Hot glue: what is it and how to use?

Recently, various kinds of crafts, home-made ornaments, sequined costumes, as well as original decor elements have become very popular. It unites all the above-mentioned need to use hot glue, which will ensure maximum fastening of parts to each other. This mixture will not only quickly and firmly glue the elements, but also extend the life of certain items. This article will talk about hot glue, methods of its operation, scope, as well as whether it is possible to make a similar mixture with your own hands or replace it with another composition.

What it is?

Glue mix, heated in a special device, is called hot glue. Initially, it looks like a solid silicone rod. This composition was invented more than a century ago and received a huge distribution, especially in our time.Glue began to operate in various fields from installation work to the creation of interesting hairpins and jewelry for girls.

The product itself is sold initially in solid form and is similar to a rod with a length of twenty centimeters. He warms up his special gun, designed for installation work.

Quite often, professional masters use a slightly different term for hot glue, they call it hot melt glue.


Hot composition is a guarantee of reliable welding during assembly and construction works. The mixture dries in seconds, and the sealing property contributes to the fact that the liquid composition itself takes the form of a hole. When working with a thermogun it should be remembered that the glue cools for a couple of minutes, so it is not recommended to touch even a frozen drop with bare hands, since you can seriously burn your fingers.

There are several types of glue guns that are designed for different types of work. For example, for home use it is recommended to purchase goods with a small caliber of 7 millimeters, for professionals, larger devices with a caliber of 12, 15 and 45 millimeters are provided depending on the desired result and the area of ​​gluing.The melting point of the rods starts at 120 degrees. As a rule, the working temperature varies from 120 to 200 degrees, it can be adjusted independently.

Large instruments for construction work are equipped with a temperature stabilizer, they heat up in seconds and reach operating mode. Included are usually removable tips to prevent leakage of the mixture when the gun is not in use but turned on.

In addition to calibration, the rods are also classified by color. There are standard - transparent rods, which are considered universal. However, you can buy and color, for example, rods in black or white. Red, yellow, green, blue and rods of other shades are often found in stores. The choice of tone depends on the color of the applied surface, yet not always the standard transparent mass will look right, sometimes it is worth buying an additional cartridge of the desired range.

The great advantage of such products is the democratic price of household appliances and replaceable cartridges. Professional products will cost more, but they will also have a much wider scope than smaller ones in terms of price and size.

Application area

Hot-melt glue can be used in different areas, it instantly sticks one piece to another, providing a reliable attachment and long service life of the object. The use of hot mixture is possible even in cases where other compounds are not suitable. For example, every professional florist has a heat gun with glue sticks. It is used to create bulk flower arrangements, large wreaths and other structures from fresh flowers. The mixture perfectly repairs the furniture, returns to the place unstuck wallpaper, tile and other elements of home decor.

Hot composition is often used to create panels, collages of small parts or pebbles. Such a tool is indispensable in the creation of decorative paintings and decorative elements. Using such a mixture allows you to do things yourself and with your own hands, quickly and accurately. Dolls, soft toys, various souvenirs - all this can be done with the help of a heat gun.

If you turn on the fantasy, improvised beauty of jewelry boxes, hairpins for hair, headbands, key rings and much more are created with improvised means. From a simple blouse with the help of hot melt and a few beads, you can make a beautiful and original piece that any girl will wear with pleasure.Likewise, you can decorate your jeans and bags, and scarves, and wallets - whatever you want.

Hot composition - an indispensable tool for mothers whose girls are engaged in dancing, gymnastics or figure skating. Bright and colorful costumes quickly lose their attractiveness, as rhinestones tend to fall off. The glue will quickly return the dresses to their original look, securing new rhinestones.

This list can be continued indefinitely, it all depends on the imagination and the availability of available tools. With the use of hot glue and a small amount of beads, small parts or any other objects, you can turn any boring thing into an extraordinary masterpiece, which is not ashamed to present as a gift to friends and relatives. You can experiment with anything. Many craftsmen open their own online stores, which sell a variety of creations created using hot glue plates.

How to use?

Hot glue is quite easy to use. First of all, in addition to the rods, it is necessary to buy a special pistol that can dissolve solid filler at high temperature and turn it into a liquid mixture.Pistols are both battery-powered and powered from the mains. As a rule, the device warms up quickly, after which it is necessary to insert a cartridge into the oval hole and press the button on the case. Under pressure will gradually come out glue, drop by drop. Everything you need to work can be purchased at the hardware store. Cartridges in the form of hardened composition are sold both in sets, and individually.

The gun itself looks like a child's toy. It consists of two parts: a heating mechanism and a device for feeding melted liquid. It can be large or small, depending on the application. The amount of extruded mass is controlled by a special button on the instrument case.

Despite the simplicity of operation, hot melt glue is quite dangerous, as the liquid, heated to 200 degrees, can leave a burn in case of accidental contact with the hand. When applied by hand, you should not forget about gloves that will protect not only your fingers, but the entire brush. It is recommended to work in a well ventilated area and with a mask on the face so that the toxic smell does not damage the internal organs.Slow application of the mass to the surface is recommended, since at rapid flow the gun may overheat and deteriorate. Moreover, one drop is enough for a large area. It is important to have a solid support for the thermogun, so that it does not burn the surface while idle.

How to do?

Some fans of frequent use of hot melt, wanting to save on the cartridges, try to cook them at home. In principle, you can do it yourself at home, but few people know that it is completely unprofitable. First of all, the user will face a problem in finding the necessary components, and in the second, even if there is an ideal composition, it will be very difficult for him to give the desired shape and correct caliber diameter.

Therefore, it will be much easier and more economical to buy glue cartridges in stores, which are quite a lot in any city.

What to replace?

Many are interested in what can replace hot glue. In fact, the answer is simple - another quick setting glue. It can be any kind of “Moment” that fits to this type of surface. It should be remembered that a small “Moment” dries in just a second, and you may not have the time to correct the details.


Reviews of hot melt positive.Users are satisfied with the result obtained instantly and for a long time. The wide scope of the product makes it an indispensable assistant in any home. Parents of first-graders, in addition to backpacks and office, often acquire a heat gun with rods, because they know in advance that they will need a set for numerous handicrafts and projects throughout the entire primary school. The composition copes well with domestic issues. A thin jet of glue applied to the back of the peeling wallpaper quickly returns everything to its place.

Even novices can use the gun easily and conveniently; preparation of the device takes seconds. With work can handle any family member. The only negative point is a small toxic smell that remains after the completion of cases. Every time you have to air the room.

Hot glue will be a great helper in the house, which will solve most household problems. In the professional field, it is also indispensable and comes to the rescue in installation work. This product will be an excellent acquisition in any family.

In the next video, life hacks with hot melt are waiting for you.

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