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The wardrobe - a wenge-colored compartment is a very practical and stylish solution for interior design. Such products are becoming increasingly popular with customers.

Color palette

The color of wenge in furniture design has many variations.

Milk Oak - one of the most delicate shades, sometimes it is slightly pinkish in color. This shade is suitable for small rooms in which there is very little daylight. Milky oak is suitable for many decor options, so the furniture of this color is an unusually beautiful decoration of the apartment.

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Wenge color as if to imply that seriousness and calmness reign in this room. Such cabinets are suitable for connoisseurs of furniture laconic forms. This color is widely used for interiors in a trendy style.

With a wardrobe - compartment colors of white oak the apartment will become more cozy and comfortable. The shade of bleached oak can be dark and light. Light shade contains a pinkish-gray yellowish-gray tone.

Maple color decorate any room in the house.Such a shade will fit into any interior design, in addition, it unusually contrasts with the dark colors of the curtains on the windows or upholstered furniture.

Ash color gives the room a more status and respectable appearance, as well as visually expands the boundaries of the room. Such natural tones will fit into absolutely any modern interior.

Cherry-colored furniture looks good and juicy, will be a nice interior detail. Bright and alluring shade is suitable for fans of unusual designs, and a darker one can be used in a classic interior.

Italian walnut ideal for a bedroom in pastel colors. It is combined with white, beige, yellow and pale green flowers.

Milanese nut - It is considered the color of calm and comfort. Perfectly in harmony with products from genuine leather, and with such shades as bleached oak and cherry.

Color alder - honey shade of a tree. When combined with light tones in the interior, its golden color is enhanced.

Finishing and design

The wenge-colored wardrobes with a mirror look very sophisticated in the living room. They visually expand the space in the room, give it airiness.Thanks to the ability to reflect the light of day, they make the room extraordinary fabulous and mysterious, filling it with an unusual glow.

Bright cabinets - coupe will make the room more visually spacious than it really is. They look noble and are practical. For a change, you can make the facade or some of the cabinet doors dark. Ideal for a bedroom, but can be used in the living room interior.

In the bedroom of the child - this is a very interesting and practical option that will help save space in the room. Here you can choose the option of an interesting and fun photo printing or stained glass windows in combination with the color of wenge.

Dark wardrobes are suitable for spacious rooms. Chocolate shades are ideal for a classic interior, and for fans of bold experiments there are the most unusual solutions: pink, purple, purple and other cabinets.

Cabinets - coupe with frosted glass, multi-colored or with drawing pattern will look in a timely manner in any room, be it a bedroom, living room or hallway.

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Build your own hands

Before you begin, you must carefully read the instructions and make the necessary markings at the points of attachment.You also need to decide on the internal content and materials for the assembly of the cabinet.

Attach to the pre-printed lines attachment and mark the place for future holes in which it will be necessary to drive dowels. It does not matter which assembly of the wardrobe is a compartment, the instruction of which very carefully paints the entire ongoing process, implies the installation of mezzanines. Before installing them, it is necessary to draw the marking lines with a pencil in the areas where it will be placed. Along these lines, holes are drilled into which dowels and screws are hammered, then fasteners are mounted on them.

For further installation of the side panels it is necessary to know as accurately as possible the distances between the floor and the ceiling. Next, you should adjust the sidewall to the size of the main system and securely fasten marks on it and the upright stand, two fasteners are mounted on the marked areas. After that, the racks are installed and fixed with screws.

The process of assembling the wardrobe should be approached very seriously and responsibly, because not everyone can properly assemble the furniture.

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Place under the wardrobe must be chosen correctly, because in the future there will be located hangers. It is necessary to choose a bar for the size of the cabinet. It should be mounted on mounts that were pre-assembled. It will be located under the coat hangers and accessories.

For further work, you should make marks on the attachment points, on the wall surface with a pencil. In each false - panel a hole is drilled into which the dowel is driven. Then the panels are fixed with screws in the specified places.

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For further work, you need to make rollers, and attach the rails to the trimmed doors. The rollers do not need to be secured very tightly and in addition, because their movement must be free. The doors are inserted one after the other into the lower and upper guides. After adjusting the doors, you need to glue the sides of the sliding velcro cloth, which will open and close the doors silently. Further, the operation of the door is checked, it should be easily closed and opened, there should be no extraneous and creaking sounds, the fittings should be accurately fixed.

A free-standing wardrobe should be assembled exactly as usual.Built-in wardrobes are much more difficult to assemble because the shelves are directly attached to the wall itself. You can use as expensive brackets, and the most simple floor plinths. Fittings and component parts, not counting the door opening system, are acquired in ordinary shopping centers that sell products for furniture assembly.

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