Features and application of Ceresit CM 11 glue

Repair is troublesome, costly and time consuming. In the process of work, various construction and finishing materials are used, depending on the task.

The most popular bathroom finish is tile. Such material is used for decoration of corridors, kitchens and living rooms. When installing can not do without a special adhesive. Among the rich assortment, Ceresit CM 11 glue is in special demand.

About brand

The products of the above brand are in demand due to a number of advantages and special qualities. Ceresit CM 11 plus tile adhesive, designed for laying ceramic tiles, was highly appreciated by both repair professionals and ordinary buyers looking for a golden price-performance ratio.

For the manufacture of products the company uses carefully selected raw materials and innovative equipment., allowing to make large volumes of goods without loss of quality. Products are inspected at all stages of production and receive the appropriate certificate. With the use of ceresit adhesives, work will proceed smoothly and without problems.

Appearance of the finish, its strength and wear resistance will depend on the choice of mortar. Durable glue will hold the tiles, maintaining the microclimate conditions in the room, as well as external loads. To the compositions used on the basis of rooms in high humidity and moisture, make high demands.

Product Feature

Adhesive for laying tiles must have certain qualities and characteristics. All the necessary functions have compositions from the German brand Ceresit.

The product CM11 has the following properties:

  • environmentally friendly product, safe to use due to the special composition, while under the influence of high temperatures, the adhesive does not emit harmful volatile elements;
  • Excellent indicator of frost resistance;
  • the solution is resistant to slipping, keeping its shape and strength year after year;
  • high adhesion with the surface;
  • the composition shows excellent water-repellent properties that are required for adhesives used in bathrooms and other similar locations;
  • the product is suitable for work both outside and inside buildings;
  • Ceresit CM 11 can be used for the installation of large tiles, the size of which reaches 50x50 centimeters.

Technical parameters of the product make it popular in the conditions of the repair.

  • Before use, the product is diluted in water. At 25 kilograms will need 6 liters of fluid (an approximate ratio of 1: 4).
  • The finished solution can be used for 1.5-2 hours. After which it dries, and the mixture will not be applied.
  • The air humidity indicator is 80%.
  • The minimum temperature indicator for the use of the mixture is 5 degrees Celsius, the maximum is 30 degrees Celsius above zero.
  • “Open” layer working time is 25 minutes.
  • The maximum slipping of the tile is no more than 0.5 millimeter.
  • Consumption per 1 m2 - from 1.7 to 4.2 kilograms.
  • Full drying takes from 24 to 36 hours.
  • The shelf life of the product in the whole package is one year.

Note: at the end of the installation process it is necessary to grout the joints for an aesthetic finish.

Additional features

The composition can add elasticator CC83.This component will expand the scope of use. Proportions: 4 l of SS 83, 25 kg of mixture, 2 l of water.

In this case, the mixture can be used for such work:

  • installation of tiles for facing the pool and other open tanks;
  • laying screeds heated;
  • tight fixation of tiles with water absorption of more than 3%;
  • tiling of basements, exterior stairs, parapets, terraces and other similar objects;
  • facing with mineral plates;
  • repair of entrance groups.

Scope of use

The product CM 11 Plus is designed specifically for reliable and durable fixation of stone and ceramic tiles. At the same time, it is not suitable for laying marble finishes; in this case, CM 115 glue is used.

Experts recommend the use of adhesive composition for finishing horizontal and vertical bases on nondeformable mineral surfaces:

  • concrete surfaces;
  • cement screeds;
  • over cement-lime plaster;
  • cement bases and stuff.

And also the product can be used to decorate brick surfaces. Due to environmental friendliness, the product is recommended for indoor use.

If you use a mixture of Ceresit CM 11 with various additives, you can prepare a reliable and practical building material for outdoor use.The solution, prepared correctly, has a dense non-deformable texture.

How to prepare the base?

Before starting repair, it is necessary to properly prepare the foundation. The working surface must be cleaned and dried. If necessary, various defects are eliminated, such as cracks, grooves, chips and more. And also from the basis oil spots are removed, polishing is carried out. You should not treat the preparation lightly. Otherwise, the result of the work will be unsatisfactory.

Check that the base has sufficient strength and has the necessary bearing capacity. If the surface has irregularities up to five millimeters, then they can be blocked using the same adhesive composition. This must be done the day before the installation of the finishing material.

Cooking adhesive mixture

To prepare the solution, the powder is diluted with ordinary water. A liquid with a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius above zero should be used. If necessary, the elasticizer CC 83 is used instead of water, diluted in accordance with the 2: 1 ratio.

Dry glue is added to the water gradually, constantly mixing the composition. The result should be a homogeneous liquid without lumps. Experts advise using a mixer or drill with the appropriate nozzle. The optimal rotation speed is from 400 to 800 revolutions per second. After preparation of the composition, it is necessary to pause for five minutes. During this time, the mixture will infuse, after which it must be thoroughly mixed again.

Apply adhesive composition

For applying the adhesive composition using a conventional smooth spatula. The tool with teeth prints a comb structure. Depending on the dimensions of the finishing material, the size of the teeth is selected.

When working with large and heavy tiles, experts advise to put a thin layer of mortar on the mounting (reverse) side of the dies in addition. And professionals also apply adhesive to tiles when performing repairs outside the building.

Finishing material, in this case tiles, do not need to soak. Dies must be pressed to the surface no later than 15-20 minutes after glue has been applied to the wall. For 20-25 minutes the position of the tiles can be easily adjusted.

In no case can not be carried out the installation of tiles butt.It is necessary to arrange the joints. The width of the seams between the dies depends on such factors: the size of the tile, the microclimate in the room, the operating conditions. For reliable grouting, use a special trowelled mixture.

You will learn more about laying tiles using Ceresit CM 11 glue by watching the following video.

Removing glue particles

To remove fresh residues of the composition, it is enough to wash them off with warm water. If the glue has dried, a mechanical removal method is used. The optimum air temperature for finishing work varies from 5 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Quality Assurance from the manufacturer

The Ceresit brand provides customers with a guarantee of quality for each unit of production. Manufacturers assure that the composition of Ceresit CM 11 fully complies with all the declared operational characteristics. In order to fully appreciate all the properties of the compositions of the above brand, it is necessary to observe the rules of storage of goods, transportation, preparation and use.

It should be noted that representatives of the company are not responsible for the inappropriate use of mixtures. Before the acquisition, each buyer has the opportunity to get acquainted with the composition of products, scope of use and technical characteristics.

What you need to know?

Regardless of who carries out the work, a beginner or a professional with experience, it is imperative that you follow safety instructions. First of all, you need to protect your eyes with special safety glasses. They can be purchased at any hardware store. Remember that the composition of the product includes cement, which enters into an alkaline reaction when interacting with water.

If the composition gets on the skin, it should be immediately washed off with water and seek medical help from a medical officer.

During finishing work outside the room for a more intimate contact between the panels it is strongly recommended to use the combined method of laying tiles.


      Consider the opinions of real buyers about the manufacturer's products. Given the popularity of products from the above brand, a huge number of responses are collected in the network. After analyzing the thematic sites, it is possible to say with confidence that the adhesive composition Ceresit CM 11 is a success with Russian buyers.Most of the feedback is positive feedback. Users note the excellent quality of products, reliability and excellent results.

      Despite the many positive responses, there are also negative ones. Some consumers believe that there are enough analog mixes on the market at a better price.

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