Subtleties of the arrangement of the garage: interesting and useful ideas

Nowadays almost no motorist can imagine his life without a garage. This important room serves as a shelter for your beloved car and at the same time performs a whole range of useful functions - a repair shop, storage room, and often resting places.

That is why there are many subtleties of the arrangement of the garage, the study of which will help to make the garage as organic as possible.

Special features

At first glance, the arrangement of the garage may seem very simple. Due to the fact that the garage, as a rule, is a small room and has some fairly simple functions. However, for the same reason, a number of features emerge that are unique to this room.

The first in terms of the arrangement is the question of fire safety in order to avoid situations where you can lose both the garage and the car immediately.

It is necessary to determine in advance what electrical appliances will be used in the garage, and not to forget to add lighting.Must be done by yourself or with the help of a qualified electrician. calculate the network load. This is an important part of planning that identifies the suitability of a transformer and cables.

If you need to replace the wiring and transformer, the best option would be to buy a thicker cable for large loads with a margin. If in the future the owner of the garage wants to buy, for example, a welding machine, he will not have to change these components.

The second important feature of the arrangement of the garage is insulation. Based on the climate of the region in which the garage is located, a sufficient level of insulation is calculated. Otherwise, the garage will not be able to perform its direct function for most of the year, and the car will simply freeze.

The benefit of the types of insulation of the premises is now more than enough. They are selected individually in specialized stores. In this case what the temperature should be inside the room, what is the thickness of the wall and what material they are used to play, and also takes into account the need for subsequent finishing of these walls.

In the presence of heating inside you can do a simple insulation of the walls with foam. This will be enough for a comfortable stay inside the garage and will allow longer to maintain an acceptable temperature for the car.

A more radical way to preserve heat can be heating wiring with a thermostat.. In this case, the constant required temperature will always be maintained in the garage.

In addition to the obvious important features of the arrangement of the garage, it is worth deciding in advance for what purposes the garage will be used. If it serves only as a shelter for a car, storage of tires and spare parts, then perhaps you should not be too serious about finishing.

In the case when the garage needs to be equipped also for a repair shop, there is a need for a more elaborate layout and decoration.


Having decided on what exactly will be in the garage, it is the turn of creation of the project. To do this, you can arm yourself with the necessary stationery and make a garage layout. And also it is possible to order the project of garage from experts. Both options are good The main thing is that when creating a sketch important points are noted:

  • Height, length and width of the room. Here accuracy is important, neglecting centimeters, you can later discover that some important part of the furniture does not correspond to the remaining space.
  • Determine what exactly will be inside, and make the dimensions of these things: shelves, workbenches, racks, and so on. Everything that, one way or another, takes up space, should be reflected in the project. Otherwise, it may be that the remaining space is hardly enough for the machine itself. Of course, the first is to build on the dimensions of the garage. No need to arrange furniture and equipment for a carbon copy, like other owners.

So, for a 3x6 m garage, a workbench would rather be set up against the far wall, which is quite convenient when working with an engine.

In the case of a 4x6 m garage, it is already possible to slightly move the space under the car, thus freeing the side wall. There are more options for the arrangement.

  • The next step is to check the sufficient width of the aisles between the shelves, racks and the car when it is in the garage. It is advisable not to forget this item throughout the project creation, then it will be easy to track the correct placement of furniture.
  • Finally, choose the gate.It all depends on how much money the owner of the garage is willing to spend. There are special gates with increased protection. Usually they are supplied with several locks; they are additionally equipped with hinges through which a special cable is threaded. In this case, a hook is made in the garage floor to fasten the cable, which serves as additional protection if the locks do not cope with the task.

In addition, the gates of the garages can be further insulated from the inside. If the project provides for a warm garage, this is necessary, as it will blow out of the gaps between the gate and the frame. But also as a warming garage doors can go with the interior trim clapboard.

However, here you may be faced with the fact that the panel will lead from the temperature difference and periodically it will be necessary to knock it into place.

At the project stage, a decision is made on the appropriateness of the inspection pit (in its absence). An alternative to the pit can serve as a mobile overpass., which pushes the car to open access to the bottom.

