Kitchen corner with table

 Kitchen corner with table

For many of us, the kitchen is not only a place for lunch, but also a place where we can relax after a long working day, spend time for a pleasant conversation with our loved ones. That is why in the kitchen there is not something unimportant. A kitchen corner with a table will add to the interior coziness, elegance and significantly increase comfort.


  • Standard view. Such models are a set consisting of a table, sofa and chairs, stools or ottomans. Kits differ in size, depending on the area of ​​the room where they will be installed. Standard models of kitchen corners are usually designed to maximize the use of space in the corner. Therefore, in most cases, sofas in such sets are angular.
  • Bay windows are installed in niches, indentations, grooves and are usually carried out individually for a specific case. Since now more and more apartments with irregular shapes are found, bay windows are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens. Depending on the shape of the niche, the bay window can have various shapes - u-shaped, semi-oval, semicircular.
  • Modular models consist of separate components that are attached to each other during the assembly process, or simply attached close to each other. The advantages of this type are - quick assembly, various options for the transformation of the area.

Seat covers, in some versions can recline, representing a storage box. Sofas can be equipped with drawers or an extra bed. Tables can be standard or transformers with sliding table tops.

Sofas can vary according to the character of the upholstery. So, soft upholstery adds comfort to the room. Such furniture can be combined with a place for lunch and rest. Seats with a rigid frame and upholstery, or hard benches are usually used in small spaces, so as not to create a feeling of bulkiness.For extra comfort, you can use soft pillows. Also for small kitchens it is better to use stools instead of chairs with backs and poufs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the high functionality of such a set, it has not only advantages, but also disadvantages, albeit minor ones.


  • Such furniture is quite roomy. Depending on the size, the corner can easily accommodate up to 8 people.
  • Adds comfort to the interior. Some elements of the kitchenette, such as a sofa, are covered with some kind of cloth. With this option, the room becomes cozier. It is also an opportunity to play with color and modernly equip the interior.
  • As a rule, kitchen corners consist of several modules, which allows you to change the configuration of the corner depending on the wishes of its owner, to bring something new into the interior. This is a good option when moving to a new place, because, thanks to the possibility of transformation, you probably will not have to buy new furniture.
  • If the house has a problem with beds, this problem can be easily solved with the help of a kitchenette. In some models, sofas are transformed into a bed.
  • Most of the sofas in the kit have extra storage.


  • Not suitable for small kitchens, as it takes a lot of space.
  • In some models for the tables central supports are provided, which significantly reduces the convenience for people sitting in this place.


Style is determined not only by the latest fashion trends, but also by your wishes. Do not choose a style that is not close to you in spirit, because in the kitchen we spend most of our time. It is important that everything here is not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye.

The classic style is characterized by many carved and figured details. Differs in naturalness, as for such a style it is appropriate to use natural wood, glass, solid wood. It is unlikely to be suitable for small spaces, as it still adds bulkiness to the interior. The colors suitable for this style are light pastel. Although the variants of the corners in dark colors also look very worthy.

At present, the "modern" style, which is characterized by the absence of superfluous elements, straight lines, refined simplicity and modesty, has gained wide popularity. In this style, there are often metal parts.

Furniture in the style of "Provence" combines two absolutely incompatible quality - roughness and romanticism. A tabletop made in this style may have the appearance of an old canvas. The colors used are light soft low key. This option may also include the presence of carved parts.

The Art Deco direction has similar features with the modern style, but here different versions of color combinations are used - very bright and at the same time not striking. Very often this direction is chosen by the newlyweds.


When choosing furniture, it is important to determine the material for its manufacture. For this you need to know some of their features. Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly natural material. Adds an interior charm. Furniture from this material always looks rich. It has a high cost. Great for a classic style or Provence.

For the manufacture of countertops are often used tempered glass. This material is durable eco-friendly. Countertops made of glass add zest to the interior. This option is safe to choose lovers of Art Nouveau or Art Deco. Enough expensive stuff.

Professionals are able to make real works of art from this material, which are no less pleasing to the eye than furniture, for example, from wood. However, it should be noted that this option is quite toxic and can release harmful substances into the air. Of course, chipboard is inferior to a tree not only in strength, but also in price, being a relatively inexpensive material.

MDF can safely replace the previous material, having the advantages of chipboard. However, this type of material is highly flammable. MDF is not a toxic material. The latter two types of materials are more often used in the styles "modern" and "art deco".

Table top shape

Manufacturers of this type of furniture offer mostly round, square and rectangular forms of countertops. Oval countertops are rare and the owners of spacious kitchens can afford it.

Round table is more suitable for mini corners. It is clear that in this case capacity will be less. In general, a round table requires an area of ​​1.5-2 times the area required for a rectangular table. Here you need to pay attention, first of all, to the spaciousness of the room.If the room is free enough, you can safely order a set with a round table, since it is much safer due to the lack of sharp corners. However, it should be noted that sitting around the edges of the sofa, it may not be very convenient to use a round tabletop.

Rectangular worktop - the most common option. According to experts, in terms of ergonomics, this is the most successful form. If necessary, it can be easily moved to the wall or vice versa, in any case, it will look equally good. However, this form, along with all the pluses, is still considered dangerous because of the presence of sharp corners. In that case, it may be worthwhile to give preference to the rectangular version with rounded corners.

The square tabletop is quite roomy and, at the same time, the table looks quite compact. Experts recommend this option kitchens small size. A large square table is inconvenient in serving. And again, the presence of sharp corners, as in the case of a rectangular table, makes it dangerous. This is a rather relevant question if there are small children in the family.

Tips for choosing

  • When choosing it is necessary to pay attention to the edge. It must be glued around the perimeter of the product, otherwise the material may swell.
  • If the decorative caps are held up poorly, then the head of the hardware is drowned too much, which speaks of the unprofessionalism of the master and adds to the furniture the likelihood of fragility.
  • If there are bend lines in the kitchen corner, it is important to pay attention to the quality of its implementation. If the material was cut by an amateur, chipped may be present in these places.
  • If your product is varnished, pay attention to the presence of rough edges and drips. In quality furniture this should not be.
  • The tension of the sofa upholstery should be uniform. The pitch of the mounting brackets is the same. The edges of the fabric are neatly evenly tucked.
  • To comfortably sit at the table, you need to pay attention to his support. So at the table with a support located in the middle is much more convenient to place than when the supports are located on the edge.
  • If you want the dining area to be transformed into a relaxation area without difficulty, you may want to give preference to folding tables.

Accommodation in the interior

Having decided to place the corner close to the wall, you can make the back of the sofa in height to the level of the blades of a seated person. If on the contrary, the kit will stand close to the wall, then it is better to make a high back for convenience. It looks logical when the color of the material of the body of the set is combined with the floor covering, and the color of the upholstery - with the colors of the facade of the kitchen set and walls.

The interior is more harmonious when the lines of the kitchen corner repeat the lines of the kitchen set and are designed in the same style.

It is important that the kitchen corner and the set are made of the same type material. The dimensions of the kitchen set should be such that it does not occupy more than half the free space in the room.

Fashion trends

This year the popular shades are the colors of natural living - shades of blue, green, earthy. Experts believe that the combination of black and white colors will never go out of fashion. If the room is spacious, you can not be afraid to use dark colors. In a small room it is better to give preference to subtle shades. Among the materials most popular are wood, stone, steel.Minimalism and a bet on naturalness is also gaining momentum.

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