Glue "Moment Crystal": composition, properties and features of the application

Polyurethane waterproof "Moment Crystal" is one of the many adhesives produced by Henkel. The products of this company are well known all over the world, and production facilities are located in many countries. In Russia, the release of Moment glue has been done by Henkel Era LLC, located in the city of Tosno, Leningrad Oblast, and has been operating in the group since 1991.


The Moment Crystal glue contains stabilizing agents, hetero-chain polymers of the polyurethane group, acetic acid ethyl ester and acetone. Due to the presence of these components, the adhesive is highly water resistant and suitable for use in environments with high humidity. The tool is absolutely transparent, so that the place of the junction of elements is almost imperceptible.In the drying process, the composition crystallizes, which ensures a high degree of adhesion of parts and ensures the durability of the compound. The adhesive is highly heat and frost resistant and well tolerates the action of alkalis and dilute acids.

Glued things can be used at temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees without the risk of deformation of the seam or mutual displacement of parts. The optimum temperature for installation is considered to be a range of plus 18-25 degrees, but if necessary, bonding can be carried out at lower as well as at higher temperatures.

If the work with the composition is carried out under extreme conditions, it must be borne in mind that the drying of the glue depends entirely on the evaporation time of the solvent. The slower this process takes, the longer it will take to fully cure the seam.

"Moment Crystal", like many other compositions in this category, is a flammable substance. Therefore, gluing work should be carried out away from sources of open fire and with good ventilation, if the installation is carried out indoors.The density of the adhesive is 0.88 g / cm3, and the average consumption, subject to the application of the composition on both surfaces, varies from 250 to 350 g / m2. The tool can be stored at temperatures from -20 to 30 degrees and in the case of freezing quickly restores its properties after thawing. The shelf life of the adhesive is limited to two years, subject to temperature storage. The glue release form is represented by tubes of 30 and 125 ml, as well as 750 ml cans and ten-liter cans.

Advantages and disadvantages

A large number of positive reviews and high consumer demand for the Moment Crystal glue due to a number of its undeniable advantages:

  • comfortable cost and affordability make the tool very popular in the home and household;
  • the increased strength and durability of the joint allows the use of glue for working with parts subject to moderate mechanical and vibration load;
  • the absolute transparency of the docking seam explains the widespread use of glue for the repair of home furnishings and souvenirs;
  • the possibility of combination gluing,allowing to combine materials in various combinations, significantly expands the scope of the composition and makes it even more popular;
  • glue does not possess toluene, so the use of the composition is not intended.

The disadvantages of the composition “Moment Crystal” can be attributed to restrictions on the gluing of objects in contact with food, and an unpleasant odor caused by the presence in the composition of the solvent.

Scope of application

Glue "Moment Crystal" is widely used in all areas of economic activity. Means is suitable for connection of materials, different in structure and density, among themselves in any combinations. With this universal composition, you can glue porcelain, ceramics, plexiglas, cloth, rubber, foam rubber, cork and paper in different versions. Due to its high waterproof qualities, glue is successfully used in the repair of inflatable boats, summer swimming pools and shoes.

Despite the wide range of materials that are perfectly glued together with the help of "Crystal"There are a number of restrictions on the use of this tool. The main one is the impossibility of working with dishes and other items that have direct contact with food.Glue is also not adapted for bonding Teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene parts.

Instructions for use

In order for bonding to be strong and durable, it is necessary to follow a number of rules that can be found in the description of the product on the packaging. The main guarantee of the strength of the joint is the thorough preparation of the working bases. To do this, both surfaces must be cleaned of mechanical impurities, dust and be sure to degrease with gasoline or acetone. After the bases are ready, you should gently open the tube, holding it in an upright position. This will help prevent glue from spreading, as well as keep hands and packaging clean.

Next, you need to apply the gel on both surfaces and leave for 10-15 minutes. If the material has a porous structure and quickly absorbs the composition, the application should be repeated. After this time, it is necessary to connect the parts to be glued with force and hold them in this position for several seconds.

At the time of connecting the parts to each other, it is possible to adjust their location, which is very important when gluing interior items and souvenirs. After a day, the product is completely ready for use.

Precautionary measures

When working with “Moment Crystal” glue, one should not forget about the measures of personal safety. Means belongs to the class of flammable materials, therefore its use near open fire is strictly prohibited. Before starting work, open the vents or turn on the ventilation. In the process of working with glue, it is important not to allow it to get on the skin of the hands and the mucous membrane of the eyes. In case of accidental contact, the skin should be washed with plenty of warm water. Store packaging with "Moment" should be in places inaccessible to children and animals. Clean the tools from the glue with gasoline immediately after completion of work. In case of contact with the fabric - the product is recommended to pass in dry cleaning.

Due to the high quality, ease of use and low cost, Moment Kristall has practically no equal in its category of adhesive compositions. Being an indispensable assistant in the household and household, it allows you to quickly and accurately repair any product and extend the life of your favorite things.

For information on how to properly use glue, see the next video.

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