Compartment doors with a pattern

 Compartment doors with a pattern

Facing a non-standard solution of interior design, there is no doubt that the owner of this house is a person with taste, who knows how to create harmony using creative stylistic techniques. Among the large range of products represented by trademarks for sale, compartment doors with a pattern stand out: they are unusual, are rapidly gaining popularity, and with pronounced aesthetics are a functional element of style. These designs are unique, emphasize the idea of ​​design and stand out against the background of their counterparts.

Features and varieties

Coupe doors - one of the key elements of the interior room. Their choice is so great that it amazes the imagination. They are ergonomic elements of the arrangement, unique in that they are suitable for rooms of various types (spacious and small, where every centimeter of usable area matters).

Product variability is designed in such a way in order to visually change the space during aesthetic load. The print may be different (elegant or outrageous photo printing). Sliding doors perfectly separate the main room, for example, from the dressing room. In this case, harmonious glass doors, ensuring the rational use of space.

Options in the dressing room can be combined with various elements of decor (leather, plastic), the panels on them are chosen from opaque glass (matte, colored or glossy). Such sliding devices do not slam shut by a draft, which is important for families with small children.

The main element of all sliding models is a system with rollers, which is equipped with guide parts. The profile from which the web is made must be from the “right” raw material. The main thing in this case - the rigidity of the door leaf. There are two options:

  • steel;
  • aluminum.

The door of the compartment is made mainly from solid canvas: this allows it to be more durable. The quality of the platbands is also important: they exclude the appearance of drafts. Folding mirror structures that can “liven up” a room and visually enlarge the space look original in any room. The simplest of them are painted or tinted. More interesting options are covered with a special film (laminated or veneered). Such varieties can be made with your own hands.

Plastic doors (plastic (laminate) or leatherette, glass or chipboard can play the role of a certain screen, However, they have problems with sound insulation.. They are very functional, suitable for a doorway between rooms. When closed, such models look like a single canvas; when opening the “screen” they move on special rollers along the upper guide. They have three or more doors, which significantly save space, being equipped with mirrors (very functional).

Designers recommend choosing such a system no more than 6 meters wide.

Sliding doors with a mirror in the bathroom look beautiful. Their main advantage is the saving of space: usually the share of the bathroom and the toilet does not have much space. However, there are also disadvantages: it is difficult to install such models, and it is difficult to achieve 100% tightness. This implies the installation of special gaskets for insulation.

Particular attention in this case, pay the top rail: if you install it below, dirt will accumulate. For safety purposes, it is more expedient to use a double version: the upper and lower guides, but such doors will cost more. In the corner it is better to install a special box in which the door will “hide” so as not to occupy space on the wall.

Sliding devices can be installed in a bath, although most often such a product is used in saunas: through the sliding doors of a bath, steam can leave the steam room.

In such establishments, glass compartment doors are more logical: glass tolerates moisture better, it is not afraid of temperature drops.

Figure and decor

Interior doors divide the room into zones and can change the perception of the entire interior, having various decorative coatings applied to the surface. Folding model, thanks to its unusual device, add originality to the interior, making the style of the room special.


The use of various stylistics is based on the use of different materials in the production, among which glass plays a significant role.This technique allows you to visually add more light to the space. Systems with glass inserts look favorably in a different style (especially with a coating decorated with various patterns).

Sandblast drawing

One of the varieties of decoration surfaces of products particles of quartz sand. The particles destroy the glass surface, changing its surface (the glass becomes matte). Sandblast drawing is divided into two types: opaque (opaque on a mirror basis) and mirror (reflecting on a matte surface). Drawing a pattern happens volume and deep.

Sand blasting is harmless to human health, the addition of colored dyes allows you to get drawings of various shades. Fans of this decor can enjoy the colorful colors.

Film use

Popular "Amalgam" is a pattern on the film that can reflect light. It is used together with the use of glass, which is a very vivid sight. Quartz sand "knocks out" the film on the applied pattern stencil. To achieve a stunning effect near the installed door add lighting.Compartment doors with stained glass are the focus of interior design. They can be an independent bright spot in the interior or a bunch of individual items of style.

