Glue "Bustilat": technical characteristics and application


The choice of adhesives of various types is huge and diverse. Modern manufacturers offer consumers a huge selection of products for construction, installation and finishing works. Despite the wide range, glue "Bustilat" still holds the lead. The product has proven itself from the best side due to the excellent technical characteristics, which we will discuss in more detail later.

Product features

The basis of this adhesive composition is latex. This component gives the solution elasticity and practicality. Also present in the composition are chalk, carboxymethylcellulose, water and special additives for wear resistance, reliability and durability of products.

Glue is made in accordance with strict standards of GOST. This product does not contain hazardous and harmful components.

The product is intended for indoor use. Work outside can only be done under the condition of a constant temperature with a plus sign.

Do not forget that there is water in the glue.

Types and spheres of use

Using the “M” marking, manufacturers designate a product that has excellent resistance to low temperatures. Experts recommend that such compositions be used for work on the basis of unheated premises, such as utility rooms, sheds.

Also, it is allowed to apply for the decoration of country buildings, which are used at certain times of the year. Recently, glue is often used as a universal primer.

The composition of "D-super" - glue with excellent bond strength. The main purpose of products - gluing massive and large products: heavy dense wallpaper, baseboards, decorative elements and much more.

Product "H" is a special modified composition. Manufacturers have developed it to attach materials to the base with weak adhesion. To achieve this effect, the composition added special components.The composition layer is distinguished by increased adherence and reliability.

The main feature of the product is that after drying the glue remains elastic and flexible. Due to this characteristic, "Bustilat" can be used in areas that are often subjected to dynamic effects.

Glue marked "Omega" is used to fix elements on the fabric and felt base. This will ensure a reliable connection for any base. The main scope of use - laying carpet, linoleum, gluing cloth wallpaper.

Also, the composition is recommended for use for gluing wooden elements.

Due to the special composition of the product does not penetrate through the structure of the finishing material. On the surface there are no stains and stains from the adhesive.

"Bustilat" Lux ", as a rule, is used to connect elements on a polymer base. The product has become widespread when laying PVC panels.

All types of Bustilat glue have individual modifications. When choosing a product be sure to consider these features.

Pay attention to markings and other symbols.

Regardless of the type of glue, the compositions have the following characteristics:

  • The recommended consumption per 1 m2 varies from 100 to 180 grams.
  • The process of final solidification occurs in approximately 36 hours. Time depends on the indoor climate.
  • High-quality products have excellent adhesion with many building and finishing materials.
  • The maximum shelf life of products - 1 year. This indicator may vary in accordance with the declared information from the manufacturer.
  • After drying, the glue layer turns into a thin, elastic and durable film without color.
  • When using glue, the user has the opportunity to slightly correct some of the elements, since the process of “setting” the solution takes some time. This is quite enough for an adjustment.
  • Ideal temperature conditions for storing glue are from 8 to 30 degrees Celsius above zero at optimum humidity. Due to the presence of water in the composition at low temperatures, the product begins to crystallize.

If you have already opened the package, make sure that the glue is stored in a tightly closed container.

Ordinary buyerswho find it difficult to make a choice among a huge range, are interested in the use of Bustilat glue. This product is actively used in everyday life.

The composition is ideal for combining such materials and elements:

  • designs and decor of wood;
  • wallpaper of various kinds;
  • parquet;
  • tile;
  • linoleum;
  • carpet;
  • products from asbestos cement;
  • plinth;
  • slopes;
  • ebb.

When choosing a product in the first place, pay attention to the scope of its use.

Advantages and disadvantages

In order to compile this list of drawbacks and advantages, the experts studied reviews from real buyers, expert opinions, as well as data stated by manufacturers.

The practicality and reliability of the adhesive composition is confirmed by several decades of its use. That is how much time the product is present on the shelves of Russian stores. For such a long period, professionals have carefully studied the effectiveness of the product and confirmed it in practice. Despite the huge selection of adhesives, consumers still choose Bustilat.

Due to the absence of toxic and hazardous elements in the composition, glue is considered a safe product.This feature allows you to safely use the composition in homes.

