Optimum depth for the wardrobe

Features and benefits

The most sought-after piece of furniture today is the wardrobe. A good cabinet or built-in wardrobe is an excellent choice for creating a convenient storage system. The main advantage of the closet in comparison with the usual wardrobe is the opportunity to save precious square meters, and even centimeters, to rationally place the maximum amount of things in a small area.

The design of any model of the cabinet consists of the following elements:

  1. housing from the side and rear walls, roof and floor;
  2. coupe systems from upper and lower guides, roller mechanisms, vertical and horizontal profiles and doors;
  3. internal filling.
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When purchasing a wardrobe, you need to consider its size, number of doors and internal distribution. If the length and height of the structure will depend mainly on the size of the room or niche, then depth planning should be taken more carefully.

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The maximum and minimum depth of the hull are in fact not limited to anything and depend on different moments, for example, on what kind of filling will be used. When planning the inner bar for clothes, you need to count on the depth of the cabinet at least 55-60 cm, given that the sliding mechanism takes about 8-10 cm of space.

The depth of less than 50 cm will lead to the emergence of sleeves of fur coats and down jackets outside the cabinet, damage to buttons on the sleeves of jackets due to falling into the gaps of the sliding system, and the need to constantly fill the clothes with your hand deep into the cabinet. Therefore, for the free movement of doors, if space permits, it is better to design the depth of the closet for clothes on hangers of 70-80 cm.

The maximum depth of the compartment can be different, up to 90-100 cm. But before ordering such a depth, you need to think about the convenience of finding things in the depth of the shelves of such a cabinet, especially in its mezzanine part. Stretching to things on the shelves with a depth of 1 meter will have risky balancing on the stepladder.

When laying a depth of 80 cm, you need to figure out whether it will be optimal, because there will be no order on half-empty shelves. The working depth of the structure, minus the guides, is 70 cm, and the standard depth of filling is in the form of a basket, a hanger rack,tie and shoe holders 500 mm, as a result of 20-25 cm of space will not be used effectively.

Narrow hallways make the use of a cabinet with a depth of over 60 cm impossible, such a product will block the passage. Depth less than 40-45 cm is impractical, minus the sliding mechanism will leave the useful depth of the shelves only 30-35 cm. The closet with a small depth will lose its effectiveness.

Designing space wisely, designers offer variable-depth wardrobe design. The model with a deep dressing area, a transitional section for dishes and a shallow section for books, saving space, retains its functionality.

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This parameter is selected based on the height of the ceiling and the length of the chipboard panel, which is usually 278 cm. Most often limited to a height of 270 cm. compartment doors.

If an additional sliding system is not installed, they are limited to doors to the entire height, up to 400 cm, provided that the door is broken into fragments of different materials.The sides will be brought under the ceiling with a joint.


The length determines the number and width of the doors. The lengths of the cabinet can be any, it is important that no problems arise when installing the product. The optimal width of the door is 70-90 cm, but they can be made narrower or wide. However, over time, there may be a bias of very wide, more than 1 meter doors. Narrow doors are quite light and unstable, can fall out of the bottom rail.


Distribute the internal space is best, based on the number and size of doors. Each door provides convenient access to a separate section, to which the volume of the cabinet is delimited using partitions. Manufacturers offer as standard a door width from 500 mm to 800 mm. The space inside the cabinet is traditionally divided into three zones:

  1. top, for storage of seasonal clothing and items that are not needed at the moment;
  2. medium, for placement on hangers of clothes, linen, ties, trousers and drawers for small things and other things;
  3. bottom for storing shoes.

It is necessary to consider from which side and at what height it is better to place the rods for outerwear on the hangers.If the coupe will stand in the hallway, then it is more convenient to fix the barbell closer to the exit, if the product is in the bedroom, the bar can be mounted in the center.

For jackets, shirts and trousers folded in half, a height of 1100 mm will suffice. At a height of 1400 mm you can hang coats and raincoats of normal length. If there are dresses in the floor, then it is better to hang them at a height of 1700 mm. Sometimes the bar is placed at a height of 1800 mm and a removable shelf is installed at a distance of 400 mm from the floor. Shoes are placed below, and if necessary, the shelf is removed.

In a long wardrobe, you can place several compartments with rods at different heights. For subceiling storage is very convenient to use a pantograph, which is a mechanism with a long handle, mounted on the back or side of the section. Expensive pantographs are equipped with a control panel. In a shallow cabinet fit the end bar with a sliding mechanism located perpendicular to the door.

In the hallway above the outer clothing to place the shelves for hats. For storing lengthy items, such as an artificial Christmas tree or skis, you can make 400 mm high shelves at the top.

The space of 900 mm can be divided into two parts of 450 mm. The height of the shelves varies from 300 mm to 500 mm. Linen boxes should be done with a depth of 200 mm to 400 mm, knowing that the deeper the box, the harder it will be to push it in the filled state. For ventilated storage and quick retrieval of small wardrobe items and linen, it is more convenient to use mesh retractable baskets instead of drawers.

