All-purpose adhesive: types and uses

 All-purpose adhesive: types and uses

During self-repair at home, many use a universal type of glue. As a rule, it is a reliable tool that is suitable for gluing together various types of material. What kinds of glue are on the market and how to use it correctly? These and other questions will be answered in our material.

Properties and specifications

Universal glue is chosen by many professionals and those who decide on independent repair in the house.

Unlike conventional means such glue has a number of advantages, which are described in the instructions to it.

  • This tool is ideal for both construction and domestic needs. Therefore, acquiring one tube of such glue can solve many problems at home.
  • This glue is always quick-drying, the setting time is not stretched for long hours. After pasting any items after a day, you can safely use them.
  • In addition, the glue quickly sets, providing high-quality grip.
  • Another advantage is that it often has a transparent base, due to which the glued objects do not change their color after repair.
  • Also, a universal remedy is water resistant and perfectly tolerates temperature extremes.

These qualities of glue owe its composition. As a rule, it includes rubber resins, ethyl acetate, rosin and other special components that ensure the strength and reliability of this tool. The main feature of this composition is its complexity: it will not be possible to get it at home.


Today, in specialized stores you can find various types of universal glue.

We learn about the difference between such means and what individual characteristics each type has:

  • Of course, among the professionals and not only use adhesives with quick-drying composition.They are easily applied to the surface, completely transparent, have a high setting rate and at the same time dry very quickly. Just a couple of minutes - and the product will already be ready. Many manufacturers produce these kinds of universal tools. Read more about the brands below.
  • Such glue, which is considered to be not only universal, but also super-fast, is very popular. Usually people call him a second. A small tube with such a substance will help to instantly solve household problems and return the integrity of many subjects. Glue is easy to apply and dries very quickly.
  • Another popular type of universal remedy is contact adhesive. This tool is suitable for all surfaces, it is completely odorless, easy to apply, does not spread and dries quickly. This tool is, indeed, a universal solution for many everyday problems.
  • You can often find wallpaper glue, which is also universal. It is easy to use for both vinyl products and fiberglass coatings. Since the composition is universal, it is often used for bonding tissue fabrics.

As a rule, such glue sets in ten to twenty minutes. At the same time, the mixture responds well to temperature drops and other external manifestations.

  • There are universal tools that are made on the basis of silicone. As a rule, such glue is used in rooms with high humidity. For example, during repairs in the bathroom or in the kitchen. As part of this glue, there are already components that prevent mold. This is another significant advantage of such a universal glue. The product is transparent, it dries quickly and perfectly withstands various temperatures.
  • For serious exterior repairs, universal mounting glue is usually used, which is highly reliable and durable. This tool does not react at all to the temperature drop, it withstands atmospheric pressure well, etc. As a rule, polymers are necessarily present in its composition.


Among the multitude of manufacturers, there are those who, over the years of their existence, have shown themselves only on the positive side. In the range of such brands there are assembly, silicone, instant and other types of glue.

We offer a small rating, thanks to which you can choose for yourself a quality universal remedy.

  • The Henkel brand, namely its “Moment Crystal” product, proved itself well. The material is crystal clear, does not have a strong odor and is highly reliable.
  • Also, the KS Expert tool has good performance. Its unique composition perfectly withstands even a sharp temperature drop. Manufacturers claim that this universal tool will withstand even temperatures of + 400 ° C. At the same time the structure is easily applied and does not spread.
  • Tools such as “Secunda”, “Contact” and “Master” are perfect for solving many everyday problems. They are suitable for working with many kinds of materials. However, manufacturers do not recommend using these tools for gluing dishes that will be used for food.
  • Such a well-known brand like UHU produces high-quality universal tools. They can easily perform not only the function of wallpaper glue, but also serve for minor repairs in the house. Means of this brand can work as installation compositions, because they can be used for work with glass, metal, wood and rubber.
  • Wallpaper glue from Econ or Quality is perfect for working with wallpaper and other paper products.
  • The tool from Bolix WM is perfect for insulation systems. It can be used for both exterior and interior work.

The glue is in excellent contact with mineral wool, ceramic tiles, facade tiles and more.

Scope and features of the application

Universal glue is suitable for wallpaper, bonding plastic and wooden products, gluing metal and glass parts.

Such means are not very liquid, they do not spread much, so that even small parts can be perfectly glued together and repaired.

  • The so-called contact adhesive has a wide range of applications. It can be used during laying parquet, carpet or linoleum. This tool is often used for reliable fixation of plastic panels, sound-proof materials.
  • If you plan to work with flooring, it is better to choose a building universal glue. As a rule, it should contain acrylic polymers. Such a tool is perfect for laminate flooring and even for the coating of coconut fiber.A day after the work, on this floor you can already walk safely.
  • Also, universal glue can be used during the installation of insulation systems. The tool works great with materials such as foam or mineral wool. For such works, usually choose a universal installation tool. It can be used during tile laying. And not only indoors, but also for outdoor work.
  • For sticking any type of wallpaper it is best to choose a universal remedy in the form of a powder, which must be diluted independently according to the instructions. Often in the composition of such a tool is a modified starch. Thanks to this tool is easily dissolved in water, without forming lumps. Universal remedy is suitable for paper and fabric cloths, and also for vinyl wall-paper.
  • For minor repairs, you can choose the usual universal remedy in a small tube.

Such glue copes with a wooden surface, perfectly glues plastic products and is suitable even for children's handicrafts, as it is completely non-toxic.

Safe use

Contact or mounting all-purpose adhesive is the meansduring work with which it is necessary to observe certain safety rules and act, strictly following the instructions.

        • Before starting work, thoroughly clean the entire surface. The surface and parts must be clean, free from dirt and small particles of dust. If you plan to work with walls or floor, it is best to degrease the surface and only then use universal glue.
        • In the event that there is a need to quickly seal a small hole in a plastic or iron pipe, you can use a universal remedy in the form of an aerosol. This is a kind of liquid plaster that will instantly solve the leakage problem.
        • If you plan to make mock-ups of paper and cardboard, it is best to choose a tool in the form of a pencil. It is easy to apply and there is no risk that the product will get on your hands or clothes.
        • If the particles of universal glue hit the clothes, furniture or hands, be sure to remove them immediately with a special tool, not allowing to dry completely.

        How to make a universal adhesive with your own hands, see the next video.

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