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Sliding wardrobes in recent times almost completely superseded the classic. They are more practical and convenient. Behind the sliding door of such a stylish wardrobe all your clothes can be hidden. At the same time, he himself takes up much less space than other furniture designed for storage. It is not surprising that designers create a large number of unusual cabinets that are suitable for a variety of interiors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sliding wardrobes are a practical option for both a private house and an apartment. They can be created from different materials and this is one of the main parameters that affect the appearance of your furniture.

If you want the purchased cabinet to serve you as long as possible, then you should choose really high-quality materials, for example, natural wood or high-quality chipboard. Wood is more expensive material, but if such furniture is invested in your budget, then it is better to choose it.

To date, there are a variety of options for wardrobes. For smaller apartments, built-in wardrobes are best suited. They are placed in niches in the wall and allow you to save a lot of space. If you want to install such a wardrobe in your room, then it’s best to mount it when planning or redeveloping your house or apartment. In this case, you will not have to change anything and tear down the walls. Most often, these cabinets are made to order to fully fit into the size of this niche.

Usually built-in wardrobes are not complemented by rear walls or the floor - here the frame itself is part of the house. Such furniture is complemented only by shelves, doors and simple partitions. These cabinets are built into the interior, which really helps to save space.

Another functional option is the corner cabinet. They are most often placed in rooms where there is enough space. Fit well in any modern interior and wardrobes with an unusual shape of the facade, for example, radial or arc. This option takes up less space.

Also practical are the diagonal corner cabinets.They are installed in the corner of the room, but due to the bevelled walls, they occupy significantly less space.

And the last option is a classic wall-mounted wardrobe. It looks good in the bedroom and in the hallway. The size of this cabinet can be different, depending on how your room looks.

Internal organization

Having dealt with the type of closet you want to buy, you can proceed to the choice of its internal arrangement. The internal filling of the cabinet is very important, because it depends on him how comfortable you will keep all your belongings.

There are a large number of various options for combinations of shelves, hangers and drawers. There are both static options that cannot be redesigned, and those that can be changed if necessary. So, for example, popular cabinets from Ikea can literally be assembled from scratch as a designer, choosing exactly those parts that you like and need.

Another important part of interior design is its lighting. Properly selected lighting will allow you not only to see yourself well in the mirror, but also to create interesting visual effects.

To decorate the interior of the cabinet, you can use classic light bulbs or LED strip. When installing additional lighting inside your cabinet, be sure to think about how you will replace light bulbs or make any other repairs.

Today, spacious wardrobes, which resemble compact wardrobes with their appearance, are popular. Choosing such furniture, you will save space and get the opportunity to fulfill the sword, having acquired almost a complete wardrobe.

There are deep wardrobes, in which behind one row of clothes another may be hiding, which allows you to store all the property in one place. The most common option is the rows of shelves or racks, which are installed behind the bar for hangers. On such shelves it is convenient to fold what you are not wearing or not using at the moment.

Such deep wardrobes make it possible to place a number of shelves behind the hanging racks. Thus, in the back, behind the main row of clothes, you can place things that you do not wear this season or bed linen.There you can also put baskets with accessories or boxes with bags and shoes, which are also not currently used.

Also inside such a cabinet, you can also place a built-in ironing board with an iron. For this purpose, even in many purchased wardrobes, there is already a built-in compartment. This will save space and not spoil the look of the room with such household trifles.

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Unusual door design

But, if we talk about beauty, then more attention is paid to the exterior finish of the closet door. Today both monophonic cases, and covered with various patterns enjoy popularity.

In the fashion today practical wardrobes with a mirror surface of one of the doors. This option is good because such a mirror is not only a part of the decor, but also an opportunity at any time to consider your outfit in the mirror image. Thus, you do not have to install additional mirrors in your apartment. This is especially good for small rooms. After all, among other things, the mirror surface visually expands the space.

The only drawback of wardrobes with mirrored doors is that they often have to be cleaned, because on this surface you can immediately see any fingerprints and other small marks. Therefore, this wardrobe is better suited for the home of a bachelor or a young couple than for the apartment in which children live. However, there are options with high-quality processed glass, which is not only not subjected to mechanical shocks, but also remains clean for a long time, since dust does not accumulate on it.

Another beautiful option that has recently gained popularity is the wardrobe with frosted glass doors. For the production of such material is used either a special chemical treatment or sandblasting apparatus. If you are looking for a more budget wardrobe, it is better to stay at the second option. Although the low price has its drawbacks - on the matte surface of such a cabinet, as well as on the mirror, fingerprints and all sorts of stains will remain.

