

Such a material as chenille is also very popular. This is another option that stands out with original patterns and a combination of different colors. Looks sofa chenille expensive and stylish.

Design experts recommend choosing sofas for kitchens that are resistant to all kinds of damage. Exotic and expensive materials are best left for living rooms and bedrooms.

Color solutions

Corners with berths are presented in a wide variety. You can find both plain sofas and patterned sofas, choosing the right fit for any interior. It will not be difficult to find furniture with a sleeping place even for a kitchen that is already fully decorated.

Now equally popular are the sofas, blending in color to the shade of the walls, and contrasting accents. Universal option - classic sofas pastel or dark monochromatic shades.

But if you lack creativity and bright accents, choose furniture of bright colors. Such catchy tones fit perfectly into the interior in high-tech style, especially in combination with metal parts.

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How to choose

Choosing a sofa for the kitchen should be very careful. When ordering it, pay attention to the parameters of the furniture. The seat depth of the sofa with an extra seat for a good sleep can vary from 50 to 70 cm. The width depends on how many people spend their time at the table. And the length - from a meter to two.

Of course, you can choose another option by ordering furniture according to its parameters. But it will cost much more. Therefore, if the budget does not allow, it is better to choose a simple compact version of those that are already represented in the range.


It is worth talking about the price of furniture separately. The corner sofa with a sleeping place is what the owner of a small apartment and a resident of a cozy studio can afford. Simple options with textile will cost you in the amount of fifteen thousand rubles.More expensive are the kitchen corners, made of eco-leather. The price of such furniture is several thousand higher. The standard cost of such sofas is twenty-twenty-five thousand.

Well, the most expensive option is furniture made of genuine leather. In addition to the material used for upholstery, the final cost of the sofa with a berth is also affected by what the frame is made of. The cheapest options are chipboard and plywood. Wooden and metal frames are significantly more expensive.

Before you buy a sofa in the kitchen, decide on the parameters of your room, so that in the end it fits in the space provided for it. It is also important that after installing it in the room there is enough free space for cooking and movement that cannot be avoided during the cooking process. You must plan in advance and where you will put the chairs after you lay out your new transformer.

As for the table, it should also be functional. The classic oval or rectangular table does not fit here, pick up the option with a table top that easily folds or retracts. It is much more functional.

For the kitchen, it is important that the selected upholstery is easily washed and cleaned. Especially if the house has small children. It is also advisable to choose models that are deprived of additional details - bulky armrests or pads.

How to do it yourself

The kitchen corner with a berth of the standard size can be not only bought or ordered from professionals. You can also try to create such a structure yourself. For this it is necessary to prepare drawings and pick up the required amount of materials. The frame of the sofa is made of chipboard or plywood, and you can use textiles or eco-leather as upholstery. Due to the fact that it stretches well, it is easier to sew covers from it yourself.

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Top models + reviews

Sleeper sofas are presented in the assortment of many brands. If you are familiar with such models as Prestige, Austin, Sketch, Domino, then you already understand the intricacies of choosing furniture. If not, then we will tell you which models of transformers for the kitchen collect good responses. Let's look at several popular models from well-known companies and reviews from buyers.

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A variety of colors customers are advised to look in the line with the poetic name Hermes. Such corners are pleasantly pleased with innovative design solutions and original forms.


From the name of this corner model it is clear that the creators are betting primarily on its convenience. Soft and practical models, upholstered with kozhzamom or flock, will be an ideal place for sleeping, and for a simple family vacation. In this case, you can not worry about the appearance of the furniture., Despite the fact that the fabric and eco-leather usually does not last long. Corners "Comfort" upholstered with materials that are treated with special protective compounds. This prolongs their existence.

Laguna 2

Laguna is a practical folding corner sofa. He, like the previous one, can be upholstered with leatherette or flock. The sofa is firmly on metal legs, which, if necessary, are removed. From the inside, in such a corner there are several simple drawers in which you can store sleeping accessories or some household items.

The design of the sofas Laguna-2 is not very diverse. You will find only bright colored sofas.But, if you like rich shades of red or orange, then you definitely should pay attention to these corners.


Another name for models of corner sofas, which causes us pleasant associations - "Comfort". This model of a “sleeping” kitchen corner is presented in three primary colors, two of which are lighter and one dark. The transformation mechanism of this model is simple and convenient, which means that the sofa can be used even daily, without fear that the mechanism will soon break down.

For larger rooms, designers provided kits, complemented by a ottoman to match a corner. Buyers note the practicality and cheapness of this model. For quite a little money, you get comfortable furniture that will serve as a place for rest, and a full-fledged dining area.


Inexpensive and model called "Assol". These corner sofas are large enough and equipped with an additional drawer for sleeping linen. The surface of the sofa at your discretion can be fabric or leather. In terms of colors, there is a lot more variety - you can choose any color, although the most versatile are still popular, namely red, chocolate and beige.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Corner sofas with a berth - this is a real find for any interior. In the kitchen, it is best to zone the space by setting the corner opposite the cooking zone. It is not necessary that the sofa blends with the overall style of the kitchen. On the contrary, due to the contrast, it will be immediately visible in which zone the active work is in full swing, and where you can sit, relax and rest.

A modern leather sofa and a compact, upholstered in simple retro-style textiles will look good in a modern kitchen. Selected clamshells, which are used on an ongoing basis, usually complement the corresponding table. A good option - a table on wheels, which you can easily push aside every night. These tables often come complete with the area itself.

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One of the advantages of the “corners” with a sleeping place is that the resting place is well disguised, which means you don’t have to change the interior of the kitchen. Just choose the sofa you like and install it in your room.

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