Sliding wardrobe from gypsum cardboard

Each owner of an apartment with a small area is familiar with the problem of lack of space. If the family consists of a large number of people, then the need for a place to store things increases. Buying additional furniture is not always a good option, because the new wardrobe is not always able to fit into the installed interior of the room, and the manufacture of products to order is accompanied by a high price. For this problem there is an alternative option - making a wardrobe made of plasterboard with your own hands.

Advantages and features

A plasterboard cabinet is furniture that combines many advantages:

  • comfort and practicality;
  • low cost;
  • there is an opportunity to create an original product that will be harmoniously combined with the interior of the room;
  • drywall refers to an environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic and non-radioactive;
  • the product has good thermal insulation;
  • lighting can be installed in similar cabinets;
  • Sheets of plasterboard can be plastered and painted.

If you want to make a homemade wardrobe from drywall, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the features of such furniture:

  • similar furniture falls into the category of built-in products that cannot be moved;
  • drywall is not resistant to mechanical damage, and therefore it is not recommended to use a wardrobe for storing heavy things;
  • the cabinet is made for a specific place in the room, so each element should be measured and cut off according to the size of the opening. Not every wall has a right angle, therefore it is not possible to make parts in advance.

Application in the interior of the apartment

Drywall has a wide range of applications. The possibility of exploitation will be limited only by your imagination. You can use this material to create shelves, various arches, niches, partitions and other components. You can give any shape to this design, which makes it possible to use any design fantasy.

It is worth noting the popularity of cabinets from this material. You can install furniture in any room, having thought through the design to the smallest detail.The product can have any size, unusual shape and style.

Popular wardrobes made of plasterboard, equipped with a niche. The advantages of using these components include not only aesthetic beauty, but also a lot of functionality. Based on the purpose of use, you can make a niche completely out of drywall or use the material in the role of plating.

It is possible to place a TV in a closet compartment, or to use it as a shelf, on which there are various statues and unusual figures. Many apartment owners install spot lighting or illuminate a niche around the perimeter. Cabinets with a similar decoration give the room a cosiness and a romantic mood.

Installing a cabinet made of plasterboard in the bathroom will solve the issue with the placement of a washing machine. If necessary, you can additionally strengthen the shelves and niches of plasterboard. For these purposes, a wooden bar is installed in a metal frame. With this method, you hide the washing machine and get additional shelves for storing household items.

You can use the floor and ceiling as the bottom and roof of the cabinet.In this case, the rails for the doors will be attached directly. For this type of furniture there are no restrictions, so it is popular because of its versatility.

Instructions for the construction

In order to make a wardrobe of drywall with your own hands, you need to familiarize yourself with the instruction, which describes each step in steps. Studying the theoretical part will help you avoid possible mistakes in the work and facilitate the assembly process.

Preparation for work

Before you begin to buy materials and build a box, draw a drawing of the future structure, specifying the required dimensions. You will need to determine the place where the cupboard will stand, because the furniture will be located in the wall, and you cannot move it to another room.

Pay attention to the calculation of dimensions. Determine the size of each compartment, the height of the shelf, the number and location of each drawer, along with the hanging structures. You can make a sketch yourself or choose a ready-made version.

At the location of the future design is left markup using plumb, construction or laser level, paint cord or pencil.Using a laser level allows you to accurately measure and check the geometry of the base surface and angles.

Frame installation and finishing

If your project has auxiliary lighting, engage in wiring before working with the skeleton of the frame. For the construction of the skeleton suitable profile of the metal, but if the cabinet will act a significant load, choose a wooden beam. The timber must be of high quality and well dried. Otherwise, after drying, the entire structure will begin to deform.

According to the markings made, mount the guide profile using dowel-nails. Remember that each structural element that is attached to the base must be glued with rubber insulation.

These actions prevent the structure from reacting to shrinkage or temperature changes. The frame must be assembled in strict accordance with the design in order to ensure maximum rigidity.

Sheathing of the frame is the same as when installing partitions. Cut sheets of plasterboard in advance using an electric jigsaw.In areas where increased strength is required, you need to think up a double layer of plating in a checkerboard pattern.

If your closet will be in a room where there is high humidity, experts recommend using green plasterboard, as it is resistant to moisture.

After you have trimmed the entire frame, engage in sizing joints and seams of the cabinet. For these purposes, sold a special mesh and tape. You should also glue the perforated corners and puttying the surface.

Once you have completed all the steps, you can do the finishing. The interior of the furniture can be painted in the same color as the walls of the room. This action will visually increase the space in the room. For pasting shelves suitable wallpaper or vinyl film. Do not forget to prime the surface.

Doors for the closet of plasterboard can be made of various materials:

  • Chipboard;
  • tempered glass;
  • special mirror, taped with a special film on the back side.

The surface of the door is usually decorated with drawings that depict nature, cartoon characters and other images.

Making your own such cabinet is not a difficult task. If you study this manual in detail, you can quickly cope with the task.

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