Aerosol glue: how to choose and use?

Aerosol glue is widespread, due to the versatility of the composition and high adhesion rates. It is important that due to the special form of release it is convenient to use and is stored for a long time.

What it is?

Aerosol glue is a universal fixing compound suitable for gluing a large amount of materials, including multi-textured ones. The composition shows high adhesion, fast setting time, and ease of use. A feature of this composition is the form of release - it is sold as a spray in cylinders. To apply glue to the surface, you do not need to have professional skills, as well as to acquire tools (brushes, rollers). Spray jet penetrates even into hard to reach places, providing high-quality fixation. It is also important that due to the dispenser and the large spray coating, an economical consumption of glue is provided. Even in open form, most formulations do not dry out for more than 12 months.

This composition is suitable for paper and fabrics, polyethylene, foil, polystyrene products, for metal and plastic substrates. (which allows its use in small-term automotive repair), for wood (used for the repair of furniture), for rubber, artificial and genuine leather. In addition, the adhesive firmly connects ceramics and glass. The wide scope of application is due not only to the characteristics of the composition, but also to the colorlessness of the adhesive. When it dries out, it forms a transparent layer, does not leave stains and streaks, does not cause distortion of materials - the joints remain invisible. This adhesive can replace double-sided tape. It is widely used in repair work, at home and at work, as well as extremely popular with motorists, because it captures almost all the parts of the cabin, dries quickly, a small volume of the balloon fits even in the glove compartment.

Properties and composition

In many ways, the composition of the aerosol adhesive is similar to the composition of adhesive mixtures for certain surfaces, but in addition to them, it contains liquefied gas and other components that provide an aerosol form.A large number of aerosols has a rubber base, combined with solvents. There are sprays on neoprene, styrene-butadiene and polyurethane bases. The latter, by their principle of action, are somewhat similar to two-component compositions based on polyurethane foam with a hardener. Today, odorless aerosols with an acrylic dispersion base can also be found on the market. Regardless of the composition, all sprays demonstrate high strength and adhesive adhesion, fast drying and sprayability. The addition of individual components enhances certain characteristics of the composition, for example, by providing it with improved water resistance or frost resistance.


Depending on the time of exposure aerosol glue is of the following types:

  • for short-term gluing - the composition is intended for temporary fixation of paper, cloth, used in repair work;
  • for long-term fixation - provides a longer and durable connection of materials and parts, the subsequent dismantling of which is not always possible.

Depending on the material for which the glue is intended, the following types of glue are distinguished:

  • for textiles and paper - usually these compounds produce a temporary effect, and after separation of materials they do not turn yellow, do not deteriorate;
  • for foil and film - provide both short-term and long-term fixation;
  • the combination of polypropylene materials with wood or metal - such compositions exhibit enhanced adhesion;
  • rubber compounds - they are characterized by the fact that they do not destroy the structure of the material;
  • spray for carpets; CARPET;
  • spray for expanded polystyrene - also does not harm the structure and integrity of the material;
  • formulations for plastic.

Finally, there are universal versions that are suitable for combining most types of materials in all conditions. For drawing drawings it is necessary to apply special glue for stencils. Before use, you must make sure that the stencils themselves are not printed and not sodden under the influence of the spray. Universal contact adhesive can be produced in cylinders and cylinder. Modification in a cylinder is convenient if necessary to spray glue in hard-to-reach places. The cylinder is usually supplied with a hose and an applicator, so it is convenient to use it for applying adhesive to large areas.Construction adhesive in the cylinder can also be used to seal the joints and cracks of various surfaces of concrete, plastic. For these purposes, you can use the composition of the cylinder, if it is equipped with a nozzle for a more accurate, less voluminous spraying.

Manufacturers Overview

Only glue from a reputable manufacturer demonstrates quality fixation.

You should not expect the manifestation of withered characteristics of the composition in a nameless balloon.

  • The trust of customers won the waterproof 3M adhesive spray based on elastomers and solvents, which provides increased moisture resistance of the composition. However, the adhesive is not suitable for surfaces that come into contact with oils and gasoline-containing liquids. Suitable for use at temperatures from -30 to + 100ºС. If necessary, you can re-glue the materials, the glue does not leave marks, does not cause the occurrence of deformations. The range of adhesives of this brand is quite wide and includes compounds specifically for metal, wood, plastic, polystyrene foam and rubber surfaces. Each cylinder has its own number, with different compositions may vary the intensity of spraying.
  • If you need to obtain ultra-strong compounds, it is usually recommended to use Multi Spray. Evidence of high adhesion of the composition can be considered that it is used even in aircraft and shipbuilding. Glue demonstrates high-quality grip even when applied to rough, dusty surfaces, so it can be used to fix rubber bases to concrete. At the heart of - unique rubber components. The list of glued materials is very large.
  • Abro glue also receives positive feedback. In addition to the excellent technical characteristics, users note the presence in the kit of several interchangeable nozzles - a thin “neck” for applying the composition to narrow surfaces and a standard aerosol. The glue dries quickly, but is not suitable for all materials, as some light ones can “not take”, while heavy ones stick together almost everything. This glue has several varieties. In the first place - it is a universal composition, but when applied to painted surfaces can spoil their appearance, and specialized for specific types of bases.
  • Tuskbond glue comes in handy for fabrics, including car trim.It sticks together even very thin materials, without forming a hard “substrate” or stains. For the same purpose, you can also use the universal composition Done Deal.

Instructions for use

Apply glue only on clean, dry and degreased surfaces. Otherwise, its adhesion decreases. Shake the can vigorously several times before spraying glue. After that, remove the cap and send a spray (the point where the composition comes from) on the surfaces to be glued. The correct distance to them is 20–40 cm. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates at what distance to spray.

The cylinder with glue should be kept parallel to the surface to be glued, which will ensure its uniform spraying. In order to increase the bonding strength, you can apply glue in two layers, and after fixing materials or parts, press them for a few seconds. If light bases are joined, it is enough to spray in one layer only on one of them. When joining heavy or porous surfaces, it is recommended that glue be applied to each of the surfaces, and this can be done in two layers. A little trick will help to use glue until the very end without a trace.At the end of the application, turn the bottle over and press the sprayer until the air starts to flow out of it.

Since the composition is compressed, it cannot be used near sources of ignition. It is forbidden to smoke during work, it is recommended to use glue with gloves and a respirator, always in a well-ventilated area. Store the bottle at room temperature (exact parameters are indicated on the package). Both high and low temperatures adversely affect the properties of the composition. Do not store aerosol glue near heating and heating devices, open flame sources. This is fraught with ignition composition, accompanied by an explosion.

Obroz aerosol glue 3M 77, see the following video.

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