A combination in the design of one wardrobe compartment of frosted and ordinary glass inserts also looks good. These can be simple geometric combinations or original patterns that adorn the surface of the cabinet and are made of contrasting glass.

If we talk about how to decorate glass, it is impossible not to mention the stained glass technique. The original stained glass windows today adorn not only the windows of churches and other significant structures, but also the doors of simple cabinets, which can be found in any apartment. Painting in stained glass technology is quite a difficult job. Such patterns are applied to the surface of the cabinet door with the help of special paints. However, there is a cheaper option - special color films that are simply mounted on top of the door. In the second case, you can create compositions that you like exactly. But the first design option looks much more expensive and luxurious.

Another elegant design option is patterns made of colored or transparent crystals. Usually, simple and fairly cheap crystals are used to design wardrobes. Over time, they may fall off, which in the end will not look very aesthetically pleasing. Although in general, decorated with crystal cabinets look very attractive.

When choosing the design of your wardrobe, it is not only important what material the door is made of and how it is decorated.It is desirable that your chosen wardrobe organically fit into the room in which it is installed.

So, if you have a small room, then it is best to give preference to cabinets, made in bright colors. This allows you to visually expand the space. And in general, in such a room there should not be a large number of dark spots - massive leather furniture or carpets, for example.

Depending on the material from which the wardrobe is made, its appearance can also change. And it depends on how organically the cabinet fits into one of the modern styles.

The interior in the style of hi-tech or modern will look good new cabinet, made of solid wood or chipboard. In the same style, cabinets made from a combination of wood with a mirror or glass look good. If you choose this option, both light and darker colors are acceptable. In a small and modern studio similar wardrobe looks very stylish and quite appropriate.

In an ecological style, rattan or bamboo cabinets with eco-leather decorating the furniture surface will look good. In order for such furniture to serve as long as possible, it is treated with special solutions.Externally, these surfaces can remain untreated, or be covered with paint or mirror surfaces, like any other materials that are used to create wardrobes.

Lovers of the classics will enjoy the luxurious novelties, made in the style of Art Deco or Art Nouveau. In these wardrobes classic style is combined with something modern and unusual. Here the painting of a monophonic door with patterns made of silver or gold paint will be appropriate.

Under the country style, you can choose a wardrobe made of dark wood or its imitation. Such a wardrobe will look like furniture from ancient westerns, but in fact will delight you with its compactness and functionality.

For a large country house with a bulky closet compartment, you can choose such an interesting design option as photo printing. This is quite a budget option that can be used for the decoration of large surfaces. In addition, in this way, you will add a touch of individuality to your interior, selecting for printing exactly those images that fully correspond to your wishes.

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Fashion Design Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration in order to equip your own premises, then it is quite possible to consider all sorts of projects created by famous designers. So, for example, it is enough to simply consider the collections from furniture stores from Komandor or Ikea, which even in their stores present stylish options for installing furniture, or scroll through the relevant catalogs.

Regardless of whether in a huge room you install your closet, or in a small opening under the stairs, you can always create an interesting project. Let's look at a few stylish options that you can partially recreate in your home environment.

In modern style, minimalist cabinets with straight lines and a minimum of colors look good. A good example is a neat square wardrobe made of wood-styled material.

Wide “boards” look very good, and the simplicity of this piece of furniture dilutes a small niche in one of the lower boxes, in which you can place various decorative elements. This wardrobe is perfectly combined with the bright interior of the room, complemented by curtains and pillows with geometric patterns.

Another option for a stylish "wood cabinet" is a classic wardrobe, the sliding doors of which are complemented by laconic patterns made on frosted glass. This painting looks interesting and fits perfectly into the two-color interior of the bedroom in coffee and white tones.

Another example of furniture that will look organic in high-tech or modern style. A simple white wardrobe for the entire width of the wall almost blends with the tone of the walls and ceiling. The practicality of it adds a built-in TV in the center of the cabinet. This allows you to significantly save space.

For the interior in a classic style fit the original wardrobe, styled as furniture from the Victorian era. Original white columns, decorated with gold patterns, look spectacular. Complement its sliding doors, fully made in the form of full-length mirrors. This corner cabinet from the side seems like a simple double mirror, and few people will guess that all your clothes and other household items are hidden behind them.

Modern designer wardrobes are a great opportunity to diversify the design of your bedroom or living room and add a piece of your personality to it.There is a huge amount of stylistic trends that allow you to find an option just for your room. Choose a high-quality wardrobe compartment for the size and interior of your room, and all your belongings will be stored in a safe place, and the room at the same time will look not only neat but also stylish.

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