Universal Moment glue: characteristics and application

Anyone has to use glue. The most suitable and convenient is the Moment glue. Since Soviet times, he has established himself as one of the best bonding materials. Its scope and purpose is very different. Henkel, which was established in the 19th century back in 1876, developed the Moment brand.

A bit of history

The task of the company is to improve the quality characteristics of the products in the field of household and construction chemicals. Henkel has a great reputation in the world for a wide and high-quality product range. Until the end of the seventies of the twentieth century, the Soviet Union was forced to buy glue from abroad. In our country, only in 1979, the domestic producer of the Moment brand appeared.

Production line of adhesive products took over in 1991Tosno plant in the Leningrad region. In 1994, the plant received the Moment glue trademark in full ownership. In the manufacture of products used exclusively German technology. From the very beginning of production and to this day, the production of the plant has no competition among other manufacturers and occupies a leading position in the market.

Under the brand of the company Henkel around the world produced 3 thousand different types of glue. It is intended for all kinds of work: both in the professional construction industry, and various household needs at home.


In our time, there are more than 100 brands of adhesive substances of this brand. They produce contact, second, wallpaper, stationery, epoxy. They are given convenient forms for ease of operation. Sell ​​in the form of adhesive tape, as sealants, in the form of alkaline batteries. List all options is almost impossible.

The stated versatility of the Universal Moment glue provides for the unification of several types of gluing substances into one group. The universality of the process of gluing materials together is not limited to the operations performed during the processing of specific materials.Each brand of glue incorporates various components that enhance its specific functions when exposed to materials with different adhesion characteristics.

We list the popular universal brands that are available on the shelves of our stores.

"Moment Gel Crystal"

The peculiarity is that in its composition there are a large number of different types of thickeners, providing a gel-like consistency. Such an adhesive composition has an excellent property not to spread. It is very convenient in work and does not flow.

The advantage lies in the crystallization of the hardening seam (it is extremely durable), this property improves the strength of adhesion to the surface of the treatment. It has a distinctive blue packaging.

"Moment Installation"

Specially designed for mounting various finishing materials on various large vertical and horizontal surfaces (floors, ceilings, walls). It is on sale in special convenient packings for installation in the construction gun. When you press the trigger is extruded to the surface. The adhesive composition has a gel-like structure, which does not allow flow.


In its composition has a large number of components acceleration hardening, which give a particularly strong bonding properties. When working with it, it is necessary to very quickly apply and dock the parts to be machined.

After opening the tube and squeezing it will take only a few seconds to dock the parts together.

"Moment 1 Classic"

The most popular for use in everyday life. It serves for bonding between different designs, parts in various combinations.

"PVA Joiner"

Indispensable in the implementation of woodworking. They are happy to work on large construction sites, and in their apartments are home masters.

It is an indispensable tool for assembling and repairing furniture.

Wallpaper glue "Moment"

It has many varieties. Their variety depends on the characteristics of different types of wallpaper. The manufacturer adds components to the bonding materials for wallpaper that stop the development and growth of mold fungi.


In our country, the production of Moment brand glue is carried out in accordance with GOST.It is waterproof and durable, and due to its technical characteristics it instantly clings to the surface of the materials being glued. Glued parts and designs are durable.

Consider the main characteristics.

  • Drying time. It is very easy and pleasant to work with “Moment” glue. The junction dries quickly, the glued product can be fully used after 24 hours after processing. Achieving such a drying time is due to the properties of special components that make up its composition.
  • It has the property not to spread. It gives convenience in work and a qualitative view of the repaired things.
  • It is waterproof due to this property, they can glue together various objects that can be constantly in contact with water. The properties of moisture resistance allows you to use things after gluing for their intended purpose, without fear of water falling on objects.
  • Transparency. Glue has a valuable quality - it is transparent. This property allows you to restore products without visible violations of the junction.
  • Availability. You can buy in any store within walking distance.They sell adhesives exclusively for domestic use. If you need a large amount of glue for the implementation of bulk construction work, then this product can be purchased only in specialized hardware stores.
  • For ease of use, the bonding material is sold in different quantities. The “Moment 1 Classic” package has different volumes of tubes for 30, 50, 125, 750 ml. For gluing small parts, small packages are suitable.

For carrying out serious construction work large packages are purchased. It is easier to work with a large amount of adhesive, it will suffice for a long time, and it does not dry out for a long time, since the packaging containers are made with a special purpose for durable use.

For the implementation of a large amount of construction works are sold capacity of 3 kg. Provided for sale in 10-liter cans.

Negative sides

With all its positive features in use This brand has its drawbacks.

  • The great popularity among buyers has led to the fact that there are a lot of fakes on the market that can not meet the required declared qualities of branded products. The composition of fakes include toxic and harmful substances.
  • It has a strong peculiar smell, but all household chemicals of this kind have odors due to the components included in their composition.
  • Some types of adhesives are difficult to clean after skin contact. This problem, most likely, can be attributed not to product quality, but to its careless use.

Application area

Glue "Moment" is the most indispensable helper in the house, it solves many emerging household problems: from repairing shoes to interior design of the apartment. He will easily help in serious construction and repair work.

The scope of the most popular varieties of adhesives "Moment" is wide.

  • "Moment Gel Crystal" It will be needed in the case when it is necessary to repair various damaged items that have become unusable during operation.
  • "Moment Installation" includes finely divided fillers. Let's apply at construction and repair work.
  • "SuperMoment" universal will help to glue together virtually any material among themselves. In addition to bonding, it has the ability to level small irregularities on the surfaces of materials subjected to bonding.
  • "Moment 1 Classic" has the widest application profile. Simply put, it glues almost everything.
  • "PVA Joiner" - its name speaks for itself, it is used primarily for working with wooden surfaces, and also perfectly glues other natural and artificial materials.

The chemical composition of polyethylene, polypropylene will not allow to join it to each other by any type of Moment glue.

Adhesives "Moment" can not be subjected to gluing the dishes that may have contact with various foods and that is washed with hot water.

It is necessary to use the adhesive agent “Moment” in accordance with the instructions for use.

Storage conditions

Each type of adhesive materials, depending on its composition has its own storage conditions.

We only note the basic rules for storage in the manufacturer’s industrial packaging:

  • can be stored no more than 2 years;
  • it is necessary to observe temperature from -20 to +30 С;
  • due to the components included in the composition, it is highly flammable, therefore, the adhesive must be kept away from fire and sources of strong heat.

In detail for each type of glue "Moment" storage conditions must be specified on the packaging.

The quality of the glue "Moment" is shown in the following video.

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