Characteristics and application of Moment epoxy glue

Currently, epoxy types of glue are widely used in construction. They can be bought at almost any hardware store. This article will consider the properties of epoxy glue "Moment".

Special features

All epoxy adhesives are two-component plastic substances. One component for such compositions is epoxy resin. The second component is a special amine hardener. Also they contain fillers (powdered elements, carbon and synthetic fibers) and modifying additives.

Glue "Moment" is used for sealing, installation, bonding of objects made from the following materials:

  • metal and metal alloys;
  • ceramics;
  • tree;
  • marble;
  • fiberglass;
  • brick;
  • plastic;
  • tile.


Moment two-component glue is currently available in several varieties.So, often in the building stores you can see a sample of "Super Epoxy Transparent." This epoxy is universal and is not subject to expansion at the time of solidification. In addition, the model is durable and is not affected by various oils and water.

Often in stores you can find a sample of epoxy glue "Super Epoxy Metal". This glue is capable of firmly sticking together products made from different metals and alloys. It can be used for both external and internal work. Often this composition is used to bond other materials (wood, marble, stone).

The next model is "Super Epoxy Formula 1". This adhesive mass provides ultra-fast bonding of products consisting of any materials. This composition is sold in a package that is produced in the form of a syringe with a special nozzle-mixer. This allows you to properly dose the substance and evenly cover them with material.

Sample "Super Epoxy Formula 5" Today is also often used in construction works. Like the previous model, this glue is produced in a special syringe with a nozzle-mixer, which allows you to easily mix the components of the composition. This substance hardens completely within 5 minutes.And after 8 hours it can even be drilled and ground if necessary.

Glue "Super Epoxy" can be called a universal mass for gluing different materials together.

Experts say that this substance is able to quickly and firmly connect any surface.

This model is represented by a putty, which has a cylindrical shape, in which, under the visible element from the outside, there is another element that is necessary for hardening.

Currently, many consumers use glue for construction work. "Epoxy Mini". This tool is available in compact packaging (6 ml). Often it is used for the restoration of various products. This composition is a special putty in portion packaging and hardens within just 10 minutes after application to the material.

Many people prefer glue "Epoxyline 2 in 1". It has the form of putty in a cylindrical package, each of them contains 48 g of the composition. In each sample, under the first outer component is another component that is needed for solidification. Both of these substances should be carefully kneaded by hands and mixed, then they will react.Often this composition is used for sealing defects.

Model "Epoxy Metal" designed for durable, reliable bonding of various metals and alloys. It is also represented by putty in a cylindrical package. Often such glue is used to complete the missing elements. After all, it can be given almost any shape.

Glue "Epoxylin Duo" It is a special gray plasticine. It is used both for gluing different materials, and in order to complete the necessary details (table corners). This substance dries after 5 minutes after its application, and after 15 minutes it acquires excellent strength. As a rule, it is sold in a package of 2 x 25.2 x 50 mm.

Learn more about the properties of epoxy glue "Moment" you will learn from the video below.

Advantages and disadvantages

Adhesive mass "moment" has a number of important positive qualities:

  • good resistance to physical and chemical influences (hardened glue can be ground, drilled, covered with mortars, while it will not collapse);
  • universality, since almost all models of this composition can be used for bonding any materials;
  • strength (often seam with such glue is compared in strength with welding);
  • convenience, as any person will be able to measure the required amount of substance, while the remnants of the mixture will not need special storage conditions.

Despite such a rather big list of advantages, Moment epoxy glue has some drawbacks:

  • toxicity (when working with such glue, it is necessary to take all precautions, because this composition in liquid form is toxic);
  • low level of efficiency (many people believe that the price of such a product is too high; in addition, in their opinion, there is an insufficient amount of glue in the packaging, so they often have to buy additional formulations).


        To date, on the Internet, you can see a considerable number of consumer reviews about epoxy compositions "Moment". So, many users write that this glue hardens quickly. Although the instructions say that it should dry out after 5-10 minutes, the substance hardens much faster. Also, some buyers point out that for such a two-component adhesive do not need to calculate the proportions, because it is already all divided into portions in the package.

        Many people notice that the epoxy glue of this manufacturer perfectly glues any parts together., the connection of objects is durable. Also, some experts and customers write that the seam with this glue remains transparent, so it looks neat and almost does not stand out.

        But at the same time, some people point out several drawbacks of the two-component moment adhesive. So, consumers have paid attention to the fact that working with similar compounds requires special safety compliance, since they are toxic in the liquid state. In addition, most buyers said about the overestimated cost of the substance.

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