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Today, for organizing storage of clothes and bedding, old bulky wardrobe furniture are increasingly being replaced with wardrobes, which have a number of indisputable advantages over cabinet furniture:

  • Modern sliding compartment door design allows economical use of space near the cabinet. Sliding doors will not interfere with the free movement, which is especially important for small bedrooms.
  • Due to the maximum capacity allow each centimeter of space allocated from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Optimally fits into the interior of the spacious and small rooms, allowing you to build a mini-dressing room. Perfectly engages the space of oversized areas with protruding corners and low ceilings, uncomfortable narrow niches.
  • It makes it possible to design the internal content of different functionality for individual requests of the owner,convenient for storing clothes, hosiery, shoes and bed linen, as well as books and television equipment.
  • Allows you to use in the manufacture of buildings and doors a variety of high-tech materials, contributing to the creation of an expressive bedroom design. Mirror canvas, often used to decorate sliding doors, contributes to the visual expansion of the space of the room.

Varieties and finishes

The bedroom, first of all, is a place for rest, where a person spends quite a large part of his free time. Therefore, the situation in the bedroom should contribute to a pleasant pastime and restful sleep, there is no place for scattered things and chaotically arranged furniture.

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To optimize the process of storing things in a small bedroom, the corner system is the best fit. Located in the corner of a room with a non-standard layout, the wardrobe allows you to profitably use a niche. Installation in the niche of the built-in closet made of individual dimensions will save not only the bedroom space, but also material resources.Since in the construction of such a model there will be no side and rear walls, there will remain a system of internal shelves and a facade, the production of which consumes less materials.

The small size and apparent compactness of the wardrobe with an angular design allow you to place a huge amount of things for both vertical storage and storage on the shelves of the mezzanine and in the drawers for shoes.

In practically any room, the corner cabinet, made in white or light colors with glossy or mirror facades, is able to free up and significantly expand the indoor space. Experts do not recommend installing cabinets only in the corner spaces of disproportionately long and narrow rooms. The geometry of such rooms is ideally adjusted by the built-in wardrobe room with sliding doors, or by a spacious built-in wardrobe that occupies all the space along the short wall.

A variation of the corner is a diagonal corner cabinet that effectively covers the corner of the bedroom. A model with a transitional module with a hinged door makes rational use of the space at the junction of two walls.

Extremely capacious and practical radius cabinets are made with concave and convex, oval and asymmetrical cases. A variety of forms and models allows you to fit a radial wardrobe in any room.

The design of the wardrobe compartment can be thought out on its own or in collaboration with experts. There are a great many options for the exterior trim of the side walls and facades. The facades are made with classic, bronze and gray mirror panels. The transparent glazing of the doors gives the wardrobe a stylish look, allows you to quickly find the right thing and teaches the owner to store it neatly.

Today, doors are made from exotic decorative materials: natural leather, rattan or bamboo, suitable for minimalist, oriental styles. It all depends on the style of the room, preferences and material capabilities of the host.

A double-wing wardrobe with sliding doors decorated with a mirror canvas is by far one of the most popular models. For ease of use, the mirror can be located only on one of the cabinet doors. Fully a mirror can be the entire facade of the cabinet. To give a refined look to a simple mirror glass, furniture production uses a special technology for surface treatment by sandblasting printing.

A stencil is superimposed on the mirror, then the glass is processed under pressure with a stream of quartz sand. After the stencil is removed, a matte pattern remains on the mirror, the areas covered by the stencil remain with mirror gloss. Subjects sandblasting can be varied: floral ornament, Japanese characters, urban landscape, abstract drawings.

When installing a closet model without a mirror in a bedroom, it is necessary that the appearance most closely matches the texture of the materials, style and color scheme of the interior of the room. This contributes to the complete merging of the cabinet front with the surrounding interior, visual expansion of the bedroom space.

Using design ideas that harmoniously combine the décor of the façade of the cabinet and wall decoration, it is possible to ensure that the presence of a spacious wardrobe in the bedroom becomes virtually invisible. What is especially important for not accepting huge cabinets of style directions: minimalism, high-tech and Scandinavian.