If we take as an example a standard garage of 6x3 m, then in the version with a ramp there is an obvious minus - these are dimensions, and, accordingly, the place they will occupy inside the garage. Unlike a garage of 6x4 m, where an extra meter gives the necessary space.

    Regardless of the size of the room, there is always the opportunity to embody the idea of ​​a basement. Thus, there will be additional space for storing things or rarely used equipment.

    Besides, the basement also plays the function of a viewing pit. And also enough internal space for digging more and cellar. This gives a great advantage of both functional and cost in the sale of the garage.

    Now more and more popular are gaining garages with rooms for housing.. As a rule, the living room is a superstructure above the garage, equipped with heating and all the necessary.

    You can consider this option for the future, and at the project stage take into account the add-in with everything you need to save money.


    Of considerable importance is the interior decoration. Material for walls, floor and ceiling can be different. In addition to the obvious aesthetic qualities, do not forget about practicality, and especially safety. Today, to improve the garage, without sacrificing safety and functionality, you can use almost any materials.

    The main thing is that they have certain qualities:

    • Flame retardancy. An important point, especially if welding is planned in the garage.
    • Resistance to various chemicals. Few people think about it, considering it unimportant. However, the walls or the floor, painted with the wrong paint, can quickly begin to peel when in contact with gasoline or solvents.
    • Resistance to mechanical damage. An example of an unsuccessful option here can serve as a drywall. Having a low degree of protection against mechanical impact, it would be inappropriate to apply it to the walls.
    • Wear resistance and durability. Agree, no one wants to put a new plaster or paint every year. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this item, especially in places with harsh climates.
    • Environmentally friendly materials. Do not forget that we are talking about interior decoration. Using materials for exterior finishing as more durable and wear-resistant, there is a risk to acquire material hazardous to human health. You should carefully study the instructions for use before choosing.
    • Finally, materials should not get dirty. Nuance, however, being in the garage, one way or another, there will be contact with the walls and so on. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the material used does not leave marks on clothes.

      There is a huge range of materials on the market that more or less meet these requirements. And allow you to easily perform interior trim with your own hands without much effort.

      The most common is plaster. This option is most often used for wall decoration because of its efficiency, durability and simplicity. In addition, plaster walls to finish much faster.

      Another thing, if you use plaster to finish the ceiling. Here you can encounter obvious difficulties in the work, and the consumption increases markedly.

      In addition, you should not forget that after putting plaster over it it is necessary to apply front paint. Otherwise, the plaster may begin to crack.

      The second material with similar properties for finishing is ceramic tile. Its advantage is increased strength, which allows it to be used for flooring. The obvious disadvantage is the energy costs for repairing their own hands. In addition, it takes much more time to finish.

      A plus can be durability, a more pleasant look and the possibility to choose a shade and pattern for every taste.

      An interesting material for decoration is wood.. Of course, we are talking about wood trim only walls. In the case of wooden trim there is one huge plus - moisture accumulating inside the room, will take over the walls, decorated with wooden clapboard. This finish creates the most favorable conditions for storing the car.

      There are cases when completely new cars were stored in garages with wooden trim for more than thirty years. There was no rust on them at all.


      The improvement of the garage can not be completed without furniture. The first step is to determine how much money will be spent on this item. Based on this, you will see the need to equip the garage with furniture made by his own hands. But do not forget that the main material of the furniture is still metal.

      Thus, everything rests on the main attribute of furniture - a workbench. Ready workbench costs a lot of money depending on the model and size. New workbenches, as a rule, completely metal. This makes them almost eternal.

      The obvious advantage here is the saving of time - it will be quite difficult to make such a workbench yourself.

      Workbenches have a different number of levels and are always equipped with small drawers, which makes them very comfortable. All tools are always kept at hand, and the work surface is always ready.

      But the iron workbenches are pretty heavy. The table top and the base most often do not understand. This makes transporting the workbench difficult. Alternatively, it can be the manufacture of a workbench manually.

      The main material for replacing metal is wood. From it you can assemble the main frame of the workbench, drawers and even the tabletop. This will significantly reduce the weight of the finished structure and facilitate further placement and movement. But do not forget that since the workbench is the main workplace, it must be sustainable. therefore the design must have a strong base.

      The table top, made of wood, must be covered with sheet metal, otherwise the workbench will lose its functionality.

