Glue "Cosmofen": characteristics and scope

 Clay Cosmofen: characteristics and scope

Glue "Cosmofen" is a reliable assistant both in everyday life and in production. With it you can quickly and efficiently glue together almost any material.

Features: pros and cons

Clay brand "Cosmofen" has many advantages over other types of adhesives. It has a huge range of applications. Attractive price allows home craftsmen everywhere to use "Cosmofen".

Its packaging has a convenient cap-dispenser, which allows very economical use of the adhesive composition. This dispenser is convenient to produce a point dosing. The minimum temperature conditions at which the use of glue is allowed is not less than +5 degrees.The reliable cap which is densely closed after application prevents premature drying.

The disadvantage of "Cosmophen" is that the formed adhesive joint softens at a temperature of +80 degrees, and therefore it is not recommended to subject them to gluing to those parts that will be operated at high temperatures or have contact with hot objects.

In the liquid form, the ethylzincrylate component, which is part of Cosmophen, is toxic and releases harmful substances.

Therefore, when working indoors, they should be well ventilated.

Scope of application

"Cosmofen" has a wide scope of application:

  • It is used when working with various types of plastic (including PVC and polypropylene surfaces). When installing windows, glue is used to join sealing profiles. It is not used for bonding porous plastic, as the adhesive composition when absorbed by the pores can not give the necessary strength to the connection.
  • "Cosmofen" is indispensable for plumbing work.
  • The adhesive composition is widely used in the manufacture of toys and the manufacture of various jewelry.
  • Used in sailing modeling.
  • Not a single assembly of the products of the radio-electronic and electrotechnical industry can do without Kosmofen.
  • Used in the manufacture of optical devices.
  • The adhesive composition perfectly manifests itself when working with glass, rubber, metal.
  • Medicine has appreciated the quality of the adhesive - it is widely used in the manufacture of equipment for orthopedics and dentistry.
  • "Cosmofen" is designed for installation of suspended ceilings.
  • The polymer is applicable in the production of cars, aircraft and ships.
  • Used in the woodworking industry for interconnecting wood products, chipboard, fibreboard.
  • When mixing "Cosmophen" with a primer, a composition is formed, gluing products from silicone and thermoplastic elastomers.


"Cosmofen" - a one-component adhesive composition, which is based on cyanoacrylate. Glue consists of the active substance, which is completely ready to use. Before work, there is no need to mix it with other components.

Instructions for use gives a clear description of the technical characteristics of the adhesive composition.

The holding time of the surfaces to be glued together is in seconds. The time of the final polymerization of the surfaces among themselves varies from 6 to 16 hours. It depends on factors such as the temperature at which the gluing process takes place, and on the structure of the material on which the adhesive is applied.

It should be noted that high humidity significantly increases the final gluing time of products.

The adhesive composition during curing forms a uniform transparent film, which is completely invisible. After bonding with “Cosmophen”, all products are not afraid of environmental influences and sharp temperature fluctuations; they withstand high temperatures of up to 80 degrees.

Thermal stability "Cosmofen" is the ability to resist the occurrence of cracks with all possible cyclic temperature changes.

The manufacturer produces "Cosmofen" in packages of 20, 500, 200 g each.

You can scrape glue in various hardware stores.

In specialized retail outlets for the sale of radio components, Cosmophen glue is always available.


Liquid PVC adhesive "Cosmofen" in all its technical characteristics serves as a sealant. It is necessary when finishing joints of window blocks. Its advantage over conventional sealant is that it does not fade in the sun, does not exfoliate, and does not change color. Such liquid plastic can work with all sorts of varieties of polymer coatings, in the repair of plastic windows, doors and accessories. It is also used in plumbing works for gluing pipes, gutters, fittings and other things. It is necessary in the manufacture of trade pavilions, billboards.

Cosmofen CA 12 is a rapidly hardening, high temperature single component adhesive. It is very practical and easy to use. They can glue together many materials used in everyday life.

The adhesive composition is toxic, so you need to handle it very carefully.

Cosmofen PVC
Cosmofen CA 12

Cyanoacrylate second glue "Cosmo CA-500.200" has the property of fast fixation. The adhesive composition has good adhesion with a large number of different types of materials. The seams are durable, waterproof. Glue is resistant to temperature changes and aggressive chemical environments.