Not bad to provide a niche for luggage, ladders, built-in ironing board. Be sure to give a small stock in size, so that any object can be easily taken.

Separately, it is worthwhile to dwell on the option of filling the wardrobe, which contains a hard-to-reach deep corner zone. A good way of proper storage and convenient access is to install several rods for hangers in the center of the corner space. There are options for accommodation in the corner of the shelves system.


Internal content, of course, will give convenience and functionality. Do not forget that the closet is also an interior decoration, so it is important that its design fits well with the style decision of any room, reflecting the taste of the owner of the dwelling.

The hallway is a room from which acquaintance with the whole apartment begins, therefore the appearance of the cabinet and the order in the hallway can characterize the habits of the owners of the home. In the spacious hallway, it is better to mount the most capacious wardrobe, which can accommodate all family members, then in other rooms the wardrobe may not be needed.

The compartment doors in the hallway are necessarily decorated with full-length mirror paintings. Mirrors look great in a large room and visually expand the space of a small narrow hallway. Small lamps, built into the upper part, create additional lighting and add spectacularity to the design of sliding doors.

If you intend to install the cabinet in the living room, it should be a key piece of furniture. For the facade, you can use non-standard materials with a variety of glossy, specular and corrugated surfaces, combined with high-tech styles, minimalism and modern. You can decorate the door with stained glass windows and spectacular wallpaper.

Behind decorative doors, or on partially open shelves, there may be radio and television equipment.On the open shelves it is permissible to place photo frames, figurines and books. Inside can be hidden safe with documents, a bar with drinks and built-in small refrigerator.

When combining several rooms in a studio apartment, a long modern closet can be used as an excellent zoning partition, which solves the problem of placing a storage system in a small area.

An interesting solution to the living room, without a doubt, will be a design with a radial arrangement of the facade. Cabinets using a variety of non-standard convex and concave doors, despite the high cost, are popular and require the selection of appropriate furniture in the living room.

In the bedroom, where the interior should serve as a calm rest, the wardrobe should not contrast with the furniture. For the design of doors, you can use environmentally friendly materials: leather, bamboo or rattan. The surface of the facade can be monochromatic glossy or matte. There are projects involving the placement of the entire wall and a full color fusion with the decoration of the bedroom.

Sliding doors should hide behind a completely functional content of the internal content.When organizing the internal space one should not forget about the spacious shelves for storing a stock of bed linen, pillows and blankets. It is necessary to allocate space for storage of iron and ironing board.

LED lights on top of the doors and contour lights on the end of the shelves will not only add convenience and practicality to the wardrobe, but also add an additional element of comfort to the design of the bedroom.

The closet in the children's room should be made of high-quality, environmentally friendly, non-emitting harmful substances materials. It is best to provide a good roomy model that will last a child for many years. If it is impossible to place other furniture, a small retractable desktop can be provided behind the doors.

As the child grows, the functionality of the shelves will change, instead of toys, school textbooks and notebooks will be placed. Then the nursery will look spacious and neat. For decorating it is desirable to use materials in a beautiful color using photofacades of various subjects or colorful stained glass windows.

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How to choose

Today offers a wide range of models.It is very important to determine the material from which the cabinet should be made. Modern samples are made from natural materials, chipboard and MDF.

Plates of chipboard, often used in the manufacture of furniture, are hot-pressed wood shavings with binding formaldehyde resins. Material budget, durable and suitable for long-term operation. Chipboard is covered with laminated film with textures that mimic different types of natural wood.

The disadvantage of chipboard is the impossibility of applying for the manufacture of curved surfaces. Usually, chipboard is used to make good quality and affordable prices for classic furniture models.

MDF is a material obtained by the method of dry pressing at high temperature of small wood chips using carbamide resin resins. The quality and environmental friendliness of MDF are comparable with the characteristics of wood. For MDF, compliance in work is typical, allowing to create the most original models of cabinets.

Before purchasing, you need to determine the place of installation and make an approximate plan of the room with accurate measurements and the location of the cabinet relative to other furniture.It is necessary to consider the location of sockets, the width of the sill, pipes or batteries. If there is a doorway nearby, pay attention to the possibility of the door functioning freely.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Furniture designers offer many unusual solutions for the design of wardrobes. For example, models with combined facades in which one of the doors is made of mirror glass and the other with MDF. Models with a combination of several materials: bamboo, shiny plastic, photographs embody the most courageous ideas of the artist and are in harmony with the non-standard interior.

Designs of elite models of wardrobes, made to order or finished, are made only from natural wood: pine, oak and ash. Cabinets with up to five doors are distinguished by high-quality execution of fittings and well-thought-out internal filling. The modular system allows you to combine and swap modules at the discretion of the owner.

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