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The sliding wardrobe of white color is a stylish design decision for any modern interior. This furniture has its advantages and disadvantages. About them and about where such a wardrobe will be the most appropriate, today will be discussed in this article.

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Features and benefits

White color is an eternal classic that never goes out of fashion. That he is considered one of the most simple in combination, because it is easy to combine with both monochrome and brighter shades.

Many people believe that white is too easily soiled, so they refuse to buy light furniture. But, in fact, on black furniture dust is usually noticeable even more. Therefore, white furniture is not the worst option.

In addition, many people associate white with purity and light. Light-colored furniture looks elegant and allows you to visually expand the space. By installing a white wardrobe on the entire wall, you will make your room more spacious.From a psychological point of view, white color helps to relieve nervous tension. Therefore, bright cabinets are ideal for installation in the bedroom and recreation area.

And the features of the wardrobe distinguish it from other more cumbersome options for storing clothes. First of all, thanks to convenient sliding doors. They do not swing open to the outside, which means that opening a closet in a small room will not have to constantly remove unnecessary things.


There are several main varieties of stylish white wardrobes. The easiest option is a plain white cabinet. It can be made of light wood or drywall.

A more popular option is a wardrobe with a mirror. The combination of white with a mirror surface makes it possible to further expand the space. Mirror can be only one part of the door or completely the entire front wall. It all depends on your preferences and interior features.

An alternative is a cabinet with glass inserts. The door with glass must be of high quality and durable, so that over time it will not break or become covered with scratches.

Facade decoration

Differing and finishing the facade.First of all, it should be noted that it can have a convex, concave or even surface. It is the cabinets with white smooth and smooth surface - this is the most popular and often met option.

If we talk about the material, the most commonly used wood or its imitation. Natural wood is expensive, but looks really luxurious. The most popular option for its manufacture is oak Sonoma. A more affordable option - wardrobe from chipboard. This material is used to make the basis of the cabinet, and for the back wall in this case take fiberboard.

Also often found and cabinets with a mirror surface. Mirror and glass for cabinets are used special, processed in such a way as to withstand shocks. Also, the mirror surface can be treated so as to make it more aesthetically attractive.

Most often the mirror is covered with silver, bronze for shading or graphite to create a matte dark surface.

The appearance of the cabinet depends largely on whether the matte finish is used or gloss. Varnish, creating a light shine looks aesthetically pleasing, but still,Recently, inferior to the popularity of an attractive matte surface.

A color scheme

As already mentioned, the white color goes well with all the others. It looks aesthetically pleasing and combines with pastel tones and deep rich shades.

One of the classic options - black and white wardrobe. It looks elegant and elegant. Such furniture will perfectly fit into a modern interior in hi-tech or modern style. Another stylish color wardrobes - it is white with gray. This combination also looks very aesthetic.

Slightly less often buy white cabinets with bright inserts. Although this combination also looks interesting. So, if you have a room made in some bright color, then under such an interior you can choose a stylish white cabinet with inserts made in a similar shade. This will connect the furniture with the basis of the interior and it will look more appropriate in your room.

In a classic-style interior, a white and gold wardrobe will fit in well. Most often, gold is used as exquisite patterns. Few who choose a wardrobe with fully gold doors, although such options exist.

White cabinets with a mirror surface decorated with original patterns look stylish. They are applied to the surface of the door with special paint, which is then baked so that the pattern lasts as long as possible and does not lose its attractiveness.

Today, abstract or floral patterns are popular. In addition, Japanese themes are also popular. The wardrobe, decorated with a pattern of hieroglyphs or sakura blossoms, looks aesthetically pleasing in any modern home.

Also on the surface of the door can cause full pictures - images of various cities, landscapes, etc. This design allows you to combine a wardrobe with the interior of the room.


In addition to finishing the facade, an important role is played by the filling of the wardrobe. With its internal components is to decide in advance. Everyone chooses the components of the cabinet for themselves, adapting to the number of their things and habits.

Most of the things are usually placed on shelves and hangers that are located in the center of the locker. In addition, there, as a rule, there are also sliding cabinets.

Below, under the hangers or shelves, you can install special baskets made of plastic or metal. They usually store shoes and bags.And at the top, on the mezzanine most often, they put bedclothes and those things, the time of which has not yet arrived, or has already passed.

Also below, under the bar for hangers you can install your household appliances - a vacuum cleaner, iron, etc.

How to choose

White wardrobes must be chosen depending on which interior they will fit into.

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Often the wardrobe is located in the hallway. This allows you to store all your outerwear in it and get it right before going out. Since the hallway is most often a small room, then there is better to choose a small closet compartment. He will not only easily fit in this room, but also make it visually larger. For the hallway it is best to choose a single-colored wardrobe with classic colors.

Also, a white wardrobe is often installed in the bedroom. This color is relaxing and soothing. Best of all, a white wardrobe will look great in an art nouveau bedroom. For rest rooms it is recommended to choose built-in or corner cabinets. This saves space.

If the budget allows, then in the bedroom you can install a wardrobe made of natural white wood. This wardrobe best fits into the interior of the bedroom in the style of country or Provence.

Another option for the location of the closet is in the living room. In this room we usually spend as much time as possible in the company of friends or relatives. So, it is very important that the room was bright enough and spacious. Since monochromatic white cabinets allow you to expand the space, it is quite possible to choose them to complement such a room.

You can also place a white wardrobe in your office in the office or at home. It is better to give preference to the classic version. Due to its white color, it will not violate the strict and laconic interior of the working space. For this purpose, you should choose cabinets with a minimum number of shelves and space for built-in appliances.

The presence in the office allows you to significantly save space and hide from prying eyes any too personal things that you still need.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The white wardrobe is a classic that fits well with the interior in any style. By choosing the appropriate material and colors, you can install a closet in any room without disturbing its harmony.

So, for example, white cabinets made of natural wood, which looks expensive and luxurious, fit into a classic style. They are organically combined with vintage furniture and modern, but stylized vintage.

In the modern style will be appropriate plain cabinets made of drywall or metal. Simple lines and the absence of unnecessary decorative elements make this version of furniture attractive to minimalist lovers in the interior.

White wardrobes are practical and versatile. Visually, they seem to be quite compact, but despite this, they are quite roomy inside. And the sliding door design makes the wardrobe even more compact. A stylish white wardrobe is a great solution for any interior, so if you can not decide what to choose to store your belongings, you can safely stop at this option.

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