Double-wing wardrobe

 Double-wing wardrobe

The furniture market is increasingly filled with various wardrobes. The need for such cabinets is growing, as the number of factories and workshops for their production is growing, which means there is competition, which forces manufacturers to work on improving the quality, reliability, design and decoration.

Unlike cabinets with hinged doors, a double-wing wardrobe gives more space to a functional purpose, using sliding doors moving along rails. The movement of the compartment door to the right or left opens the cabinet for filling, it is completely silent due to the soft sliding of the plastic rollers on the aluminum profiles.

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Main advantages

Doors are made of various materials, it gives the opportunity for a wide range of solutions design problems. Such doors will never swing open and they almost never stammer.Pets, even the most intelligent, will not be able to open the door.

Silent sliding and durable work depend on the quality of workmanship and the correct fit of all parts of the door. And although the systems are outwardly similar, their cost differs not so much from the pricing policy of the company's management, as from the material and quality of the manufacturing elements.

Production of high-quality double-wing wardrobes is possible only in factories that use modern linear schemes with modernized machines, well-prepared tools (saws, drills, cutters, etc.) Good sharpening tools, diamond plating guarantee the accuracy of manufacturing blanks, the correct edges of plates, which has a positive effect on the finishing details.

Great importance in modern factories is attached to the professional training of workers of workshops, designers, and designers. Management, management must constantly monitor the market and the market of raw materials and equipment. Such interaction of all production sites leads eventually to the creation of products widely demanded by the population.


Special emphasis is placed on design and decoration. Facades of sliding wardrobes with two doors now look like highly artistic works of furniture art.

Very interesting solutions in the design of facades can be obtained through the use of photo printing technology. The complexity and bright color palette of drawings gives the facade in each case its beauty and characterizes the tastes of furniture owners.

Of particular beauty and originality are facades using two mirrors on each door in combination with other elements of decor. Wardrobe with mirrors expands the boundaries of the room, increases the value of light in the room.

But with mirrors in a sense, you have to be careful. People with a strong imagination, easily excitable, with a subtle psyche should, before buying and installing such wardrobes, first consult with a psychologist and determine what types and sizes you can put mirrors on the coupe door and where you can put this wardrobe.

If you are deprived of prejudice and believe that nothing can harm you, feel free to choose the mirror façade of the cabinet. The best design for the facade of the closet compartment is with a mirror in combination with details from other materials.These are chipboard, frosted or transparent glass, leather and its substitutes, bamboo, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials.

Part of the area of ​​the mirror can be used for sandblasting the application of the pattern. Plots should be neutral, fun.

The technology of sandblasting transparent, frosted glass and mirrors gives an endless field of plots on the most fantastic themes. In the art processing of glass by sandblasting, sand of a certain fraction is supplied with air under high pressure on the surface of transparent glass or a mirror. This will allow creating a unique pattern on each of the two doors.

The picture can be made transparent, and the background matte or vice versa. You can apply the same sketch on both sides, we get a new unique effect. You can make and relief pattern on the glass or mirror, using different modes of sandblasting apparatus and different fractions of sand. But this work is performed only by highly qualified specialists.

All work with the use of a sandblaster should be carried out in a chamber specially prepared for such operations with the fulfillment of all safety requirements.

Everyone sometimes wants to stroke a beautiful image on the coupe door mirror, but due to frequent contact with the surface, the design can lose its original beauty.

Therefore, after performing all the operations by sandblasting, a glass toner (glass-tonner) is applied to the surface with a pattern, which creates transparent protective coatings. In the glass-toner, you can add dyes and get wonderful color tones.

Wash such coatings can only soap solutions or solutions based on ammonia. Do not use strong solvents! Wipe such surfaces with a lint free cloth only. By following these tips, you can extend the life of works of art on the facade of a beautiful and necessary in the house closet.

In which room to install

It will be very convenient to have a closet with two divided sections. In one, something that is not worn often will be placed; in the other, something that will be used daily. With a mirror, it is better to do only one door, and in this case it will visually expand the space of the hallway.

If we put in the living room, then outwardly the wardrobe should be coordinated with those pieces of furniture that are already familiar to the inhabitants of the house.If everyone decided to upgrade, then the new will have to be subordinated to the style and design of the wardrobe.

When installing in the bedroom - the same solutions as in the living room, but you need more binding to the general color background. Good luck in choosing a closet for your home that will decorate your home for years to come!

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