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White wardrobes are very popular, despite the fact that there is a huge color variety of cabinet furniture. White color is always associated with purity and luxury. This color visually expands the space, and models with a mirror additionally pull the room and make it lighter. The wardrobe has a large capacity, which is undoubtedly one of the main indicators of popularity. Inside modern models, you can place not only clothes, but also shoes, textiles, bed linen, etc.

In addition, using the wardrobe, you can zone the space. For example, to separate the work area or living room from the bedroom. And also such a piece of furniture can perfectly decorate a room, but in this case it should be ideally matched in color to all pieces of furniture and accessories in a given room.

It should be noted that not only classic matte models of white wardrobes, but also glossy and even leather ones are represented on the market. White gloss especially draws to itself attention.Sunlight and artificial lighting are beautifully reflected in the surface of such a cabinet. A room with such furniture becomes more solemn. The design of a wardrobe made of leather brings uniqueness and elegance to the interior, such an item can tell about the good taste and respectability of its owner.

It is worth noting that for the glossy and leather surface need constant special care to keep the coating and skin in perfect condition as long as possible. Matt models do not require additional care and are ideal for rooms with small children.

Shades and interesting combinations

A white wardrobe with a mirror will harmoniously fit into the interior of even a small apartment. It will be appropriate to look in the bedroom, living room and hallway. Visually mirrored facades raise the ceiling, creating the illusion of increased space. A white wardrobe will decorate any interior, make it more solemn. Even the overall design of cabinets, which are made to order, do not seem cumbersome due to the light color.

Choosing a white wardrobe with mirrored facades, you can not be afraid that in the case of minor damage, the mirrors will break into small crumbs and cause you or your loved ones any injuries.By production the special protective film which does not allow splinters to break up at casual break of a mirror is used.

The same film is often used in the manufacture of compartment doors made of glass or with glass elements. Therefore, you can buy absolutely any model of mirror wardrobes, coupe, not fearing not only for himself but also for loved ones.

With glass and mirror

Modern interiors use cabinets with unusual patterns on mirrors and glass doors. Drawing such drawing is called sanding. That is, it is an abrasive treatment of the surface of the glass, by damaging its surface with sand or an abrasive powder that is sprayed with a stream of air or a strong jet of water.

With this method, you can make absolutely any drawings and even create whole pictures. Such an image can never peel off or rub off. When choosing a wardrobe with a sandblasted pattern, you should proceed from your interior to create a complete composition.

White wardrobes with a stained-glass window on a mirror look very beautiful in the interior. This option looks best when all the facades of the cabinet are made of glass.The use of colored glass, paintings and artificial stained-glass windows contribute to the room vitality and naturalness. Multi-colored paintings raise the mood, make the interior more diverse. This option is perfect for a hallway or children's room.

A special wardrobe and nobleness are given to the interior by a white wardrobe with facets in the form of tiles with rhombus and diamond engraving. A facet is a decorative bevel on the edge or on the entire surface of a mirror or glass. The bevel can be both equal, and any irregular shape. In most cases, such decoration wardrobes made to order. The cost of this service is not cheap, but the result will please not only you, but also friends who came to visit.

Recently popular photo printing on the mirror. You can choose any image that will be placed on the mirror or glass doors of the cabinet. For example, it can be color or black and white paintings with views of cities or architectural monuments from different eras and cultures. Here you can give free rein to your imagination. But do not forget that photo printing on a white wardrobe should be combined with the interior of the room.

A properly selected white wardrobe with a mirror can become a worthy decoration of your apartment, he will tell about the unique taste and respectability of his owner.

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