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In the furniture market wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular. All new manufacturers are entering the competition. This raises increased demands on quality, design, product durability.

Designers, designers, artists, technologists, trying to get ahead of their colleagues in the shop, have already created and installed such a variety of beautiful and sturdy wardrobes on production lines that buyers in excitement sometimes do not know on which product to stop. It will help them in this beautiful ignorance of acquaintance with the factories, furniture manufacturers, including wardrobes.

E1 factory

Located in the city of Belorechensk, it is one of the modern advanced furniture manufacturing enterprises. The factory is now focused on the release of wardrobes.

The creators of the E1 factory started with a small workshop, but immediately found their way to manufacturing products from modern materials, using efficient lines and modernized machines.

At the same time, the issue of training key specialists, training senior staff to study the needs of the market, the interests and tastes of potential buyers was resolved. The bulk of the profits went to the development of production, orders of new efficient lines, the purchase of modern materials for the manufacture of furniture parts.

From the materials it should be noted Absoliut aluminum profiles, laminated chipboard, glass with silk-screen printing, ORAGAL film, acrylic glass, bamboo, artificial leather, Kleiberit glue and much more.

Particular attention was paid to cutting tools, drills, saws and everything related to the processing of furniture parts. The tool is supplied by the German company Leuko, it periodically picks up the tool for sharpening. Such a look at an excellent tool allows you to produce parts of exact dimensions with a good edge, which then gives an excellent effect when finishing the ends of the parts.

Factory E1 now produces 2000 cabinets per month, of which 90% of the mass production and 10% on order. Any order is executed within 7 days in the SFD. Orders and sales of wardrobes go through 60 stores in the Southern Federal District and 30 stores in Moscow.

E1 factory orders new lines and in the future will assemble all the shops under one roof, which will increase production 4-5 times.

Model Express

  • Two-door wardrobe
  • Type - linear
  • Forms of the facade - straight
  • The number of valves - two
  • Supplement - bar
  • Facade decoration - photo printing
  • Material - chipboard

This model is the most popular. Two doors with a smooth and silent course, a combination of door sections and a stylish design immediately attracts the buyer. The shelves are mounted with the HETTICH system, HETTICH QUATRO laundry drawers are easily assembled. To adjust the door travel there are closers, all fittings from the German concern HETTICH.

Particular attention was paid by the manufacturers of wardrobes to the facade, which by its appearance immediately determines the conformity of the cabinet to the overall design of a room or the whole house. Here is given the will of the imagination of artists and designers, of course, in conjunction with the design decisions.

The combination of all shades of oak with glass, silk-screen printing, sandblasting drawings, with the effect of 3D, just do not list in a separate article. A special line in the row of finishing the facade are mirrors.


Unification of the details of the cabinet and accessories allows not a specialist to assemble the cabinet, carefully following all the provisions of the instructions. If you decide to do without a professional collector, then you can take a few steps and the wardrobe will be assembled to the great joy of the whole family.

  • We assemble the inner door, connect its sections
  • Fasten the door rollers
  • We assemble the outer door, fasten the rollers to it
  • Assembly of the body is made as lying back wall up
  • We install polkoderzhateli
  • Fasten the rods of the shelf supports
  • We assemble the hull and shelves
  • Fasten the base and thrust plate
  • Assembled housing is back wall up
  • Check the equality of the diagonals
  • We nail the back wall with nails from the mounting kit every 15 cm
  • We connect back walls with brackets
  • Raise the cabinet, fasten the holder and the bar (10 cm from the top plate)
  • Putting regulatory closers
  • We assemble the module with linen boxes
  • We install the doors, fasten the door closers and fix the lower rollers.


When ordering E1 wardrobes in stores, people meet with a good attitude and responsiveness from managers. Ordered cabinets in packages and instructions come on time. You can immediately issue a call collector. Many rely on their strength and experience and, following the instructions, assemble the cabinets themselves.

The cost corresponds to the quality, even slightly lower than in other stores. In most cases, it takes 4-6 days from the day of the order to the assembly.A good choice for colors and design of the facade. Warranty of all wardrobes 12 months.

But there are cases related to logistics. Delivery may be on time, but there is no collector. It's a shame when confused parts and lacks fasteners. It is necessary to contact the store again, time is wasted and the mood is spoiled.

So far, the furniture factory E1 from the city of Belorechensk, Krasnodar region, is leading in the market of wardrobes. Order, buy, collect, and your house will be decorated with a new piece of furniture art from the creators of the E1 factory.

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