The price of products is affordable for the average consumer, and given the popularity and wide distribution of glue, finding it in any specialty store is easy.

The layer of adhesive has excellent elasticity. Even with the deformation of the bonded elements and surfaces, the adhesive will retain all the technical characteristics and, most importantly, the bonding properties.

Regardless of where you will use the composition, the glue will fulfill its obligations to the fullest extent. Whether it be wallpaper, tile or other individual materials, the composition firmly connects the elements with the base.

Also, glue is often used in the form of a waterproofing or primer.

To appreciate the full range of product advantages, purchase only certified products. In the Russian market is widely distributed glue from the brand "Lacra". If you doubt the quality of the goods, check with the sellers for certificates.

Significant disadvantages of this composition was not found, however, the product has certain disadvantages. "Bustilat" can not be used at sub-zero temperatures, given the fact that there are many adhesives on the market that tolerate this temperature indicator. During its existence, many improved analogs have appeared on the market, which by certain indicators are superior to the product.

Given the above information, it is safe to say that the adhesive composition "Bustilat" is a low-cost and reliable product with a wide range of applications.

How to use?

For laying linoleum or carpet adhesive is applied to the floor with a spatula.

Immediately after this, a finishing material is laid on the base. Facing must be firmly pressed to the base. Upon completion, you must leave the finish for three days, until the glue dries completely. The optimal consumption of the composition in this case is from 0.5 to 0.7 kg per m2.

Advice from a specialist: You can add cement mortar to the glue. This will help speed up the process of solidification of the layer, if it is necessary to carry out the work as soon as possible. The proportions are 1: 1. To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to mix one part of the cement and three parts of the sand.

When using an adhesive for laying ceramic tiles, the composition must be carefully applied to the back side of the finishing material. The optimal layer size is about 203 millimeters. After the tiles must be firmly pressed to the wall and secured in this position until the glue sets. Full curing of the adhesive occurs after three days. At this time, in no case can not affect the finish. One square meter consumes from 0.4 to one kilogram of glue.

"Bustilat" is actively used for the installation of wallpaper from various materials. If the glue thickens with time, it should be slightly diluted. Enter into the seventh part of pure water, this is the maximum allowable volume. If the product is fresh, it is not necessary to dilute it.

During operation, glue can be applied to the base or wallpaper. When installing heavy types of cladding composition is applied to the base and wallpaper. In this case, the optimal consumption will be from 0.3 to 0.4 kilograms per m2.

In the process of dismantling the finishes and other elements, it is necessary to clean the working surface. It should be noted that the frozen layer of “Bustilat” cannot be removed with the help of hot water, therefore, washing the old wallpaper and treating the base in this way does not make sense.

The most popular, affordable and effective way - mechanical cleaning, which is carried out using a metal spatula or a sharp scraper. You can also use the grinder, which has a special nozzle in the form of a metal brush. This method will help get rid of residues of glue, but when working there is a lot of dust and noise. During operation, protect the respiratory system with a respirator.

The second way is to moisten the cloth with water and heat the fabric with a hair dryer or an iron. Under the influence of temperature, the crust of the layer will become elastic. It is efficient and silent, but a long process.


  • Ventilate the area thoroughly before starting work.
  • The work surface should also be prepared by removing dirt, traces of grease and various formulations. If necessary, a primer procedure is carried out (if the base has a porous structure).
  • Be sure to read the instructions for use of the product. All necessary information is indicated on the packaging.
  • The price of glue depends on many factors: manufacturer's markup, the percentage of the store, the type of composition. The minimum price of a kilogram is about 100 rubles.

If you want to save money during major repairs, buy a large product package.


In the vast runet you can find a lot of reviews about the bustilat glue. After analyzing the thematic web resources, it is safe to say that users respond positively to the products. Most of the responses praise the composition due to characteristics such as durability, reliability, a wide range of applications.

Negative reviews, even in the minority, but also present. Some are unhappy with the long drying time of the composition. The rest believe that the market can find improved options.

You can find out about the difference between PVA glue and Bustilat from the video below.

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