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The wardrobe sliding wardrobe is an excellent option for storage of clothes practically in any room, from the private house, to the small apartment. In it, thanks to the abundance of convenient shelves and hangers, you can place all your belongings from your favorite dresses, to things that you are not planning to wear in the near future. In addition, the beautiful design allows you to hide all this abundance of things behind a stylish door.

Features and benefits

Many girls dream of building a huge wardrobe in their house or apartment. Such a room is the most practical way to store all your belongings. The dressing room has a number of advantages.

First of all, it is worth noting that it is possible to store more things in it than in any, even the most massive closet. At the same time, unlike bulky cabinets, the dressing room does not take up so much space, since it is simply built into a niche in the wall.

Also very practical difference from the wardrobe from the closet is that you can change clothes right there.All the necessary things will be constantly at hand, in addition, even if you have guests, you will always find the opportunity to change outfit.

It is important to remember that the proper storage of things allows them to extend their socks. Yes, and they will always look neat. Therefore, if you urgently need to pick up a stylish bow, you will simply remove the dress from the hanger, and you will not spend extra minutes trying to put it in order.

If you have a dressing room, it most likely means that the rest of the space in the house will be more clean and organized. In the dressing room you can fold all the necessary things at once, which means that the need to install rails with clothes and place hangers everywhere, immediately disappears.

In addition, despite the fact that the dressing room takes a lot of space, it is exactly one hundred percent used. If you install the cabinet, the space between the cabinet and the ceiling remains empty, and here the space is significantly saved.

However, not everyone can afford a complete dressing room. In this case, you can simply install a wardrobe closet. It is also quite large, so your things fit into it.

A spacious wardrobe with a large number of shelves also makes it possible to store all your bags, underwear and shoes in normal conditions. The wardrobe compared to a conventional wardrobe also has many advantages. First of all, it takes up less space - it is enough that the sliding doors, unlike hinged doors, do not touch objects standing next to it when opened.

The closet can be placed in a room with any dimensions, the main thing is to choose the right size of furniture. If you can not do it yourself, or simply do not find among the presented range of what fits your interior, you can always order a cabinet of the required size.

The sliding wardrobe is a good replacement for a complete wardrobe for people with a small budget or those who live in an apartment with small dimensions.

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How to choose

To choose a suitable wardrobe, you need to know what options to pay attention to when buying. Such a wardrobe is not only a place to store clothes, but also part of a stylish interior. Therefore, the visual component is also important. The wardrobe should fit into the design of your room.

You also need to pay attention to the internal content of your cabinet. The shelves and all its parts must be of high quality.


Wardrobe closets occupy the wall space from floor to ceiling. Such a cabinet with an entrance to the mini-dressing room can be made of different materials.

Metal cabinets

Stylish metal cabinets look interesting and modern. To many, they resemble antique archive shelves that were fireproof and not particularly attractive. But in today's incarnation, they fit perfectly into fashionable interiors in high-tech, modern or loft style.

Such cabinets are very high quality and resistant to any kind of damage. In addition, unlike furniture made of natural wood or chipboard, they are completely environmentally friendly and have no unpleasant odors.

Many people are afraid to install a metal wardrobe closet in the room, for fear that over time it will rust. But even here modern technologies save us - there are special types of coatings that prevent rust and corrosion. Therefore, such a cabinet can be placed in any room.However, when installing it, it is imperative to provide your mini wardrobe with a ventilation system.

The wardrobe with a shiny metal surface fits perfectly into modern interiors. The colors of these cabinets can be very diverse. It all depends solely on your preferences. In any case, no matter what color you choose, you will be pleased with the fact that the painted surface will retain its bright appearance for a long time, because the paint is applied to such surfaces with a brush and then baked at a high temperature.

Cabinets from the pantry

Many domestic homeowners are creative and turn into a small walk-in closet a simple pantry. This option is quite comfortable and practical - all your clothes and other things will fit in here, and you will not have to rebuild and demolish anything.


An important role in the organization of space in the wardrobe closet plays the correct location of the shelves and other places to accommodate all their belongings. Each hostess must deal with the wardrobe system and adjust everything for themselves.But there are a few basic rules to keep in mind when organizing your own storage space.

All the internal space of the wardrobe should be conditionally divided into three main zones. The first and most important is the shelves and hangers, which are located in the center. They are the most accessible, so there it is worthwhile to arrange what you wear most often.

Top shelves can be used for bedding and those things that you do not wear this season. Thus, you will occupy space and unnecessary things for the moment you will find a suitable place.

Downstairs, under the main shelves or hangers, you can place your drawers with shoes or bags. It is also desirable to take a few special boxes for all sorts of small things - umbrellas, hats, ties and socks.

A great addition to such a mini-dressing room will be a large mirror. The best option is a full-length mirror in which you will fully see your entire outfit. It is also desirable that the lighting was not only outside the room, but also inside the wardrobe closet.

What is better to choose: a wardrobe or a wardrobe

Choose a closet or built-in wardrobe for your apartment - it's up to you. But, before you make a choice, compare both options and decide what is best for you.

First of all, assess the size of the room in which you want to place a place to store things. Dressing room takes a lot more space, so in a small Khrushchev she just does not fit.

On the other hand, it is worth assessing the cost. Sliding wardrobe, due to its smaller dimensions will cost you less. But here it is not so simple.

Cost of

The price of the wardrobe closet is largely determined by what materials the developer used. The cheapest option is drywall. Wardrobe rooms made of natural wood or metal are more expensive, but they are also several times more expensive. In addition, purchased in the finished form wardrobe, will cost less than custom-made for individual parameters.

Interesting solutions in interior design

From what material your closet was made, it is important that it looks good, fitting into the interior of the room in which you install it.

To date, very popular cabinets with mirrored doors.This technique allows you to visually expand the space. In addition, you can immediately see your reflection, trying on a new dress or suit.

Due to the popularization of Japanese culture, wardrobes decorated in Japanese style are also coming into fashion. You can give the appearance of furniture oriental notes by decorating the door with a pattern of hieroglyphs or sakura twigs.

Always relevant and various natural motifs. It can be photo printing with some kind of landscape or just a pattern of flowers and leaves.

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