Another worthy representative of Cosmofen is the activator of cyanacrylate adhesive AC-12. It comes in a very convenient package - in the form of a spray. Used to improve the effects of any adhesives and gels brand "Cosmofen". Activator "AC-12" is a catalyst that accelerates the work of adhesive materials. It creates the necessary medium to accelerate the polymerization of the adhesive and helps it quickly glue the parts from various materials.

Cosmo CA-500.200
Cosmofen AC-12

How to use?

Before starting the bonding process, the surfaces of the parts to be joined must be cleaned from dust and various fatty substances. Aluminum products before gluing are pre-treated with a special solvent or coated with varnish. Cosmoplast 10 cleaner is on sale - it is a solvent cleaner that serves to prepare the surfaces of various materials for bonding. Applied to the surface of the parts with a lint free cloth. The cleaner is specially made with antistatic effect.

An adhesive composition is applied to the pre-treated surface of one of the parts to be glued.Application is made using a dispenser, which is located on the top of the container.

Very quickly and firmly press the parts to be joined together and hold them for 10-15 seconds. If the connection is made incorrectly, then further adjustment of the position of objects is impossible. The final hardening time of the adhesive solution will occur no earlier than 6-16 hours. A characteristic feature of Cosmophen CA 12 glue is that it has a very low viscosity, therefore, when the gaps between the parts to be glued are larger than 0.1 mm, the bonding process will not occur. With large gaps, you should purchase other adhesive mixtures. For a faster hardening process, the Cosmoplast catalyst is used.

After the purchase and the beginning of use, you should carefully study the instructions for use of the adhesive composition.

How to scrub?

Excess applied adhesive composition in places not provided for bonding should be removed using a special cleaner "Cosmo CL-300.150".

Removal can be done and well-proven means "Dimeksid." A pharmacy tool should be poured onto the surface soiled with glue to help dissolve Cosmofen.We just have to wait a few minutes. Under the action of "Dimexidum" unnecessary glue softens. Now it is easy to remove with a napkin or a piece of cotton. If you accidentally spilled a large amount of "Cosmophen", then such a procedure with soaking should be repeated several times. "Dimeksid" - an excellent tool that will never spoil either the outer surface of the processed materials or clothing. He completely without residue will remove all glue.

In order to wash off the adhesive with the hands, it is necessary to dilute "Dimexide" with water.

In concentrated form, it can cause severe burns, so it should be used with great care.

Basic rules for storing glue:

  • if the temperature regime is strictly observed (from + 15 ° С to + 25 ° С), then the composition will last up to six months; at low temperatures (about +6), it will not lose its quality characteristics for a year;
  • it is necessary to exclude the increased humidity around;
  • adhesive composition does not like the presence of direct sunlight;
  • glue, which is in the broken original packaging, is stored no more than 5 months.


The manufacturer of the product "Cosmofen" is the company "Weiss" from Germany.The Russian analogue of Cosmofen is Rezolen glue, which has the same scope as Cosmofen.

Glue "Rezolen" has chemical resistance to alkalis, acids, petroleum products, sea water. Operating temperature ranges from -60 ºС to + 280 ºС. Maximum operating temperature - + 320 ºС. It has a high abrasion resistance, elastic. Sale form - pack of 50 ml.

Another worthy analog is Rtline glue, which is widely used in everyday life and in industrial production. Due to its similar composition, properties and quality characteristics, it has the same wide range of applications as Cosmofen and Rezolen.


Customer Reviews

Cosmofen is very economical. It comes in convenient small packages. The manufacturer has a very convenient cap-dispenser, which ensures economical use of glue.

The product is very easy to use - you just need to apply it and put it together for only a few seconds. The seam will not be visible, and the glued product will be very durable.

"Cosmophen" can not be used to repair shoes, because when walking it is subjected to various loads and deformations.Stretching and cutting of the glued seam occurs, which may not withstand the loads.

Glue "Cosmofen" worthy established itself in the market of adhesive products.

The fact that stronger - super glue with baking soda or epoxy glue, you can learn from the video below.

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