      In addition to the workbench, the second most important attributes of garage furniture are shelves. Everything is much simpler here. There are a large number of different shelves made of metal, and intended for the garage.

      Ready shelving will be the most convenient option.. Shelves come in different sizes that are easy to assemble. It is necessary to decide only on the fact that they will be stored, and select racks with shelves designed for this weight.

      Thus, you will not have to overpay for additional reinforced shelving, or, conversely, you will be able to pick up a shelving that will withstand a lot of weight.

      Sometimes the shelves are also made of wood. but this option is suitable only for small additional shelvesdesigned for every kind of trivia. The main rack, made of wood, with time can squint and become unstable.


      It is necessary to take into account the presence and necessity of various kinds of equipment.


        More and more garage owners prefer to have their own car wash in their garage. Of course, it will not be a fully-fledged car wash, but it will be enough to wash the car. Sinks are sold ready-made, they take up very little space and are easy to use.

          To equip the garage with a sink, you only need to supply water and drain, if it is impossible to do directly on the street.


          Important is the compressor.Options for its use in the garage are endless. Starting from a simple tire inflation and ending with the cleaning of tools, blowing out car parts or cleaning the corners of the garage from inaccessible dust.

            Welding machine

            When choosing a welding machine it is worth knowing in advance what it will be used for. Suitable for conventional welding electronic apparatus AC. But it is not suitable for work on the body, as it is able to burn holes. For these purposes, an apparatus with a tungsten electrode and a shielding gas medium is required.

              Water oil separator

              This device will need for painting work in the garage. Allows you to clean the air from water, oil and other elements that are unfavorable during painting.

              Properly selected equipment can greatly simplify the life of a motorist. Equipment options that can be placed in the garage, a fairly large number. One has only to remember about the limited space of the garage.

              A two-level garage is an excellent option for those who want to equip their garage at the highest level.

              Tips and tricks

              These tips are more suitable for owners of concrete garages.Ideas for arranging such a garage set.

              But besides the idea itself, there are also a number of minor, but important things that are worth remembering:

              • It is important to pay attention to the roof of the garage. In addition to good insulation, it should have at least a small slope for the slope of water. The edge of the roof that is above the gate, it is better to equip the drain. Thus, melting snow or rainwater will not penetrate the gap between the garage and the gate.
              • In addition, it is worth checking where and in what condition the switchboard is located, from which there are wires that supply electricity to the garage. When the shield is outside, the drain should be placed so that water does not flow down to the shield. The shield itself must be isolated from the ingress of water - equip with a cap.
              • Garage must have ventilation. Most often in this role are vents - small holes in the upper parts of the walls. In winter, they must be closed from the ingress of snow inside. In the summer - open to ensure the withdrawal of moisture.
              • If there are plans to carry out welding or chemicals-related work in the garage, there will be few outlets. It is better to equip the garage with exhaust fans when it is impossible to work with an open gate.An alternative can be exhaust pipes, equipped at the top of the garage, and air inlets (mounted in the wall opposite to the pipes, below). However, this method is not always effective.
              • The driveway part of the garage should also have a slope from the gate. This is especially true for garages with a lower level. Without a proper slope, rainwater will accumulate at the gate, and this can lead to leakage of the lower level ceiling. That generally leads to the destruction of the base of the garage.

              The quality of the garage driveway is not only important for multi-level garages. In addition to accumulating moisture, wrong slope can make it difficult to leave the garage. This is not very convenient, and besides it may adversely affect in winter. When the car is still not warm enough, it is better not to expose it to additional loads.

              Beautiful examples

              Finally, some beautiful examples of the arrangement of garages:

              • Organic layout of all major tools. Tools are always at hand and clean.
              • It looks simple, but functional arrangement of furniture, allowing you to leave most of the space free.
              • The courageous decision demanding big expenses.The window provides access to additional sunlight, but is more suitable for garages with a good view from the back wall.
              • Successful selection of furniture for those who want to hide the entire tool, but always have access to it.
              • An example of a simple homemade workbench on which all the necessary equipment fits easily and there is a place to work.
              • Wooden workbench with space for dimensional things. Instead of boxes, under the tools used space on the wall.

              How to equip the garage, see the next video.

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