For children's bedroom

Modern wardrobes are convenient to use as a spacious storage in the interior of the children's bedroom. It is best to make a wardrobe for children by an individual order in order to take into account the needs of the child that change as the child grows. Such a practical cabinet can serve the child for many years.

Storing things in the child’s bedroom involves placing clothes and toys. In the absence of a special changing table in the apartment, it is possible to provide in the closet shelves for storing diapers, baby vests and baby care products. Based on the overall stylistic orientation of the children's bedroom, the cabinet doors can be made entirely from mirror or stained glass or using colorful photo-printed stickers with characters from your favorite cartoons.

Modern children's wardrobe should combine the original appearance with increased comfort. The shelves in the children's closet should be arranged according to the height of the child so as not to cause discomfort. For storing toys, it is best to use the bottom shelves and drawers so that the child can always get them on their own and clean them carefully after the game is over.

Installing a wardrobe in the nursery, we must not forget about security.The side walls and the facade of the cabinet should be made of environmentally friendly materials that do not emit harmful compounds and are resistant to mechanical stress: MDF, natural wood, glass and plastic.

Internal filling

When designing the interior of the wardrobe for the bedroom, you must follow some general guidelines. First you need to decide what things will be stored in it. In the small double case you can store only the most necessary things: home clothes, bedding and bed linen.

A large built-in wardrobe with several sliding doors will make it possible to allocate on the lower shelves a place to store things that have no place in other rooms of the house, for example, a vacuum cleaner, an ironing board and an iron. There are projects involving the installation of radio-television equipment and a computer behind sliding doors, significantly saving sleeping space due to the abandonment of a computer desk and TV cabinets.

The mezzanine part of the cabinet is always intended to store rarely used and seasonal items of clothing.The lower shelves of the wardrobe compartment are traditionally meant for storing shoes.

In the middle part you need to provide more space for shelves and mesh baskets for storing bedding and wardrobe items: underwear, clothes for sleeping, home clothes, socks, tights and other small items.

It is advisable to take the central part of the subceiling space under the compartment for hanging clothes on hangers, for greater convenience, equipped with a furniture pantograph.

What to look for when choosing

Considering the purchase of a particular model, it is necessary to understand that the wardrobe is intended primarily for installation in a zone of comfort and relaxation, where nothing should interfere with a peaceful rest. Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing the mechanisms that move the door. Mechanisms to ensure the softness and smoothness of the door, should be virtually silent.

It is necessary to pay attention to the material (aluminum or steel) from which the sliding system is made and other components of the cabinet. Almost silent door travel is ensured by a soft aluminum system.With careless operation of aluminum grooves, they can easily fail due to jamming. Jamming happens, for example, due to falling into the grooves of small solid objects, clogging up a large amount of dust and pet hair. The low cost steel system provides longer, but noisier, door operation.

Long-term and trouble-free operation of the doors is also facilitated by proper preliminary measurements, high-quality assembly and installation of the cabinet frame, completely eliminating the violation of geometry and the formation of distortions in the structure.

When choosing, pay attention to the model of the cabinet with the possibility of mounting external and internal lighting. Exterior lighting with low-power lamps can carry an aesthetic load, creating additional comfort in the bedroom at night. Functional interior lighting with powerful lamps is necessary to facilitate the search for the right things inside the cabinet.

When installing a wardrobe in the bedroom, you need to listen to the recommendations of specialists and choose the color that repeats the colors of other items in the bedroom interior: curtains, carpeting and bed.It is important that all key items in the bedroom are in harmony with each other.

A significant role in the selection is played by the color solutions of the hull, consistent with the size of the room. A beautiful wardrobe made of dark-colored material with black glossy doors will certainly be a great addition to a spacious bedroom. In the same closet bedroom, he will lose his showiness, will visually hide the already small space.

Bright red furniture can become a central element of the interior design of almost any room in the house. However, experts do not advise to choose such furniture for the decor of the bedroom. A wardrobe in the bedroom, made in an aggressive red color, can be an irritating factor for the nervous system. On the contrary, a wardrobe made of material of neutral pastel shades will contribute to the transformation of the bedroom into a relaxation zone.

The wardrobe must be selected taking into account the real needs of family members. If there are not many things, then there is no need to spend money and a place in a dwelling for a very spacious wardrobe.

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