Stained glass decor is ideal for entrance and interior design. Choosing drawings for stained glass today is not difficult - you should pay attention to the material of the manufacture of the product itself:

  • for plastic varieties suitable stained glass technology in the form of painting, film, fill;
  • classical and facet technologies are suitable for wooden models: (the glass edge is cut at a certain angle, polished, after which the glass is inserted into a copper or brass frame);
  • glass compartment doors decorated with photo printing and sandblasting;
  • “fusing” and “tiffany” are suitable for metal (gluing with ultraviolet glue, which gives the finished product a unique effect and durability).


A stained glass print depends on the chosen room idea. If your room is decorated in the spirit of classic or baroque, the patterns should not be abstract. Enough simple and concise lines. The style allows you to place on the canvas, even butterflies, although it is important not to overload it with an abundance of variegation.

Landscapes are good for the living room, for the bedroom it is preferable to choose prints in bright colors. If there is a desire to personally decorate the door-compartment, it is easier to implement it, using ready-made stencils (basics for stained glass). The choice of such templates is great: trademarks offer patterns of still-lifes, arabesques, portraits, fragments from Arabic, Egyptian mythology to customers.

You can make stylish interior doors using your own fantasy: put glue on colored glass, beads, or decorate it with artificial stones - compartment doors will look stylish and special. Decorating can be done with an airbrush, which is aesthetically attractive and practical: if you cover the surface with a special film, you will not see scratches and damage on it.

Forging with geometric patterns is another way to make your coupe doors luxurious and unique. Elements of forging as a decor use not one century. Metal in this case gives the design a luxurious and stylish look, due to its aesthetics, so forging is often equated to works of art.Elements of forging can be strengthened on the doors of the compartment or glass.

For those who prefer soft upholstery, you can purchase options with upholstery of dermantine.

Such models are rare, so more often coupe doors are decorated with similar upholstery on their own, decorating it with decorative nails with wide hats, forming an interesting geometric pattern.

Reviews and manufacturers

The products of Russian manufacturers are known on the market not so long ago, although, judging by the feedback from customers, it is popular. It is noted that the coupe doors of domestic brands are fairly high-quality products that can compete with venerable companies. Russian factories "Volkhovets", "Sophia", "Bravo" and "Ocean" based on the experience of foreign colleagues and in the development of models using the latest technology.

The products of import companies deserve attention. The most qualitative and highly functional models are German brands. For example, the brand Raumplus is known in its segment for more than 30 years, its products are considered classics, are popular, despite the considerable cost. Are known "Cardinal" and "Mobilform"that produce elite and unsurpassed doors.

Budget options can be found in Italian manufacturers. They are in no way inferior in quality to German counterparts, and as for the design, then everyone who purchased Italian folding doors (for example, Tre-Piu, Garofoli, 3elle), admire their unique design. Models from Finns look more modest.

Buyers mark their reliability, visually such products are simple and concise.

Options in the interior

The choice of compartment doors depends on the style of the interior. Consider some tips from famous designers.

Classic style

Clear lines, natural colors (preferably wood shades). Among the models of the line come across options to match the floor or furniture. White multi-fold products will look good (especially with gilding or silver additives).


Coupe doors in the spirit of the East - models decorated with intricate ornaments in the form of geometric shapes, fancy interweaving. Door panels can be wooden, decorated with elements of forging. The colors of the style are bright, juicy (you can allow decoration with artificial stone, mother-of-pearl, a dazzling stained-glass window).

Japanese style

Mysterious Asia will not leave anyone indifferent.Two colors are chosen as the basis: black and white, although if you like, you can enter a model for natural materials into the design idea. The style allows the use in the interior of exclusively natural materials (no fancy patterns, everything is simple and concise).

High tech

In the design of the design used modern materials (glass, chrome-plated metal, wood). The elements are performed in a single-color version, the surface of the compartment doors must be smooth, the lines must be expressive.

Loft style

Sliding doors in the form of garage doors. Style implies massive models, sometimes artificially aged. It is allowed to use glass with a profile made of wood or metal.

An overview of the wardrobe model with a picture, see below.

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