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Most modern apartments are not large. Therefore, in order to preserve a maximum of free space, designers try to use compact furniture, which at the same time accommodates everything needed. Manufacturers of such popular Ikea furniture are engaged in the production of such furniture.

Features and benefits

Wardrobes from Ikea - this is an option that will suit both owners of private houses, and those who live in a small apartment. In the catalogs from this brand, you can find models of cabinets that are suitable for any interior and in size and appearance. The furniture from this brand is laconic, simple and elegant. It fits perfectly in any interior due to its minimalist style.

At the same time, another feature of Ikea cabinets is their high quality. Brand furniture, regardless of cost, is long. The only difficulty is installing cabinets. All furniture from Ikea team.At the same time, the assembly instructions are quite understandable, and almost everyone can cope with installing such a stylish cabinet.

In addition, closets - is an option for people with any level of income. Regardless of what your budget for repairs, you can always find furniture that suits you in terms of price and quality.

When buying furniture from Ikea, you can purchase either a separate cabinet or a complete set at once. The second option is often preferable, since many wardrobes look too individually and do not fit into other sets.

Appearance and content

When choosing wardrobes equally important and appearance and content. If we talk about the appearance, then the most popular corner cabinets and wall. Corner closet is good for a small room. It is good because it contains all the clothes and other necessary things, without taking up much space. But the wall cabinet also performs a decorative function at the same time, especially if you use stylish door decor options, for example, decorate it with exquisite patterns or install a full-length mirror on one of the wings.

It is for large bedrooms, in which the size allows you to install dimensional furniture, often used wall closets. The best option that will save space is a built-in wardrobe, which is placed directly in the wall niche.

Another interesting option - wardrobe closet. Such a mini-dressing room is an option that will allow to realize the dreams of any girl, without taking up too much space. There you can put clothes on the shelves and on the hangers, complementing all this with a built-in mirror and an ironing board. This kind of mini-dressing room is a kind of compromise for those who want, but can not afford to take a full room under clothes.

The classic wardrobe also fits well into any space. Particularly popular wardrobes from Ikea, complemented by mirrored doors. The best option is cabinets made of durable plastic that look organic in any modern house or apartment of any size.

As for the interior design of the wardrobe, it also plays an important role. A good wardrobe from Ikea fit in everything you need.It can be divided into modules, each of which will store different things.

In cabinets from Ikea shelves and racks are skillfully combined with hangers. In any closet there is always a comfortable hanger for dresses, coats and shirts. Other necessary things are usually laid on the central shelves, which are already installed at the request of the customer. In addition, you will always have the opportunity to separately purchase hooks, drawers or pull-out baskets, or even completely redo the design of the cabinet.

In the wardrobes from Ikea, it is convenient to store both clothes and various trifles. Shoes and bags can be placed in plastic baskets below, directly on the floor of the cabinet. And on the top shelf, all things that you are not currently using are conveniently located. An alternative is the drawers at the bottom of the cabinet.

Popular models

Among the range of Ikea there are instances that do not lose popularity over the years.


Very popular today are cabinets from the line Pah.

This model designer will perfectly fit into both classic and modern style. On such cabinets should pay attention to lovers of natural materials and original style. The furniture from this collection is distinguished by classic straight shapes that fit perfectly in any interior.

It is the wardrobes of this line that are optimally suitable for storing a large number of things. They will look good in any bedroom or living room. For convenience of choice, there are several different shades that can be selected for the particular features of your interior.

Cabinets from the Pax range can be monochromatic, or consisting of multi-colored modules. This allows you to expand the boundaries and customize cabinets from Ikea to your taste preferences.


Another topical option is the classic wardrobes from the line of the Hamness. They are best suited for long term use. Over time, such furniture only becomes more attractive, acquiring a vintage look. To create cabinets from this line, high-quality pine wood is used, which is additionally processed with clear varnish.


Also popular are sliding wardrobes Morvik. They are performed in two main colors - dark brown and white.Such cabinets look very simple and concise. The complete set of such cabinet very easily changes and reinstalled. You can arrange the drawers and shelves as you like. In addition, inside the cabinet you can always install an additional hanger to store your accessories.

This type of wardrobes is good for small bedrooms, as it is compact and in size. Complements its stylish mirror facade.


For those who are limited by a small budget and are looking for something as simple and affordable as possible, a wardrobe from the Todalen line is suitable. It can be found only in one color - gray-brown. Usually it is bought exclusively in a set with other headset components from this series. Therefore, it is unlikely to be combined with other Ikeev furniture. Inside, such a cabinet is very simply decorated - there is only a simple clothes bar and one upper shelf.


If the previous version seems to be too austere and you just can not fit all your belongings into it, then you should pay attention to the wardrobes of the Trisil line. In the lower part of its building there are four sliding drawers at once, additionally divided into several departments. This allows you to keep all your belongings in order.

Actual colors

I have already said about the colors of the IKEA cabinets - in addition to the available colors, you can always choose something individual. However, among the range of the company there are quite stylish options.

You can choose as an original wardrobe with an unusual decor, and simple and concise.

Most of the wardrobes from Ikea are presented in basic monochrome colors. In the trend of white, gray and beige cabinets that fit perfectly into any modern interior. In general, today there are more than twelve color options.

Popular are also cabinets with mirrored doors. The mirror surface, decorated with exquisite patterns or even prints, looks stylish and even allows you to visually expand the space of the room.

Customer Reviews

Best fashion cabinets from Ikea characterize customer reviews. After all, only having experienced this type of furniture on your own experience, you can actually be convinced of the quality of the purchased item.

In general, the attitude towards IKEA is positive not only among Europeans, but also among domestic buyers. Furniture from this brand has established itself as very high quality.Therefore, buyers always know what they pay for. At the same time, among the offered range you can find not only expensive furniture, but also more affordable options that will be affordable even for students who rent an apartment.

Cabinets from Ikea are very roomy and practical. They can fit not only all your favorite clothes, but also the necessary utensils and objects that you currently do not use. If we talk about popular models, it should be noted that the most popular option is the classic white wardrobe.

Furniture from this brand is an affordable and economic solution for buyers with any budget and needs. In this closet you can keep all your things perfectly organized, and forget about the chaos that previously reigned in your home.

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