Titebond glue: variations, consumption and use

In the Russian market there are many adhesives. In most cases, their manufacturers emphasize the universality of the product or its ability to combine synthetic materials. Titebond glue is a more interesting option. Its varieties are not only multi-purpose versions, but also mixtures designed to connect wood products.

Special features

Although Titebond glue warranty period is 2 years, in practice it is stored for at least 3 years. The developer indicates that for the final removal of the previously applied glue, a liquid nail cleaner should be used.

Available compositions are very diverse. They are intended for restoration work, creating parquet, gluing joinery. Judging by the reviews, the adhesive mixtures supplied by this brand perfectly combine wood and other materials.The result justifies the expectations, the products show themselves excellently in both household and industrial scales.


Solvent Free Cove Base

This type of glue, produced in blue packaging, has the following advantages:

  • lack of solvents;
  • environmental Safety;
  • resistance to dampness;
  • superstrong connections;
  • stability of the quality of the seam for a long time;
  • the ability to clean uncured glue with water.

This compound helps to glue PVC and rubber finishing structures, as well as acoustic tiles. The underlying surface can be sheets of drywall, putty, paintwork and wallpaper, as well as ceramic tiles. Having come into contact with the surface, the adhesive prevents the attachment materials from sliding down. It does not form harmful fumes, does not ignite, fully complies with regulatory requirements adopted in the Russian Federation and the United States.

Its physical characteristics are:

  • state of aggregation - mastic of moderate viscosity;
  • color - beige;
  • shelf life - 2 years or more;
  • frost resistance - acceptable for operation in Russia

The glue itself and the materials to be joined must be heated to +5 degrees. After drying, the composition is removed with a sharp knife blade. Apply the mixture should be strictly on one side, her choice is arbitrary. Do not use glue without the inclusion of solvent to connect parts that are under water for a long time.

The recommended storage temperature is not below +5 degrees.

Heavy duty

Another sample of superstrong glue is Heavy Duty, which comes in a yellow package.

This mixture is designed to connect:

  • treated wood;
  • concrete;
  • metal surfaces;
  • plywood;
  • various decorative panels.

This adhesive is highly durable at the professional level and ideal for water resistance. The formulation is based on synthetic rubber. The typical color of the product is light brown. It is allowed to use glue in the temperature range from -18 to +37 degrees. At the same time, already glued constructions work stably at frost up to 29 degrees and when heated to 49 degrees.

Like the previous type, Heavy Duty is applied to only one of the surfaces. The hardening time of the composition is from 20 to 30 minutes. Removal of fresh glue is made with the help of mineral alcohol.

It should be borne in mind that the product can not cope with the retention together of parts that are constantly under water. Assembly structure is also not intended for gluing to each other parts of polystyrene foam. Application is allowed only in the open air or in the places equipped with an extract.

Inhalation of vapors of glue is absolutely unacceptable.

Tub surround

Tub Surround adhesive is recommended for use in bathrooms. It perfectly connects plastic structures, including moldings and products made of rigid plastic. The main active ingredient is a strong solvent that does not damage materials.

Resistance of a product to water allows not to be afraid of destruction of the created connections. However, in the process of gluing the surface should be perfectly dry, also it should be degreased beforehand. The reliability of the result is not guaranteed in the case of joining wooden structures to ceramic tiles or other materials that do not contain pores.

Further watch testing of Titebond glue.

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