How to remove the “Moment” glue from clothes at home?

A person often uses various adhesive compositions in everyday life to help make repairs. One of the most popular options is Moment glue. But in the process of repair, superstrong material sometimes gets on clothes, and removing it is not at all easy. To find the right way out of this situation and not to damage things during the cleaning process, you need to know certain ways to remove this glue from various fabrics. In the presented article will be described in detail all the nuances and methods of removing traces of adhesive "Moment" with clothing.

Features of the composition

It will be useful to get acquainted with the properties of super-strong Moment glue before removing it from clothes.

The main feature of such a composition is a fast setting with various materials, including fabrics. The substance is enough seconds to securely fix the fibers, so sometimes the stain cannot be removed, even if it is noticed almost immediately.

The adhesive itself is high strength.This strength can be fraught with the formation of a hole on a soiled thing. When the glue dries, the structure of the fibers will change, becoming more rigid. Subsequently, the substance may begin to crumble, while due to the heavy-duty connection, it will crumble along with a soiled tissue area.

It also, unlike other types of pollution, is resistant to various manipulations with the help of water of various temperatures. Therefore, it is absolutely useless to wash the stain with water.

We use the means at hand

The first thing to try to remove stains at home, - a number of improvised household tools.

  • Thing you need for half an hour to place in the freezer. After this time, it will be possible to clean the fabric mechanically, without damaging its fibers. After that, simply wash the clothes. After several cleanings in the washing machine, all traces of the stain will disappear completely.
  • You can also remove contamination with lemon acid, which is always at hand with many housewives. So, 20 grams of the substance should be diluted in 0.1 l of purified water. The stain needs to be covered with this solution and left for about 7 minutes.After that, the glue is removed mechanically using the hard side of the sponge. This method also involves the subsequent washing of things.
  • In some cases, a body scrub comes to the rescue. Thanks to the solid particles in its composition, it helps to rid the thing of contamination also with the help of a sponge. Instead of scrub, you can use the well-known vaseline.
  • Acetic essence, diluted with water in proportions of 1 to 2, will also help to wash the glue from the clothes. Soak a clean cloth in this solution and then put it on the stain. After some time, the dried spot will dissolve and can be removed with a standard cloth.
  • You can also affect superglue very hot temperatures, for example, change its state of aggregation with the help of an iron, and then remove residues from the fabric.
  • Of the substances under the hand, you can even use nail polish remover.
  • At the last stage of cleaning, you can use dishwashing detergent.

Before using the available tools, pay attention to the recommendations indicated on the item label. The effects of certain substances can be disastrous for specific tissues.

For example, if you can try to remove glue from jeans with an iron, then this method cannot be chosen to get rid of stains on thin or synthetic fabrics. For lace, chiffon and other delicate fabrics, you can only use the variant with citric acid.

The use of special chemistry

It is not always possible to cope with the stains of “Moment” glue on the fabric with the help of household compositions and improvised means. Therefore, it is often necessary to resort to the use of various chemical products.

Remove any superglue from clothes, if it is already dry, some proven mixtures and formulations will help.

  • Anti-supersley is a solvent for strong adhesives, including Moment brand products, which can be purchased with an adhesive. The components in the supersuperle are specially selected to neutralize specific solutions. The use of such chemistry ensures 100% disposal of fibers from contamination.
  • Wash off glue stains using acetone.
  • Pharmacy products such as Dimexide can also help against strong adhesives. It will successfully soften the frozen material before the main washing process.
  • Thick fabrics can be treated with "white spirit". Remember that synthetics this substance can even dissolve, so be sure to test it before use.

Universal recipes

Remember that the important role played by the type of material from which you want to remove the glue "moment". Often the choice of the necessary means depends on the type of fabric.

There are a number of universal recipes for each fiber.

  • Glue can be scrubbed from suede fabrics with gasoline. To do this, wet the composition with a clean cloth and rub it with a stained place.
  • If the stain of "Moment" fell on artificial leather, then often use such a means of mechanical cleaning, as a nail file. Making a circular motion on the dried fluid, the thing gently relieve stains.
  • For white things, the universal recipe is whiteness. Since this mixture contains chlorine, it will effectively cope with pollution. It should be applied to the stained place and rubbed with another cloth.
  • Natural fabrics, such as silk and wool, can be cleaned using gasoline. A small piece of soft cloth will need to be soaked with gasoline,put on the dirt for about a quarter of an hour so that the stain is well soaked, and wash the thing with laundry soap or laundry detergent.
  • There is a separate recipe for removing old stains from resistant glue from clothing. To do this, use two components: washing powder and baking soda. The composition, prepared from two tablespoons of powder, dissolved in three liters of water and mixed with three tablespoons of soda, is used to soak things for three or four hours. If the fabric is loose, it can be rubbed using a stiff brush. After that, as in all other cases, you need to rinse things in clean water several times.

Useful recommendations

So that the pollution does not reach a worse state, and the cleaning process does not bring negative results, It is important to follow some proven tips.

  • If you notice how the stain has formed, it is recommended to immediately remove the thing and put any solid material under the contaminated place. It is desirable to stretch the fabric on this material. This life hack will help ensure that the glue does not soak the fabric through.
  • The antikleevy structure in spite of the fact that it is better and more effective than other means relieves fabric from spots, provokes fading of fibers. Therefore, for bright fabrics it is better to prefer other cleaning methods.
  • Remember that Moment glue itself can be of different types. The most popular of them are “Ideal”, glue for shoes or wallpaper glue. If for the first option only the use of special chemicals is an effective method of removal, then even soap may cope with the latter.
  • If you use aggressive agents to remove glue stains, be sure to protect your skin, as caustic compounds can cause damage to the skin.
  • Also, you should not try to mechanically get rid of dried superglue with your teeth: the ingress of particles into the body is fraught with serious illnesses and poisoning.
  • Before trying the use of “Moment” glue-removing compounds in place of the stain, be sure to check their effect on a small area of ​​clothing that is not in a prominent place. This will help you avoid the backlash and the negative effects of using chemicals.
  • It is not recommended to use cotton when rubbing into the fabric of various compositions.Vata often remains on the fabric, falling into the structure of the glue and clinging to it.
  • If the thing is quite expensive and you do not have the opportunity to test the reaction of fabric fibers to special and available tools, it is better to use the services of dry cleaning, since the risk of clothing damage decreases.
  • Remember that chemical compounds can not be kept on clothes for a long time. Otherwise, instead of a positive effect, you can get holes in the fabric and ruin the thing forever.
  • If you mechanically remove the dried glue, be careful when using sharp objects. In case of careless handling, it is possible to cut the fibers of the fabric or to make them puff.

Thus, despite all the resistance of the Moment glue, it is quite possible to remove it from various fabrics. Therefore, it is important to have on hand not only the necessary household tools, but also a small amount of chemical analogues, if you urgently need to remove the stain.

How to remove the glue from the clothes, see the next video.

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